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Hulu Sexual Harassment Attorney in California lawyer justice lawsuit

Hulu is a media giant that offers streaming services. A lot of workers put in effort to ensure that the service is working properly and that customers are being cared for when they call in and experience issues. However, despite Hulu essentially being a well-known service, it does not always get the attention it should for the issues that arise behind closed doors. Sexual harassment is one such issue. If you were sexually harassed by Hulu or someone working at Hulu, you should pursue legal action. Our Hulu discrimination attorneys at the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group will be able to win you the damages you deserve if you were victimized and sexually harassed by someone at work.

How is sexual harassment illegal?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as the State-enacted Fair Employment and Housing Act, outlawed sexual harassment, sexual advances, and other such conduct based on actual or perceived sex, actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, childbirth, marriage, and more. Sexual harassment is not based on sexual desire.

It is required for businesses that have more than 50 employees to also have 2 hours of sexual harassment prevention training provided to supervisory workers. This does not always happen, though, and if you notice that your job has avoided providing this training, they can be fined or otherwise punished.

Bear in mind that retaliation for reporting sexual harassment is also illegal. If you are a victim of an illegal firing, you can file a Hulu wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit. You should be very careful; if a worker at Hulu wrongfully and illegally fired you after you reported sexual harassment, you might not be able to prove that you were targeted or discriminated against.

Speak with a Hulu workplace sexual harassment attorney or a Hulu wrongful termination lawyer for more details and information.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment can occur in many different ways at a Hulu workplace. You could be a victim of inappropriate touching, such as when a worker comes up behind you and massages your neck and shoulders when you’re sitting down, or when a worker constantly asks for a hug. If a worker groped you, felt your butt or other private or sexual areas, or tugged you close so you could be kissed or held, you should look to sue Hulu for sexual harassment. This form of harassment, fondling, sexual molestation, or over-abundant physical conduct can be used as the foundation for a claim.

You may also be solicited in various ways by a coworker. A worker may have sent you inappropriate pictures of themselves engaged in sexual acts or may have sent you some kind of pornographic images. You could have been given sexually explicit objects, or the worker could have kept these objects in his office and repeatedly mentioned using them with you.

It is possible that a coworker could have tried to have sexual relations with you, such as by asking for a one night stand, requesting numerous dates, begging you to have an affair, and more. In the absolute worst of scenarios, you could be a victim of rape or you could be sexually assaulted. If this happens, it is crucial that you hire a Hulu sexual assault lawyer for assistance.

Sexual harassment generally can be divided into two types. The first type involves any coworker creating a hostile workplace environment. If a supervisor or coworker at Hulu creates a hostile work environment by sexually harassing you or others, you could file a Hulu sexual harassment lawsuit. You may be affected in any of the aforementioned ways, for instance, or you may simply have been a witness to the harassment. There is a very wide array of reasons to sue and ways in which you can be discriminated against or targeted.

The second type of sexual harassment occurs if a manager was proposing employment or promotions in exchange for sexual favors. Quid pro quo harassment happens when a manager or supervisor at Hulu sexually harassed you. This is different from hostile workplace environment harassment because there is a power imbalance between an authority and a subordinate, there is an exchange occurring, and there is a possibility of punishment if the request is denied. You could easily be denied a promotion, have your salary reduced or your hours cut, get no vacation time, have your benefits removed, get blacklisted by the company, be demoted, be reassigned to another position or location, or even be fired.

Whether someone at Hulu harasses you and retaliates against you or discriminates in any way, it is important that you pursue a Hulu sexual harassment lawsuit with the assistance of a lawyer who has experience in Hulu sexual harassment cases.

How can I file a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Hulu?

In order to sue Hulu for sexual harassment, you will need ample evidence and proof. It is important that you acquire as much proof as you can, but we know that some circumstances may make it difficult. For example, if you were wrongfully fired, you may not be able to get any concrete evidence, and the company could claim that you were terminated for a separate, unrelated reason. This will turn the situation into a he-said, she-said scenario, which is very hard to litigate. Regardless, it is crucial that you do everything you can to secure evidence.

As soon as the harassment happens, you should make a note of it. If this is a pervasive or constantly occurring issue, you should have a journal detailing the incidents. This journal can include the dates of the harassment, who was involved, what occurred, and more. Everything that can be put in writing and have copies made of it should be kept as such.

You can then inform your boss or HR representative about the harassment. If you file a complaint, be sure to put it in writing, and send a follow up email to the respective parties. This will help preserve the evidence on at least one side.

In addition to a written journal, you should get photos, videos, and audio recordings however you can. You may get photos of sexual objects, videos and security footage of the harassment in action, audio recordings of conversations and remarks, and more. Other coworkers may also be able to provide you with this evidence.

Speaking of other coworkers, it is extremely beneficial if you get statements and testimonies from your coworkers. They can provide you with additional support and perspectives on the harassment. However, many coworkers are reluctant or loath to give you this – they may fear that their jobs will be in danger or that they will be punished if they do so.

File a complaint with the State-run Department of Fair Employment and Housing within 1 year of the incident, or file a complaint with the Federally-run Equal Employment Opportunity Commission within 6 months of the incident. Failure to notify either will nullify your claim, and you will not be able to receive any compensation in the future.

It is very important that you reach out to a lawyer with experience in Hulu sexual harassment cases for assistance. If you try to organize all your evidence and submit it to an insurance company by yourself, you may not receive any compensation at all. If you have never negotiated a deal or if you have no knowledge of the law, your case may fall apart. It is highly recommended that you search for a lawyer who can help sue Hulu for sexual harassment

What can I win from a Hulu sexual harassment lawsuit?

Hulu sexual harassment lawsuits can be worth a lot of money depending on the circumstances. For example, Hulu sexual harassment cases can have an average value of more than $250,000 if you experienced numerous losses or if you were physically harmed in the incident. Further, a class action lawsuit against Hulu for sexual harassment can cause the company to owe millions of dollars in restitution to numerous plaintiffs. However, a Hulu sexual harassment class action lawsuit will result in various people being paid portions of the entire settlement, so the total may be smaller than a solo claim’s.

A Hulu sexual harassment lawyer will strive to win damages for you in the following vein:

  • Reinstatement of your previous job position if you were wrongfully fired
  • Missed wages and income if you could not return to work, whether from the past or future
  • Bonuses, promotional costs, commissions, benefits, and more that were missed
  • Pain and suffering damages to cover mental trauma, anxiety, PTSD, and more

To ensure that you receive the highest settlement available under the law, call our Hulu sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles for representation.

Los Angeles Hulu Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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