What Is the Value of My Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit?

Have you been the victim of discrimination in your workplace? Discrimination can come in many forms; in some cases, the victims of discrimination might not disregard the discrimination as just teasing. However, if discrimination continues for an extended period of time, it can cause a victim to suffer. In your place of work, you should always be treated fairly. You should be allowed to perform your work duties without being subjected to any form of discrimination. Although there are laws that protect employees from discrimination in the workplace, some employers are discriminatory against some employees. If you were the victim of discrimination in the workplace, you might be interested in filing a lawsuit against your employer. For some people, the decision to file a lawsuit against their employer might depend on the projected value of the case. Since lawsuits are associated with stress and expenses, some people rather not begin the legal process if the outcome does not look promising.

Our law firm is frequently asked the following questions:

  • How much is a discrimination case worth?
  • How much is the value of my case?

If you would like more information on the value of a discrimination case, you must contact California Employment Attorneys Group. The attorneys at California Employment Attorneys Group have the experience necessary to handle your discrimination case and give you all the information necessary regarding the case’s value. The following sections provide general information about what you can expect from a discrimination lawsuit. Although you should find the sections below informative, you should not use the details provided as a substitute to a consultation with an experienced attorney. You must immediately contact California Employment Attorneys Group to speak with an attorney who can give you all the information relevant to your case.

What is Discrimination?

Discrimination is the unjust treatment of people based on a protected status. What are the protected statuses? In all states of the United States, protected statuses include the following: race, color, sex, age, religion, origin, disability, citizenship, and genetic information. Depending on each state, there might be additional protected statuses. Other protected statuses include the following: marital status, sexual orientation and identity, medical condition, military status, and political affiliation. If you were the victim of discrimination based on a protected status, you could file a lawsuit against your employer.

Past Settlements and Verdicts

If you have considered filing a lawsuit for discrimination in the workplace, you likely have thought about the payout that you might receive. Although you would like to receive the average value of a discrimination lawsuit, it is important to understand that the value of the case will depend on many factors—including the type of discrimination experienced, the length of time it happened, and its effect on the victim. Below, you will find a few examples of past discrimination settlements and verdicts:

  • $1.5 million—an employee experienced racial discrimination from a new boss, who eventually terminated the plaintiff.
  • $16 million—an employee who was 64-years old was a victim of age discrimination; he was terminated so that the employer could hire younger employees.
  • $18.3 million—six employees were victims of age discrimination when their employer tried to make them quit.
  • $180,000—an employee was the victim of both racial discrimination and age discrimination; the employee was eventually terminated.
  • $2 million—an employee experienced racial discrimination that led to termination.
  • $250,000—an employee was a victim of pregnancy and sex discrimination.
  • $26 million—an employee who was 66-years-old was a victim of age discrimination.
  • $3.1 victim—an employee experienced age discrimination.
  • $3.5 million—three employees were victims of gender discrimination.
  • $31.2 million—an employee was a victim of gender discrimination; she was soon terminated.
  • $325,000—an employee was a victim of racial discrimination before she was terminated.
  • $500,000—an employee experienced gender discrimination.
  • $600,000—an employee was a victim of age discrimination.
  • $700,000—an employee experienced gender, age, and racial discrimination.
  • $806,000—an employee was a victim of gender discrimination.

As you can see, the settlement amount of a discrimination lawsuit varies. The discrimination settlement amounts listed above should not be used to place a value on your case—as your case details are likely different. To learn more about the amount you can receive for your lawsuit, you must contact California Employment Attorneys Group as soon as possible. Our attorneys will give you information on the average settlement for a discrimination case and will give you an estimated case value depending on the details of your case.

Compensation Available for Discrimination Cases

The payout you receive after winning a lawsuit depends on the type of compensation you are eligible to receive. If you experienced illegal firing after being discriminated against, the compensation you receive would be different than the compensation someone who did not experience wrongful firing will receive. Below, you will find information on the type of compensation that a victim of discrimination in the workplace might receive:

  • Lost wages—discrimination, in some cases, can lead to an employee losing wages. If you were demoted to a lower paying position or terminated because of discrimination, you likely lost wages. If so, you will likely be eligible to receive compensation.
  • Mental and emotional distress—discrimination can leave an employee dealing with mental and emotional distress. If a professional finds that the victim is experiencing mental and emotional distress, like anxiety, panic, or fear, for example, the employee will likely be eligible to receive compensation.
  • Punitive damages—discrimination can sometimes be unintentional; however, if the employer intentionally discriminated against an employee, there will likely be punitive damages. Punitive damages are designed to punish the employer and try to prevent an incident from reoccurring.

In addition to the compensation listed above, a lawsuit might result in other types of compensation. For example, if you were demoted, you might be reinstated back to your original position; or, the employer might be ordered to change his or her policy to ensure everyone is safe from discrimination.

California Employment Attorneys Group
California Employment Attorneys Group is a law firm that focuses on helping all employees to exercise their rights in the workplace. The workplace should be a safe area where all employees can perform their tasks without being subjected to unfair treatment. Unfortunately, many employers disregard the federal and state laws that protect employees from discrimination. Because of this, many employees experience at least one form of discrimination at one point during their working career. If you were the victim of any form of discrimination, you must look for legal assistance as soon as possible. Many people do not file lawsuits because they think their case will not be worth much. You should never make that assumption. Instead, contact California Employment Attorneys Group as soon as possible and speak to an attorney who can evaluate your case and tell you the value you can expect.

Our law firm understands the hardships that come with being a victim of discrimination in the workplace. Because of that hardship, many people decide not to file lawsuits—as they do not want any additional stress. Our law firm aims to make our legal services as accessible as possible—so your legal process can be as stress-free as possible. We offer free consultations and free second opinions. During your free consultation, you can expect our experienced discrimination attorneys to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns—including everything concerning case value. Our lawyers will always do everything possible to ensure that you have all the information about your case. If you already have an attorney with another law firm, you might be interested in a free second opinion. Do you doubt the need for a second opinion? You will need to reflect on your experience with your current attorney. Did you feel that your attorney was rushing through your case at any time? Do you believe your attorney missed important information, leaving you with unanswered questions? Unfortunately, many attorneys prioritize seeing as many clients as possible in the day, so they rush through consultations. Because of this rushing, many attorneys often overlook and neglect key information that can affect the outcome of a lawsuit. If you are having doubts about your attorney’s competence, you should immediately contact California Employment Attorneys Group for a free second opinion. Our attorneys will never rush through your case; rather, we will take as much time as necessary to ensure that every detail of your case has been thoroughly discussed.

California Employment Attorneys Group will always prioritize our clients. Our Zero-Fee guarantee asserts this claim. Our Zero-Fee guarantee ensures that clients will never have to pay any upfront fees for any of our legal services. Additionally, our law firm is strictly based on contingency, so clients will not have to pay anything until our experienced attorneys win their discrimination case against their employers.

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