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Going to work everyday in a hostile work environment can be tough. Actually, it can be more t than just difficult, it can actually affect your mental, emotional and physical health. A hostile work environment is one where the people working on your job are treating you with very little respect, certainly not the amount of respect in the workplace that you deserve.

The value of these cases will depend on the exact level of disrespect and hostility that is found at the workplace. The average value of a hostile workplace settlement is around $50,000, but this figure will increase depending on the circumstances.

Hostile Work Environment Behaviors

If you work at your job, and go in every day, you are there just to get your work done. You don’t expect to be bothered, annoyed, harassed or bullied as you just do your work as assigned by your employer. If you experience the hostile work environment behaviors that will prevent you from completing your job daily, then that work environment is detrimental to your physical and emotional health. Some behaviors of a hostile work environment include:

  • People who discuss sexual activities
  • Coworkers who tell off-color jokes about racial differences, disabilities, sexual orientation or religious affiliation
  • Coworkers who unnecessarily touch you without your permission
  • People who comment on your physical body
  • People who work with you who are sexually suggestive or racially insensitive
  • People who use demeaning slang, phrases or words
  • People who use indecent gestures around you at work
  • Coworkers using crude language at work
  • Coworkers who sabotage your work
  • People who are overtly hostile and physically threatening at work

If you have been in this position at work, then you are working in a hostile work environment. You need to call our office right now, to talk to a lawyer who knows what to do in these cases. If you are working in a hostile workplace, then you are not a victim, but someone who needs help getting the people responsible for this behavior to stop it.

Your supervisor, manager or other work leader is responsible to stop people at work from making a hostile workplace. If they don’t stop the behavior and it continues to affect you, you will suffer physical and emotional harm from this type of detrimental behavior pointed at you in the workplace.

You Need a Hostile Work Environment Attorney Today!

You need to be with an attorney who knows how to get the best results in this type of case. Your hostile work environment lawsuit is able to be initiated to get you the reimbursement you need, to help you recover from your damages. You may have suffered physical and emotional damages. You need to start a lawsuit for the damages incurred from having to work in a hostile work environment. You are best served to discuss this hostile work environment case, with a lawyer with experience in hostile work environment recoveries. When you give us a call, we will be able to explain your next steps to getting you the money you need in this type of case.

Free Second Opinion

If you want to discuss your case as a second opinion, we can do that too. Remember, that you have an absolute right to seek out a second opinion in this case. Don’t you want to talk to a lawyer with a firm specialty in this type of case, when you require relief from your expenses and damages related to the loss? The answer is “Yes,” you do want an expert, and our legal team is ready to help you now.

Can I Sue for a Hostile Work Environment Case?

Yes, we can sue when you need to be reimbursed for your losses and damages with a hostile work environment case. When you give our office a call today, you will be connected with our Los Angeles case lawyers who can file a lawsuit on your behalf for a hostile work environment.

You are not a silent victim, you need to take action where there is a danger that the at-fault parties will run away without reimbursing you your due, for your emotional and physical injuries. Just know that you can call our case attorneys in Los Angeles, and we can sue your employer on your behalf.

Zero Fee Guarantee

Our law firm offers a zero-fee guarantee every day. This means that we are able to explain to you the general rules of law that apply in your hostile work environment case, without any up-front fees from you. You can trust us, when you call and talk to our lawyers who can help with understanding the proper interpretation of the law for your hostile work environment case.

You will be connected with an experienced attorney in Los Angeles, who will review your hostile work environment case. We will explain your next steps, when your right to the full reimbursement for a hostile work environment claim is obvious on the merits.

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Call our law office today to discuss your hostile work environment claim with our attorneys. Your reward is predicated on an attorney making all the right moves for you. We know what to do when there is a hostile work environment case, and we want to help you get the reimbursement recovery package you need to help you recover from your physical and emotional losses and damages. Just give us a quick call today. We are here to achieve a win in your regard on this hostile work environment case.