The California Employee Rights Legal Group is here to protect the rights of employees from being exploited by their employers. We offer protections in all aspects of the law and will represent you to ensure justice is served. Below are the various branches of the law in which we practice. Our attorneys are seasoned veterans with years of experience under their built and unrivaled knowledge of the law. The California Employee Rights Legal Group is here for you. If you believe your rights have been violated but are unsure of the law, check out the branches below to get a better understanding. Call our law office for free consultation if you have any questions.

Wrongful Termination

Employment in the state of California is at-will, which means that employees work for their employers under their own will. Employers then have the right to dismiss their employees at any time for any reason. But the conditions under which they terminate an employee cannot conflict with the various federal or state laws put in place in order to protect an employee’s rights. So employers have the right to dismiss their employees, the reasons behind their decisions cannot be against the law. If employers violate the law and terminate one of their workers for something for which the worker is protected, it is called wrongful termination, and the affected employee can file a lawsuit against their employer and receive compensation for the damages.

Workplace Retaliation

If an employee suspects their employer is treating them unfairly because of a protected characteristic – for example, the employee was demoted because she is a woman – then the employee has the right to file a charge against their employer. Unfortunately, the employer may retaliate instead of attempting to fix the issue at hand. Retaliation can come in many forms: termination, demotion, reduction in salary, or assigning the employee undesirable tasks and make life harder for the employee. It is against the law for employers to retaliate against employees when their workers practice their rights. The employer cannot discipline or terminate an employee simply because they acted within their right to file a charge against them.

Workplace Discrimination

Employers need to focus on only two qualities when it comes to employee-related decisions: their qualifications for the job and their ability to perform the essential job functions (with or without reasonable accommodation). All else is arbitrary and should not influence the employer in any way. If an employer uses other characteristics of an employee’s or applicant’s status, it may be against the law. While many employers do not discriminate, there are still some employers who have specific biases to which they are blind, and it influences their business-related decisions. This is unlawful. An employer cannot single out and focus on things like race, color, sex, religion, country of origin, genetic information, disability (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression. If a worker who is protected under the federal and state laws believes they have been subjected to unfair treatment because of their protected characteristic, they have the right to file a lawsuit against their employer.

Sexual Harassment

It is unlawful to harass someone because of their sex. Sexual harassment includes such actions as harassment, unwelcome/unwanted sexual advances, sexual favors, requests, and all unwanted verbal or physical harassment of any kind. Sexual harassment is not limited to sexual implications; touching or verbal attacks which target a person’s sex is unlawful.

Harassment also extends beyond sexual advances or implications. For example, it is unlawful to make offensive comments about a person’s sex. The law does not prohibit simple teasing if both parties consent to it. It officially becomes harassment (and hence illegal) when the remarks create a hostile work environment in which the victim no longer feels safe or welcome at work, or when an employer uses sex to make an employment-based decision. Harassment can come from anywhere an is not just limited to the employer: sexual harassment can come from a supervisor, manager, another employee, or a client.

Whistleblower Protections

Employers who participate in illegal activity cannot fire an employee for refusing to take part or bringing to light the illegal activity to the necessary authorities, like a government agency. Once the crime has been reported, the employer cannot terminate, or retaliate in any way, the employee for being a whistleblower. The claim against the employer can range from violations of public policy or a work-related offense. This is similar to “workplace retaliation” claims, only whistleblower protections include general laws which extend outside of an employee’s rights. For example, if a company is polluting a protected body of water to save on disposal & sanitary costs, an employee who alerts a government agency is protected under the whistleblower protections. Even if the claim is investigated and deemed untrue, the employee is protected against any kind of retaliation.

We at the California Employee Rights Legal Group are here for the clients and their employee rights. When it comes to the matter of your employment, we will use every available resource to prove your case and et you the compensation to which you are wholeheartedly entitled. Employers often take advantage of employees who may not know their rights, and employers will exploit their circumstance. We are here to stand up for those who are treated unjustly and feel powerless against an authority figure, such as their employer. If you believe that your boss has taken advantage of your rights and treated you unfairly, the California Employee Rights Legal Group is here for you. We pursue justice and will not rest until you get the compensation you deserve for the damages you suffered.

Free Consultation

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