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The Employee Justice Legal Group is a labor law and employment law firm that practices in all legal matters relating to the workplace. We are aggressive attorneys with the right attitude, skills, and experience to get you the maximum amount of compensation. That’s why we believe that when it comes to lawsuits regarding labor and employment matters, we are the right law firm to represent you.

Employees have certain rights in the workplace which cannot be infringed upon by their employers nor their fellow employees. The Employee Justice Legal Group is aware that, despite the myriad laws that exist to protect employees, employers still break the law and wrongfully discipline employees.

At the heart of the Employee Justice Legal Group is family. We believe that creating relationships with our clients and treating them like family is the best way to establish trust. We are here for you and will use every available resource to ensure that justice is served.

If you want to receive the necessary compensation which you deserve for your employer’s unlawful action, give the Employee Justice Legal Group a call. Our headquarters is established in Los Angeles, but our attorneys will help people like you across the entire state of California and meet with you to ensure you that we will get the most compensation possible out of your case. We are a family, and family sticks together.

Practice Areas
Below is a list of our most common areas of practice. To see a more extensive list, please check our practice areas page.

Our practice areas include:

Wrongful Termination
The state of California is an at-will state, which means that all employees work out of their own will unless otherwise stated by their employer. Being an at-will state gives employers the right to terminate employees without rhyme or reason. But while it does give employers the freedom to dismiss workers, the reason behind their decision cannot be against the law, and there are a number of protections which are given to employees. If employers violate the law and fires an employee, it is considered to be wrongful termination. Your employer may have wrongfully terminated you if they broke written or oral promises, violated public policy, discriminated or retaliated against you, or if they fired you for being a whistleblower.

Workplace Retaliation
If employees feel like they are being treated unfairly, they have the right to file a charge against their employer. Unfortunately, instead of trying to solve the issue, some employers may find more pleasure in retaliating against their employee. Retaliation can be a straightforward termination from employment, or it can be more discreet. Employers may discipline unfairly by giving the employee undesirable assignments, and otherwise, make work-life much harder for the employee. If employees feel like their rights are being belittled, they have the right to file a charge without having worrying about their job security. The employer cannot discipline or terminate an employee simply because they exercised their rights to file a complaint.

Sexual Harassment
It is against the law to harass a person because of that person’s sex. This includes things like sexual harassment or any unwelcome/unwanted sexual advances, sexual favors, requests, and any other kind of unwanted physical or verbal harassment of any kind that implies a sexual nature. Harassment also extends beyond sexual advances, though. For example, it is unlawful to make offensive remarks about a person’s sex.  The law does not prohibit simple teasing if both parties consent to it, but it does become harassment (and this illegal) when the remarks create a hostile work environment or when an employer uses sex to make an employment-based decision. Harassment can come from anywhere and is not just limited to the employer; it can be the supervisor, manager, another employee, or even a client.

Workplace Discrimination
Employers need only to focus on two qualities of an employee and applicant. Their qualifications for the job and their ability to perform the essential job functions. Everything else is arbitrary and should not influence the employer in any way, shape, or form. Unfortunately, there are some employers who have certain prejudices against certain kinds of people and use their prejudice to make business-related decisions. This is unlawful. An employer cannot single out and focus on things like race, color, sex, religion, country of origin, genetic information, disability (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression. If an employee believes they have been victim of this kind of discrimination, they may have the grounds to file a charge against their employer and collect the damages to which they are entitled.

Whistleblower Protections
If an employer participates in illegal activity, the employee may report the activity to a government agency. Once it is reported, the employer cannot terminate the employee for being a whistleblower. The claim can be for things like sexual harassment, discrimination, or for violating environmental regulations, and putting the general public in danger. Even if the claim is investigated and deemed untrue, the employer cannot unfairly discipline an employee for reporting these types of claims to a government agency.

We at the Employee Justice Legal Group want to ensure that you know your rights when it comes to matters of your continued employment. Employers often take advantage of employees who are not well-versed in the law, leaving them helpless and feeling powerless against the authority figure. If you feel like you have been wronged in any way, pick up the phone and give us a call. We do not take injustice lightly, and so we will be aggressive in the pursuit of maximum compensation. We at the Employee Justice Legal Group offer free consultation and a zero-fee guarantee.

Free Consultation:
This gives you the opportunity to sit down with one of our lawyers and iterate your case and why you believe your employer has disregarded the law and treated you unfairly. Our attorney will give you their initial thoughts, and whether they believe you have a strong enough case. There is no financial obligation on your part, so whether you want to hire our services, the choice is entirely yours!

Zero-Fee Guarantee:
The first question many people ask themselves when it comes to contracting legal counsel is, “How much will it cost?” A very fair question, but ultimately leads people to forego legal representation. The zero-fee guarantee is our promise to you which states you will not pay for our services unless we are able to prove and win your case. If we do win, we will only charge a small amount on the amount rewarded. We will ensure that justice is served.