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Sexual harassment at a location like UPS can be very problematic. The warehouses and offices are prime locations for harassment, as they are not always monitored. If you’ve been sexually assaulted or harassed at UPS, it is wise to pursue legal action against the individual and the company. A lawyer who has experience in UPS sexual harassment cases can handle your claim for you and see to it that you are given the maximum settlement under the law and that proper punishments are doled out. To file a UPS sexual harassment lawsuit, contact our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group. We are known for our high success rate and our dedication to our clients. You won’t find a better law firm representing victims of sexual harassment against UPS.

What is sexual harassment at UPS?

Sexual harassment at UPS is no different than sexual harassment anywhere else. You could simply be targeted for being a worker on the floor in the warehouse or you could be harassed while you and a partner are making a delivery. The company is worldwide and it should take sexual harassment claims seriously, but that is not always the case.

Sexual harassment can take on two forms. The first is what’s known as quid pro quo harassment, and it has a specific set of parameters in order to be invoked. It specifically requires that the harasser and victim be in a position of power and subordination; that is, the perpetrator must hold some kind of authority over the victim. If a manager or supervisor at UPS sexually harassed you, it is known as quid pro quo harassment.

The Latin translates to “something for something.” Your manager may have been proposing employment or promotions in exchange for sexual favors or may have been threatening you with negative consequences if you did not give in to his sexual demands. You could have been threatened with demotion, negative performance reviews, docked wages, reduced salary, denial of leave, rejection of benefits, and more.

Companies are required to provide training that outlines rules and acceptable behavior for those in positions of power. However, it is no surprise that many companies refrain from enforcing these rules. You can sue UPS for sexual harassment if a manager or supervisor acts in a way that can be construed as harassment.

The second form of sexual harassment can simply take place or be carried out by anyone. It is known as harassment in a hostile workplace environment. If either a supervisor or coworker at UPS creates a hostile work environment, you should fight back.

It also necessary to understand that you could simply be a witness to sexual harassment and still have the ability to file a claim. This is because the harassment or actions can make you so uncomfortable or trigger a response that you could fight to have them punished and for you to receive compensation.

Some types of sexual harassment include:

  • Inappropriate touching or touching when you do not have any desire to be touched
  • Sexual molestation or being habitually touched or fondled, which is usually taken out on minors
  • Grabbing or similar actions, such as when a coworker groped you, held on to your butt during a hug, massaged you, and more
  • Obscene text messages or when someone sent you inappropriate pictures, suggestive poses, and more
  • Gifting of sexually explicit objects or having these objects on display, or even putting them in your desk without your knowledge
  • Sexual assault, which can involve rape, requests for a date, or when someone tried to have sexual relations with you and tried to goad you into sex (these are serious issues and are not satisfactorily solved by an employment claim; the individuals should also be taken up on criminal charges)

If you were sexually harassed by UPS or someone working at UPS, you can sue. But be aware that the harassment must be considered unwelcome, even if it were consensual. Some actions may be misconstrued and overblown, so it is important that you speak with a lawyer with experience in UPS sexual harassment cases.

What should I do if I were sexually harassed at UPS?

If you were sexually harassed while working at UPS, you should get your necessary evidence so you can file a claim. It is sometimes difficult to acquire this evidence, such as in cases where you were illegally fired, but it is crucial that you try. Our UPS sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles will also be able to introduce additional evidence, such as claims from expert witnesses in the corporation or those who wrote certain statutes. You should do the following:

  • Become familiar with the sexual harassment policy at your job so that you know what kind of training should have been offered and what the repercussions are if there is a violation
  • Go to your boss or to your HR representative to make a complaint, and ensure that the complaint is also in writing; it is wise to make copies of any emails and messages you send wherein you describe the sexual harassment and the wrongs that you suffered
  • Keep a journal of the harassment with a complete detailed list of names, events, dates, people involved, locations, and more
  • Ask your coworkers or other people at your job for statements and testimonies if they saw the harassment happen or if they were also victims; however, this can be difficult to acquire, since many coworkers may fear that they will be targeted or retaliated against for providing proof against the company get statements from witnesses
  • Get as many photos as you can of the harassment, as well as video footage if ossible and audio recordings of any interactions
  • File a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission if you want to sue via the State or the Federal government, respectively
  • In the event of a sexual assault, you should go to the police, get medical attention, retain prescriptions and treatment proof, and more

Once you have gotten this evidence, you should contact a UPS workplace sexual harassment attorney. A workplace sexual harassment lawyer will be able to handle your claim for you and organize your proof so that you do not have to. We will write the demand letter and see to it that you are given fair representation.

It is very important that you take action before you suffer retaliation. If someone at UPS harasses you and retaliates against you¸ you could suddenly find yourself without a job and with little proof of wrongdoing. A UPS wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit can help you receive the compensation you need, but it will be difficult if you don’t have necessary evidence.

The primary reason we believe you should work with a lawyer who can help sue UPS for sexual harassment is that you likely do not have the legal experience needed to handle the claim by yourself. You might never have negotiated anything for an insurance claim or you might not have a grasp of employment law. A California sexual harassment attorney for UPS employees will be expertly litigate your claim and prove that you were victimized by a coworker or manager.

How much can I win in a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against UPS?

UPS sexual harassment lawsuits can be worth a fair amount of money. Often, UPS sexual harassment cases can have an average value of more than $250,000. Further, a class action lawsuit against UPS for sexual harassment can result in a much larger settlement if numerous plaintiffs come forward with their evidence. The problem with a UPS sexual harassment class action lawsuit is that each individual will likely receive a smaller amount of compensation since the total is equally distributed among the parties. You can speak with a UPS harassment lawyer to determine the best course of action for your case.

Our UPS discrimination attorneys will work to win you the following damages in a lawsuit:

  • Job reinstatement if UPS wrongfully and illegally fired you after you reported sexual harassment
  • Lost income from time you could not earn wages, commissions, bonuses, and more
  • Medical expenses if you were physically assaulted
  • Pain and suffering damages to cover the emotional trauma of the incidents
  • Punitive damages if the company were grossly negligent or deliberately harmed you

A UPS sexual harassment lawyer will not give up until the maximum settlement is reached.

Los Angeles UPS Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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