Beverly Hilton Hotel Sexual Harassment Attorney in California

Beverly Hilton Hotel Sexual Harassment Attorney in California inappropriate incident terminated lawsuit sue

Hotels are rife with sexual harassment claims. Both guests and workers have complained about being assaulted, mistreated, discriminated against, harassed, and more. Many hotels have teams of overnight workers, for example, who are harassed due to the lack of security or less populated areas. It is common for harassment to occur when there are no guests around or in locations of the hotel where there won’t be any disturbances or witnesses. If you have been targeted, you should seek out a law firm representing victims of sexual harassment against Beverly Hilton Hotel. The California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group can provide you with a skilled Beverly Hilton Hotel workplace sexual harassment attorney to handle your claim. We will work around the clock to ensure that your Beverly Hilton Hotel sexual harassment lawsuit is properly organized and that you are accurately represented.

Sexual harassment: what is it?

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advances based on sexuality, but not necessarily on sexual desire. These advances may be made based on gender, perceived or actual sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, marriage status, childbirth, and more. It can be very difficult to work in a location that has such overt sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment can be divided into two categories. The first category concerns nearly all types of sexual harassment and its consequences; it is known as hostile workplace environment sexual harassment. If a supervisor or coworker at Beverly Hilton Hotel creates a hostile work environment, you should report it immediately. At locations like the Hilton Hotel, anyone from maintenance workers to desk workers can participate in this harassment. Further, anyone who witnesses the sexual harassment can sue. You may not be the direct victim, but if you were previously traumatized, the event could trigger a reaction. You could therefore take legal action despite not being the recipient of the harassment.

The other category of sexual harassment is quid pro quo harassment. This is Latin for “this for that;” it requires that there be an exchange happening between a supervisor and a subordinate. Don’t hesitate to go to HR or a higher-level boss if a manager or supervisor at Beverly Hilton Hotel sexually harassed you. What is important about quid pro quo harassment is the power imbalance and the chances of your job being affected. A manager or supervisor may be proposing employment or promotions in exchange for sexual favors, and if you deny him, he may try to cut your salary or hours, reduce your benefits or eliminate them, demote you, reassign you to another position, or even fire you. If someone from Beverly Hilton Hotel wrongfully and illegally fired you after you reported sexual harassment, it is important that you pursue a Beverly Hilton Hotel wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit.

Some of the ways that victims are sexually harassed include the following:

  • A coworker engaged in inappropriate touching, such as massaging your neck, patting your butt, repeatedly hugging you, and more
  • Someone at work groped you or engaged in sexual molestation (although sexual molestation is most commonly viewed as an occurrence for minors, this is not necessarily true; it is not limited to a specific age group)
  • A coworker sent you inappropriate pictures of themselves masturbating, engaged in sexual acts, making suggestive statements, pornographic images, and more
  • You were cornered at work while someone tried to have sexual relations with you, or you were repeatedly asked to engage in an affair or one night stand with a coworker
  • A coworker gave you sexually explicit objects like sex toys, requested to use them with you, or even had these sex toys present in plain view
  • You were a victim of rape or you were sexually assaulted while working, which often happens when individuals abuse the master keys or target people who are working alone in the parking garages or secluded areas of the hotel

It is important that you reach out to a workplace sexual harassment lawyer if you were sexually harassed by Beverly Hilton Hotel or someone working at Beverly Hilton Hotel. We will make sure that you are protected and compensated after an incident.

What do I do to file a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Beverly Hilton Hotel?

If you wish to sue Beverly Hilton Hotel for sexual harassment, you should secure ample evidence to back up your claim. It may be difficult to acquire some of it, especially if you were fired. However, retaliation is illegal – if a worker at Beverly Hilton Hotel harasses you and retaliates against you by terminating you, you should speak with a Beverly Hilton Hotel wrongful termination lawyer to get even more proof for your claim.

The first step you should take is to inform your boss, Human Resources representative, district manager, or other high-level supervisor about the harassment. It is important that you put this complaint in writing and that you ensure that you make copies of the emails and communication.

You can also keep a journal or record of the sexual harassment. This journal should have all of the details of the harassment inside it, including the dates of the harassment, who was involved, where it happened, what exactly occurred, and much more.

You can back this journal up with concrete proof. You should seek any security footage you can get your hands on or take videos if the harassment is habitual and ongoing. You may also take photos and record audio clips of remarks and statements made toward you.

Testimonies and statements from other coworkers or witnesses will also benefit your claim, but they may be hard to get. Many coworkers are reluctant to give you their statements if they saw harassment occur because they believe they will be targeted next and potentially tired or punished. You could ask coworkers who were fired or who quit because of the harassment to provide their experiences, though, but this will not be as powerful or effective as eyewitness statements.

If you were sexually assaulted or physically harmed, you should go to the doctor and get medical treatment. You can keep copies of any medical statements and receipts, as well. You should then report the incident to the police so that you can press charges against the perpetrator.

You should speak with a Beverly Hilton Hotel sexual harassment lawyer to move forward with your lawsuit or file your claim through either the Department of Fair Employment and Housing or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The state agency, the DFEH, has a statute of limitations of 1 year from the incident, while the Federal EEOC has a statute of limitations of 6 months. It is highly recommended that you work with a lawyer who has experience in Beverly Hilton Hotel sexual harassment cases, especially if you do not have any previous legal experience or you do not have knowledge of the law.

What is the value of a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Hilton Hotel?

Beverly Hilton Hotel sexual harassment cases can have an average value of more than $250,000 because of the lost income and other damages that can be won. Beverly Hilton Hotel sexual harassment lawsuits can be worth a lot of money if there are multiple plaintiffs and victims, as well. A class action lawsuit against Beverly Hilton Hotel for sexual harassment would have a mountain of proof, and the total compensation could be upwards of $5,000,000. However, if you join a Beverly Hilton Hotel sexual harassment class action lawsuit, you may receive less compensation overall, since the total amount must be distributed to the many plaintiffs. You will receive a portion of the whole, and not the whole like you would if you pursued a solo claim.

Our Beverly Hilton Hotel discrimination attorneys will work to win you the following expenses:

  • Lost income from the time you could not work, as well as future lost wages if you were unable to find a job
  • Reinstatement if you were wrongfully terminated
  • Reimbursement of insurance benefits, promotions, bonuses, commissions, and more
  • Pain and suffering damages for emotional anguish, mental trauma, anxiety, and more

If you do not work with a lawyer with experience in Beverly Hilton Hotel sexual harassment cases, you may not receive ample compensation. it is likely that your claim will be thrown out. Legal representation will strengthen your claim and ensure that you are accurately represented.

Los Angeles Beverly Hilton Hotel Sexual Harassment Lawyer

If you are in need of Beverly Hilton Hotel sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group is here to help. We can provide you with a highly experienced and skilled lawyer who can help sue Beverly Hilton Hotel for sexual harassment. Our team is known for being aggressive and for not ceasing to pursue the necessary compensation for your case.

For a free legal consultation with a California sexual harassment attorney for Beverly Hilton Hotel employees, call our law offices today. We will answer all your questions and help you understand the nuances of the case. We will also tell you what we think your claim is worth and what you can expect from the legal process.

We will further give you our zero fee guarantee if you work with our firm. You won’t pay us a dime of your own money, win or lose. We will get paid by the insurance company of the hotel if we win, but if we lose, we take nothing.

To speak with a Beverly Hilton Hotel sexual assault lawyer or a Beverly Hilton Hotel harassment lawyer, contact the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group today.