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Workplace Transgender Discrimination

People who are transgender do experience discrimination in the workplace. It is the case that many different people have the situation of discrimination at work, and transgender people are no different in this respect. It actually doesn’t matter why you are discriminated against, as in, you will never get “closure” to explain the behavior of why you have had workplace discrimination. You need to know though that you do have rights, your rights do matter, and that we are here for you to start a lawsuit on the merits of your discrimination case.

The Civil Rights Act Title VII does protect transgender individuals against the rampant employment discrimination that can be experienced in the workplace these days by an employee. If an employer has over 15 workers, then the Title VII does apply to that employer in full. The employers, bosses, managers and supervisors need to comply with Title VII to prevent any type of employment discrimination, including on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex and religion.

Average Settlement for a Trans Discrimination Lawsuit

These types of lawsuits and settlements are far from “average,” but you can expect that the Trans cases can settle for around $300,000 to over $700,000. It will be important for us to talk to you right away to discuss your Trans discrimination lawsuit. The facts of your case will be specific to you, and that is why we need to talk as soon as practicable. In order that you don’t forget the facts, as they happened, as in regard to what was said to you by all parties at the workplace.

How Much Do These Cases Settle For?

These cases can settle for around $300,000 to over $700,000, but the facts will determine the exact value of the case. Of course, depending on the facts of your case, and the extent of the discrimination that you experienced, your case settlement in recovery will be based on the facts of your case.

You need to write down all of the instances where you have been discriminated in the past, and where you understand that your rights have been violated by your employer in the past as well. We are here to talk to in order to go over your case with you, and we are solidly ready to win your case for you right now. You can get the ball rolling on this case, but you need to pick up the phone and give us a call right now before that can happen.

Usual Payout Expected Settlement Award for Trans Wrongful Termination Discrimination Cases?

The usual and expected payout in settlement award for a Trans wrongful termination discrimination case can vary from under $300,000 to $700,000. The case will settle depending on the action, facts of the case and merits of the claim. All cases in this type of claim will be unique and different, there are not going to be a plethora of “average” settlement cases, because every person’s situation is completely different. But these figures can be used as a guide in determining how much these types of Trans discrimination cases could settle for in a court of law.

Types of Discrimination Commonly Found in the Workplace

It is important to note that there are many different types of discrimination found in the workplace. Each type of discrimination is illegal, and should not be tolerated in the workplace. Some of the categories of discrimination include related to Transgender people may include:

Racial Discrimination

  • Title VII
  • Section 1961
  • Executive Order 11246

Sex Discrimination

  • Equal Pay Act (pay only)
  • Title VII
  • Pregnancy Act

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for a Trans Discrimination Case?

Right now, there are definite rules, laws and regulations in California regarding whether an employer, manager, boss or supervisor can discriminate against you as a transgender identifying person in the workplace. These employers need to follow the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Currently, there is no federal law regarding transgender individuals as a protected class under the law.

This means that you need strong legal help in pursuing an action against your employer, boss, supervisor or manager who is perpetrating discriminatory actions against you in the workplace. There is no need for you to suffer these indignities in silence. You just need to give us a call, to get with a lawyer on our legal team who is enthusiastic to work with you, and win your case for you in a court of law.

You will want to call us today, and talk confidentially to our attorneys who will work with you on every aspect of this case. When you file a lawsuit, you will be able to get back the money that you have that will be part of your settlement recovery compensation for the pain and suffering that you have experienced in this type of case.

Free Second Opinion

We are here to help you at your time of need. We can offer to you a second opinion to your claim and your case for absolutely free. We make this offer every day, and it is easy to take us up on it. Don’t talk to your friends and neighbors, you need a solid and winning legal team to help you when you have a discrimination claim and case.

Can I Sue for Trans Discrimination in the Workplace?

Yes, we can sue for Trans discrimination experienced in any workplace. We are the experts at getting to the best result in a lawsuit. We are here to help you right now. you need to talk to an experienced attorney in Los Angeles, who is ready to take on your case right now.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer a zero-fee guarantee any time that you want to work with us. That just means that there is no fee to start working with us on your lawsuit. There is no reason for you to not call us at that point, it is a winning proposition when you call us, and don’t have to pay for your working with us on your lawsuit at all. We get paid when you do, and we are sure that you will not be disappointed with your results.

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