Average Value of a Wage and Hour Claims Against My Employer sue compensation lawsuit employer employee
Employers must pay employees a proper living wage, and cannot “stiff” the employees on the amount of money that they are being paid out in wages each week. The employer has to pay the regular and standard rate of pay, for the hours that are regular hours. If you work overtime, your employer must also pay you for the overtime rate that is required. If the employer for any reason refuses to do any of the above, you have an actionable claim against that employer for a wage and hour claim.

“Help, My Employer Cheated Me Out of My Wages, What Can I Do?”

You are able to recover the compensation for the back wages that are unpaid, any interest on the unpaid amount, and there may be a penalty that the employer will need to pay in some cases. Employers have to pay the minimum wages posted for the state, on all work that is performed by the employees. If the employer refuses to pay the minimum wage for work completed, or the contracted wages as negotiated at the employee’s initial interview for being hired for that job, then there may be a lawsuit filed against that employer. These cases are pretty straight forward: your employer owes you the money he did not pay to you that was for time you did the work at the place of employment.

Employer Obligation to Pay Back Wages for Work Completed by the Employee

An employer is obligated to pay back wages to the employee, for all work previously not paid, but completed by the employee. Employers are not able to require employees to perform specific work on the clock, and then not pay them. If it does happen that the employer refuses to pay the employee, then the employee can reasonably bring an action against the employer. If this is the case for you, and you find yourself in this situation, then you need to give our law office a call. In this situation, you need to talk to a lawyer from our law office who will work with you, and talk to you about your case. We are here to give you peace of mind, to prepare you for initiating the next steps. Just call our office today to speak with an attorney who is there to answer all of your questions about a wage and hour claims case.

The Value of a Wage and Hour Claims Lawsuit

You will want to bring an action against your employer, if you have been cheated out of your wages. The value of a wage and hour claim against your employer will depend on many factors. The amount of the claim and settlement to you will vary, but could produce a settlement package upwards of $50,000 to $150,000 or higher if it includes other issues and violations. There may even be a class action on this type of a case. You will want to talk to an attorney who knows the way around and through the most applicable laws in this area.

You don’t want to have to work with an attorney who is “cutting his teeth” on the case, because he has never tried a case like this before. Let’s just admit, that your best chance to get the full settlement package that you require is to have our law firm work with you towards a full settlement. If it is advantageous for you to join a class action suit on these damages, we will advise you to do so as well.

We are able to initiate a lawsuit on your behalf, to get back the compensation that you deserve in this wage and hour claims case. When you call our law firm, you will talk to a lawyer with experience in this type of claim for wages and hours lost or unpaid by the employer. You need an attorney with expertise in these areas of the law, and you need it fast! Don’t sit at home feeling that you are just a victim, fight back and give us a call right now.

Can I Sue for Withholding of Wages and Hourly Pay from My Employer?

Yes, we can sue, and we will do very well to manage this claim to a successful conclusion, to get you the money you deserve in a wage and hour claims case. When you give us a call, you will be connected with our Los Angeles case lawyers who can file a lawsuit for you in this situation. We are here to make the employer pay you the compensation that you would naturally expect from this type of claim, to reimburse you the wages you are due. You can call our law office, to talk to our case attorneys in Los Angeles, who can sue the employer in this type of case.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We are able to offer to you a zero-fee guarantee. If you want to not miss out, we are able to give you the right information to help you win this type of case right the first time. All it takes to start the process is to give us a call right now.

Free Second Opinion

We offer to you a free second opinion on this case. You don’t have a lot of room for error in this type of claim, and you will want to know the best legal strategy that will put you in the winner’s circle right away. Nothing happens until you give us a call though, and you can call us right now.

Employers Must Pay the Federal or the State Minimum Wage to Workers

Wage and hour claims are relatively easy to review. The employer can pay the federal minimum wage or the state minimum wage as a minimum payment, to an employee working at the employer’s place of business. There will be different circumstances that apply to each case, but you will find that we have attorneys who specialize in all levels of wage and hour claims cases and we can help you right now get your money back. You need to be on the side of a lawyer with a direct specialty in this type of case.

You can win with lawyers who can help with your claim, and go over the finer details with you clearly, to make sure you know what next steps to take to recover fully from a wage and hour claims case. For this reason, you need to be with an experienced attorney in Los Angeles, as a legal team with the actual experience you need for winning this type of case today.

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If your employer has not paid to you the proper wages and hour rate, then you will want to call us for a free consultation. Some people try to go it alone, and will suffer in silence when they are cheated out of the proper pay by their boss. You know as well as we do, that it is not the best idea in this case. We are able to talk to you no fees attached, to review your case and to go over your claim in detail. We are here to help you get the proper remedy, but that can only happen when you give us a call. Call today!