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Losing your job can be like losing your beloved cat. At first you panic, then the anger sets in, and finally you find yourself in this miserable state of self loathing. Losing your job in an illegal fashion is like losing two cats. How much pain and suffering must one endure? It’s already a lot to handle being jobless, but to add on that fact that you know your employer illegally fired you, that’s just icing on to the sad cake. If you’ve been fired illegally, it’s time to get help from one of our talented and empathetic Riverside wrongful termination attorneys. California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group employs only the best, most qualified attorneys in California. Work with us, and you will be in good, trustworthy hands.

If you are in that state of sadness and misery, it’s time to channel that energy into something productive. It’s time to channel that energy into a wrongful termination case. Wrongful termination is defined as the discharge of an employee that is either a violation of a law or a breach of contract. A wrongful termination is the exception to an at-will employment relationship. All employment relationships in California are assumed at-will. This means that an employer can discharge or an employee can leave any time without notice or cause as long as it is fair and honest cause or reason regulated by good faith on the part of the employer.

What is a wrongful termination case?

As we already know, a breach in contract constitutes a wrongful termination. Let’s look at what counts as a contract. A contract does not necessarily have to be in writing. There is such thing as an implied contract which may have been conducted verbally. If your employer has orally communicated that your job is secure for a certain amount of time and then proceeds to fire you before that time was up, they have committed a breach in contract and you may have a case for wrongful termination. So even if you don’t have a written contract, you still may have ground to sue your employer. Our lawyers want to help you do this!

There are also many state and federal laws that your employer may have broken in terminating you. For instance, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits employment discrimination based on a person’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Under Title VII you are protected from being fired based on any of these characteristics. Title VII applies to companies with 15 or more employees. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) applies to companies with only 5 or more employees and is similar to Title VII in that it prohibits employment discrimination against anyone under a protected category. The protected categories include race, national origin, religion, age (over 40), disability/a>, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, genetic information, marital status, and military or veteran status. Wrongful terminations may also come in the form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination, which both laws protect you from. For that matter, if you fall under any of these protected categories and have been fired solely based on them, then you have reason to sue your employer for wrongful termination. One of our Riverside wrongful termination lawyers will be happy to represent you.

It should be noted that not only do these laws protect you from losing your job because of a protected category, but they also protect you from any form of discrimination or harassment such as a demotion, withholding job privileges, denying employment opportunities and so on. You do not just have to be fired in order to sue your employer. Our Riverside discrimination attorneys will represent you in a discrimination lawsuit against your employer.

Another way in which your employer may have illegally fired you is in violating your rights to file a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation insurance can provide benefits for those who have injured themselves on the job. In order to receive benefits you must file a claim. If your employer has fired or demoted you because you have taken steps to file a claim, your employer has acted unlawfully. It is your legal right to file a workers’ compensation claim free from retaliation, and to receive workers’ compensation benefits if you qualify.

Wrongful termination lawyers in Riverside

Wrongful termination lawyers in RiversideAny time you were fired as a result of your employer retaliating against your for exercising your rights, this is also considered wrongful termination. Title VII and FEHA and other anti-discrimination laws prohibit employers from retaliating. There are also whistleblowing laws that protect your job status. The California Whistleblower Protection Act protects both public and private employees and protects them from retaliation by their employers after they report state or federal laws that have been broken. The California law protecting whistleblowers is extensive because it protects anyone that acts on behalf of a company, like a third party contractor. If are protected under this law then you can file charges against your employer for retaliating.

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A wrongful termination case because of illegal retaliation can result in receiving payment of lost wages, reinstatement, and maybe even payment for damages of reputation. Retaliation for whistleblowing is considered a misdemeanor and your employer can face up to a year of jail time and up to $5000 in fines. Federal law also puts a cap on compensatory damages from a wrongful termination case. For employers with 15-100 employers, the most that can be received is $50,000; the most for companies with 101-200 employees is $100,000; companies with 201-500 employees, $200,000; and companies with 500 or more employees the cap is $300,000. Our Riverside wrongful termination lawyers will work their hardest for you to receive the maximum compensation for your wrongful termination.

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While we may not be able to get our cat back, winning a wrongful termination case may mean you get your job, money, and life back. Come in to our office or give us a call for a free consultation. We do not cost to be the reason you do not pursue legal action against employers that are unlawful. This is why we do not charge any up front fees. We will take on your case free of charge and will only charge a small fee if your case is won. If you are already working with a wrongful termination lawyer, you can still come speak with one of our lawyers. We offer free second opinions because we want you to make sure you receive help from the best and most competent wrongful termination lawyers in California.