Did Disneyland Break the Law

Walt Disney Wrongful Termination Employment Attorney

Walt Disney Company is the second-largest cable media company in the world. It owns a plethora of businesses that focus on entertainment (from Star Wars to Marvel to Pixar) and media (like ESPN). Nearly everyone, however, associates the Walt Disney Company for its iconic cartoon characters, movies, and the theme parks which it has all over the world.

California is home to one such park: Disneyland.

Disneyland is the “Most Magical Place on Earth.” It is the destination of many children’s dreams and their movies are classics. With the exception of paying the outrageous ticket for admission, even adults love going to the world-famous Disney theme park. Unfortunately, the practices by which they treat their employees may not be as magical as their mouse.

The company as a whole has had its fair share of employment issues, like any large corporation, but the theme parks seem to violate labor laws left and right. It seems that, for its employees, Disneyland is the furthest thing from the Most Magical Place on Earth and more like Hell on Earth.

We at the California Labor Employment Attorneys Group have the resources and experience to deal with any wrongful termination case against any sized corporation. Every year, thousands of people are victim to unjust and illegal firings, and every year, companies get away with it. We find that absolutely disgusting. Companies need to be objective servants of the world – no matter how big they get, no matter how much money they make, they cannot break the law when it comes to their employment practices.

Our law firm is here to ensure that fully terminated emplozyees and the companies that violated the law get their due justice. We will fight for all employees and get the maximum compensation possible to help you recover from the damages you suffered as a result of your wrongful termination.

Can I Sue Walt Disney If I Was Fired?

Yes, if you were wrongfully fired by Walt Disney Company, you can sue for wrongful termination.

If you believe that you were illegally fired by Disneyland, you have to contact our experienced wrongful termination law firm, the California Labor Employment Attorneys Group as soon as possible. Our lawyers will be able to study the details of your case and determine if you have a viable case.

The very first thing our lawyers will have to do is determine if your termination was, indeed, against the law. When someone is fired, emotions can run very high. And since it was you that was on the wrong end of the deal, it can be very easy to see your firing as illegal. After all, you were a hard worker and there were other workers who didn’t work as hard as you. Unfortunately, many of these claims lead to a dead end with the company able to justify their firing with records and testaments from other employees.

If your wrongful termination was truly unjust, our attorneys will know after examining the details and circumstances of your case. Once determining that your case is viable, we will begin to gather all evidence necessary to prove that your firing was illegal and that Disneyland broke the law when they terminated your employment from them.

Did Disneyland Break the Law?

It depends. When it comes to the contract between employer and employee, California is an at-will state. That means that employers can fire employees without rhyme or reason. Meaning, they don’t need to have a reason for firing you.

Most employees, however, sign an employer-employee contract that lists the terms for which they can and can’t be fired. Once the employee signs the employee contract, employers are legally bound to it and cannot deviate from it. If they fire an employee in a way that violates the contract, the firing has no legal basis and is an illegal firing. Not even Disney, with all its billions, can violate the employer-employee contract.

In addition to the contract employees sign to enter an agreement with their employers, there are Civil Rights that are given to every employee. If the employer violates the Civil Rights and discriminates against the employee due to one or many laws that protect the employee, the termination was wrongful and unjust: You can file a lawsuit against Disneyland and recover compensation for the damages that were incurred as a result of your firing.

Civil Rights Act

As long as the employee can perform the required duties of the job: employers cannot fire employees for the following reasons:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Sex
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexual orientation

All of these may seem obvious to you. But let’s not forget the racist and incredibly discriminatory history of the United States, and under the Trump era, this behavior is resurfacing.

As activists and protestors changed public opinion, lawmakers were all but forced to change the laws and help minorities. Unfortunately, some employers hold antiquated views and still hate minorities. They are not allowed to discriminate against employees, and yet thousands of employees suffer discrimination and wrongful termination. It is unlawful and unjust.

In addition, employers must make the workplace safe for their employees. Employees cannot get harassed by employers or employees. Sexual harassment and sexual assault still run high in the workplace. If you were sexually assaulted or harassed and then fired for not reciprocating or for reporting it, you can file a lawsuit against Walt Disney.

Our experienced labor law attorneys are ready to help you build your case against Walt Disney.

Can You Sue Walt Disney for Unpaid Wages?

Not paying you on time is a severe violation of the law. Employers must pay their employees for their labor. And if you work overtime, your employer must pay you the minimum overtime rate for your labor.

If they don’t, you’re entitled to your lost wages, we well as any interest that may have accrued as you were awaiting to get paid.

There are labor laws in place that guarantee employees benefits and protections.

Can You Sue Walt Disney for Not Paying Overtime?

Yes, you can sue Walt Disney for not paying overtime. In California, the minimum overtime rate is time and a half. So you must get paid overtime if you go above and beyond 40 hours of work.

Can You Sue Walt Disney for Not Paying Overtime

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