What Is the Average Case Settlement for a Religious Discrimination Claim?

Religious discrimination in the workplace can turn a company’s reputation sour and leave affected employees feeling dejected, depressed, and targeted. All too often, these employees opt to stay quiet and choose not to pursue any legal action. This results in no changes at the workplace, no punishment for the harassers, and no closure for the victims. When religious discrimination cases are opened against employers, however, over half of them are won – a positive sign for anyone who may be unsure about filing a claim. California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group believes in protecting your rights as a worker and as a human, and we strive to bring you justice in any religious discrimination case you present to us. However, our clients may not be certain of how to proceed in filing such a claim against their employers, and they ask us questions like:

  • How much is my employee religious discrimination lawsuit worth?
  • What is the average settlement for employment religion discrimination case?
  • What determines the case value of my religious discrimination claim?

Religious Discrimination Overview

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, employers and businesses are prohibited from discriminating against employees based on their religious beliefs. This discrimination includes termination, refusal to hire for employment, harassment, and other employment conditions, such as being passed over for promotions or getting scheduled for less hours. Title VII is a federal decree, however; all 50 states have their own unique laws regarding workplace discrimination, the extent of what constitutes it, and what you can recover as compensation if you win a settlement. You can check with your states Fair Employment Practices Agency for more specific information.

That being said, all states adhere to allowing religious accommodations. Religious accommodations are special requests in the workplace that allow employees to have certain exemptions or additional perks so that they can adequately practice their religions. These accommodations are usually simple, such as requesting break time for prayer periods or wearing headwear even though the dress code prohibits it. In order to receive a religious accommodation, you must file a request explaining the reasoning and your desire.

Employers do not have to provide the express accommodation you requested, but they must confer with you to devise a mutually agreed upon plan. They do not have to grant the accommodation at all if it would create an undue hardship for the company; these undue hardships can be instances that result in a substantial loss of income, cost too much money, violates other workers’ rights, compromises workplace safety, or unfairly increases the workload of other employees.

Determining the Worth of the Case

When you suffer religious discrimination, be it in the form of not receiving any religious accommodations or getting fired for practicing your faith, you are entitled to certain damages in the wake of the incident.

The settlement value of your case cannot be accurately determined without speculation, as all discrimination cases are different and have unique sets of circumstances attached to them. However, other similar cases can be considered. For instance, the national average payout for religious discrimination claims is around $40,000 to $50,000. However, some larger settlements may skew that number upwards; that is, if one case were settled for over a million dollars, the national average would climb due to that one outlier.

The most important part of gauging the worth of your case is measuring your lost income if you were fired or released from your position. If you were terminated due to your religious beliefs and were unable to find work for 6 months after that, your compensation may be your salary pay of 6 months – that is, if you made $30,000 a year, you may be able to receive $15,000 on lost income alone.

If the religious discrimination caused you pain and suffering, you can recover damages for that anguish; pain and suffering includes mental stress, anxiety, fear, depression, and similar mood and psychological issues. While not measurable in the same way income is, these problems are equally as large and must be alleviated with some form of compensation. Any restitution received can pay for therapy and similar treatments.

Punitive damages may also be factored into the worth of your case and recovered. These damages are meant to punish those who harassed you or discriminated against you and serve as a further lesson.

Often, clients who ask us about average payout of religious discrimination cases already have legal representation, but they may be seeking a second opinion or an alternate attorney. These cases are sensitive in nature and require dedication from a lawyer, not cursory glances and little focus. The legal process is long and difficult and there are much tighter deadlines than in other cases and claims. For this reason, you should do your research and seek out a law firm whose attorneys will prioritize you and your case.

California Employment Attorneys Group: Serving You

Our team of attorneys at California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group is here to protect your rights and represent you the way you deserve to be represented in a workplace discrimination case: with respect, commitment, and care. We believe that all workplaces should be accepting and tolerant of different religions and beliefs, and employees who are treated poorly because of their preferred beliefs must receive restitution for their hardships.

Contact our law firm today to receive a free, confidential legal consultation about your case. We will be happy to discuss your claim (whether it’s prospective or current), what we believe you can earn as compensation, as well as detail the entire litigation process to you so you understand the course of action we will take.

California Employment Attorneys Group operates on a zero fee guarantee, promising that you do not owe any legal fees unless we win your case and net you a settlement. Our clients should not have to worry about paying for legal representation, especially if they have been terminated due to discrimination; we want to make you feel safe and secure, and stressing over how you will pay attorney fees does not help. We front the costs for you, and if we do not win your case, you do not owe us anything.

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