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The Hilton Hotel has many different workers with various responsibilities. These workers may be victimized by managers or even by each other. if you were in a negative situation of harassment and mistreatment at a Hilton hotel, you should sue Hilton Hotel for sexual harassment. A California sexual harassment attorney for Hilton Hotel employees can assist you and ensure that you’re treated fairly after the incident. Our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group, can provide you with a lawyer who has experience in Hilton Hotel sexual harassment cases. You should not be expected to cover the expenses stemming from a sexual harassment incident, and our Hilton Hotel discrimination attorneys will be able to assist you.

What kinds of sexual harassment can happen at a Hilton Hotel

In general, there are two types of sexual harassment. The first type is known as quid pro quo harassment, which translates to this for that; it usually involves an exchange of some kind and it always requires the harasser to be in a position of power over the victim. A manager may be found proposing employment or promotions in exchange for sexual favors, for example. If a manager or supervisor at Hilton Hotel sexually harassed you, he could threaten you with negative consequences if you deny him. He may demote you, take away benefits, dock your pay, cancel your vacation time, and more.

You could also be retaliated against and fired if you do not go along with the sexual favors or if you report the harassment. If Hilton Hotel wrongfully and illegally fired you after you reported sexual harassment, you should reach out to a workplace sexual harassment lawyer or a Hilton Hotel wrongful termination lawyer to file a Hilton Hotel wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit.

The other type of sexual harassment comes from a hostile workplace environment. If a supervisor or coworker at Hilton Hotel creates a hostile work environment, you should sue. You can also sue if you were merely a witness to the harassment and it caused you to suffer a panic attack or triggered an episode from PTSD. Some examples of sexual harassment include:

  • A coworker was guilty of inappropriate touching, such as when he groped you, gave you a neck massage, rubbed your butt, constantly asked for hugs, and more
  • Someone at work carried out sexual molestation, which is often the case in jobs where minors are employed or are interning
  • A coworker sent you inappropriate pictures, sexually suggestive photos, and more
  • A worker tried to have sexual relations with you, asked you for an affair, continually tried to date you, and more
  • You were given sexually explicit objects or there were such objects out in the open that made you uncomfortable
  • You were a victim of rape at the hotel

Whether you were sexually harassed by Hilton Hotel or someone working at Hilton Hotel, or if a worker at Hilton Hotel harasses you and retaliates against you, you should take legal action.

How can I file a Hilton Hotel sexual harassment lawsuit

Filing a Hilton Hotel sexual harassment claim requires you to have ample proof and evidence of the harassment. You should have a journal or notebook dictating what happened, the kind of harassment you suffered, who was involved, when the harassment occurred, where it took place, and any other details you can add. It is also important that you familiarize yourself with the sexual harassment policy at your job, including what is and is not allowed, what constitutes harassment, necessary training for supervisors, and more.

You may want to take legal action immediately, but it is wise to go to your boss and to HR first before you do. You should alert the company that a coworker or manager was harassing you. If they choose to do nothing to fix the issue, you should gather more proof in addition to the aforementioned journal.

If you can take photos, record videos, or record audio of the harassment, you should do so. Hard evidence will be hard to refute and it will transform the case into something more concrete instead of a “he said, she said” situation.

You should also go to coworkers to get their statements and testimonies about the harassment. They can give you additional perspectives and support. Unfortunately, many coworkers may avoid giving you any evidence because they are fearful of retaliation. They could very well be targeted in some way if they help you take legal action.

If you were sexually assaulted, you should go to the police to report the crime, and then you should go to the doctor for medical treatment. You can hold on to these receipts and proof of treatment and procedures.

Once you have as much evidence as you can get, you should find a Hilton Hotel sexual harassment lawyer. We can help you file a complaint with the DFEH or EEOC, and we will organize your evidence and see to it that your claim is perfectly set up for victory. If you have not had any legal experience, you might not be able to handle your case, or you might not be able to negotiate any kind of deal. A Hilton Hotel workplace sexual harassment attorney will work around the clock while you focus on other areas of your life, such as hunting for a new job, interviewing, or even recovering from injuries.

What can I receive in a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Hilton Hotel

If you were sexually harassed or assaulted at a Hilton Hotel, your lawsuit could be worth a large amount of money. Hilton Hotel sexual harassment lawsuits can be worth more than $250,000 if there were numerous occasions on which you were harassed, for example. Hilton Hotel sexual harassment cases can have an average value of more than $1,000,000 if there is a class action lawsuit occurring. A class action lawsuit against Hilton Hotel for sexual harassment involves numerous plaintiffs taking action against the company, which means that everyone will receive compensation. However, if a Hilton Hotel sexual harassment class action lawsuit ends in a verdict of $3,000,000 spread out among 100 individuals from multiple locations, then everyone will get a portion of the total (in this case, $30,000). This may be lower than the total you would get if you were pursuing the claim independently.

Our attorneys will strive to win you the following kinds of damages:

  • Medical expenses if you were assaulted
  • Lost income if you could not return to work or if you were illegally fired after protesting or complaining about the harassment
  • Job reinstatement if you want to get your old position back
  • Reimbursement of benefits, commissions, bonuses, and more
  • Pain and suffering damages to cover emotional turmoil, anxiety, fear, and more
  • Punitive damages if the company were grossly negligent or someone there intentionally harmed you

For the best chance of success with your claim, contact a law firm representing victims of sexual harassment against Hilton Hotel. We will gladly pursue your rightful damages and won’t rest until we are satisfied with the result.

What is the time line to sue Hilton Hotel for sexual harassment

The statute of limitations is the time during which you can take legal action. If you do not sue within this time frame, you will be unable to receive any compensation. It can be confusing to adhere to the statute when there are apparently so many different deadlines.

In California, employment claims and sexual harassment lawsuits must be filed within 1 year of the incident. You can go through the Department of Fair Employment and Housing to take legal action. You may choose to supersede the State agency and sue through the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If so, your statute of limitations will be 6 months from the date of the incident.

Many individuals do not sue within the statute of limitations. Many do not even know what the statute is, and they wind up waiting entirely too long. If you want to know the exact amount of time left on your claim, reach out to a lawyer with experience in Hilton Hotel sexual harassment cases. We will take care of your case for you and submit all necessary documents on time.

Los Angeles Hilton Hotel Sexual Harassment Lawyer

If you are in need of a lawyer who can help sue Hilton Hotel for sexual harassment, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group can help you. Our Hilton Hotel sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles have been handling such claims for years, and we know the best and most successful methods to win your claim. We will stop at nothing to win your case, and our aggressive lawyers will go to court if we must to fight for your rights as a worker and a human.

Call our law offices today to set up a free legal consultation with a Hilton Hotel harassment lawyer. We will walk you through the legal process and help you understand how the claim will go. If you have any specific questions, we will gladly answer them.

If you want to hire us to represent you, we will give you our zero fee guarantee. This promises that we will get paid only if we win, and if we lose, we take no payment at all.

Get in touch with the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group if you need help from a Hilton Hotel sexual assault lawyer.