NBC Universal Sexual Harassment Attorney in California We all want a healthy mind, body, and soul. If one of these areas is encroached upon or damaged, what do we do? If our body seems sluggish, and we feel out of shape, we work on our nutrition and engage in physical activity. If our mind is cluttered, and we are stressed, we take time to ourselves to mentally detoxify and focus on ourselves. If we are feeling down and unable to lift our spirits, we treat ourselves to some ice cream and a romantic comedy. Living life isn’t about having things stay consistently smooth sailing, it’s about finding remedies and making constant small adjustments to set things right. If you have been sexually assaulted at your workplace, what’s the difference? What is stopping your from seeking an antidote? California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group believes the best cure is to speak up and fight back via the power of the law.

NBC Universal is giant conglomerate that has a net worth of around $32.5 billion. NBC Universal sexual harassment cases can have an average value of tens of thousands. This could be money that may provide some sort of relief to your losses. But we know the potential of receiving benefits like this can lay the legitimacy and ability of an NBC Universal workplace sexual harassment attorney. We also know NBC Universal has deep pockets and so taking on an NBC Universal sexual harassment lawsuit requires the commitment from a strong lawyer with experience in NBC Universal sexual harassment cases. Here, our firm will help you mend and repair the physical and emotional tolls you’ve faced from workplace sexual harassment with an NBC Universal sexual harassment class action lawsuit.

What Counts as Sexual Harassment?

While there are some more obvious forms of sexual harassment such as rape, sexual molestation, inappropriate touching like if someone groped you, or someone attempting to have sexual relations with you, it’s imperative to know all actions that the definition encompasses. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act applies to companies with 15 or more employees. It prohibits employment discrimination against an individual based on their race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a government entity that enforces Federal law. The EEOC regards sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual behavior verbal, physical, written, non verbal, or visual that explicitly or implicitly affects someone’s employment; interferes with their work performance; or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. Situations where someone sent you inappropriate pictures or made you uncomfortable with sexually explicit objects are other examples of sexual harassment that may be less obvious.

A few false conceptions of sexual harassment in the work place are that it always occurs between a supervisor or manager and an employee of lower rank; that women are the only victims; that it must occur between only opposite sex coworkers; and that the victim is always the one being directly harassed. The truth is, any employee of any status can be sexually harassed by any other employee, or for that fact non-employee, of any status; gender is irrelevant; and anyone that is affected by the sexual conduct regardless if it is directed at them can be a victim of sexual assault.

Some key aspects that constitute sexual harassment are that it must be unwelcomed and it must be either severe or pervasive. While isolated instances of sexual conduct usually don’t constitute a lawsuit, any particularly severe and serious action may count as sexual harassment. Smaller forms of sexual conduct are pervasive if they continuously happen over time to have a negative effect on the workplace. There are two ways to categorize sexual harassment: quid pro quo or hostile environment. Quid pro quo is when the submission or refusal of sexual favors determines an employment related action. The most common form of quid pro quo is proposing employment or promotions in exchange for sexual favors. A hostile environment is when the workplace has become offensive, oppressive, intimidating, or abusive due to sexual conduct.

Los Angeles NBC Universal Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Has a manager or supervisor at NBC Universal sexually harassed you? Do you feel as if a supervisor or coworker at NBC Universal created a hostile work environment? It’s probable you were sexually harassed by NBC Universal or someone working at NBC Universal. California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group has some of the best NBC Universal sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles who are ready to help you sue NBC Universal for sexual harassment.

Under Title VII, employers are prohibited from retaliation to anyone who has opposed employment practices by filing a charge, testifying, or participating in an investigation. If NBC Universal wrongfully and illegally fired you after you reported sexual harassment, it’s time pursue an NBC Universal wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit. You should not have to face adverse effects from the process of standing up for yourself by seeking reconciliation for your pain and suffering. Our NBC Universal wrongful termination lawyers see losing your job is a completely illegal response that only adds more stress to one’s battle with sexual harassment. So if NBC Universal harasses you and retaliates against you after you’ve decided to pursue a lawsuit, let our firm continue to fight for you.

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against NBC Universal

NBC Universal sexual harassment lawsuits can be worth more than just a great deal of monetary compensations. An NBC Universal sexual harassment class action lawsuit may be an outlet to restore sanity and clarity to your psyche. It’s time to start your healing process and get in touch with a California sexual harassment attorney for NBC Universal employees. As one of the best law firms representing victims of sexual harassment against NBC Universal, we understand the importance of redemption and the punishment of a sexual harasser. An NBC Universal harassment lawyer at California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group handles each and every case with care, taking every individual’s story seriously.

Free Consultation and Zero-Fee Guarantee

Are you having troubling finding a lawyer who has experience in NBC Universal sexual harassment cases? Don’t worry, here you can find a lawyer who can help sue NBC Universal for sexual harassment. If you already working with NBC Universal discrimination attorneys from a different firm, we are happy to provide you with a free second opinion so that you can make a well-informed decision about the future of your case. Otherwise, come to our office or call us for a free consultation with an NBC Universal sexual harassment lawyer who will guide you on your best options to have the best possible experience and outcome from a class action lawsuit against NBC Universal for sexual harassment. While you may think a workplace sexual harassment lawyer is expensive, you’ll be glad to know we offer a zero-fee guarantee. Your well-being is more important to us than how much money you have in your pockets. This is why we will not charge you to take on your case. Only if we win will we ask for a small contingency fee. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to turn the table on those who have hurt you!