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People come to the United States from other countries speaking different languages. That is what makes our country so great! People who are living here also learn various languages over their lifetime, and can speak them freely at work at times that are free to do so with coworkers and friends. If you have been fired for speaking Spanish (or any other language) at your place of employment, you need to give us a call immediately.

As ridiculous as it sounds, you are fired for uttering another language in the workplace, and it is not going to be considered wrong. But it is going to be considered an actionable case, for you to bring up against your employer. It makes no sense that you are fired for speaking Spanish on the job. You will see that this can be remedied quite easily with a lawsuit brought against your employer for damages. You can best believe that we are “on the case,” when you have been needlessly fired for speaking Spanish to other coworkers while you were on the job.

Speaking Spanish on the Job is not a “Crime”

If your boss or employer heard you speaking in Spanish in the breakroom, restroom, on work property, or at your desk, saying in Spanish:
“Espero poder salir temprano del trabajo hoy. Definitivamente tengo mucho que hacer esta noche con mi familia, amigos y otras obligaciones fuera del trabajo. Espero que a mi jefe no le cueste mucho que me tome mis días de vacaciones ganados en unas pocas semanas. No puedo esperar para salir de vacaciones, será muy agradable.”
The English translation of the above phrase is:

“I hope I can get off work early today. I definitely have a lot to do tonight with my family, friends, and other obligations outside of work. I hope it doesn’t cost my boss too much that I take my earned vacation days in a few weeks. I can’t wait to go on vacation, it will be very nice.”

This is not a problem, but it is a violation of the Civil Rights Act on your employer’s part.

Being Fired for Speaking in Spanish Is an Unfair Employer Actionable Offense!

If you are overheard talking at work and saying in Spanish:
“Me pregunto por qué mi jefe está actuando así. Mi empleador no puede despedirme por hablar español, francés o cualquier otro idioma que no sea inglés en el trabajo.”
The English translation of this phrase is:

“I wonder why my boss is acting like this? My employer cannot fire me for speaking Spanish, French or any language other than English at work.”

Why is this a problem for your supervisor, manager, boss or employer to hear? You are just having a short few second conversation in Spanish. If this has happened to you, then you need to give us a call right now. We will be able to review the next steps with you to start a lawsuit on the merits of this case.

If you are overheard at work saying in Spanish:
“Creo que me pagan menos que a mis compañeros de trabajo por realizar el mismo trabajo con las mismas calificaciones. Esto no es justo y no me gusta que esto esté sucediendo. Debería hablar con RR.HH. sobre mis sentimientos sobre esta situación.”
The English translation for this phrase is:

“I think I get paid less than my coworkers for performing the same job with the same qualifications. This is not fair, and I don’t like that this is happening. I should talk to HR about my feelings on this situation.”

If your employer hears you speaking this or a similar phrase in Spanish, how is this an actionable offence for you to be fired at your job? The short answer is: it isn’t enough of an offense for you to be fired from your job.

If your employer hears you saying in Spanish:
“Creo que mi empleador está escuchando sin razón mis conversaciones. Ya sea que diga lo que pienso en inglés o en español, mi jefe siempre está escuchando mis conversaciones. Esto no parece estar sucediendo con nadie más. Me pregunto por qué solo me hacen esto a mí. Necesito hablar con Recursos Humanos sobre esta situación.”
The English translation is:

“I think that my employer is unreasonably listening in on my conversations. Whether I speak my mind in English or Spanish, my boss is always listening in on my conversations. This does not appear to be happening with anyone else. I wonder why they are only doing this to me? I need to talk to HR about this situation.”

Types of Discrimination Commonly Found in the Workplace

There are many different types of discrimination found in the workplace. Each type of discrimination is illegal, and should not be tolerated in the workplace. The categories of discrimination include:

Racial Discrimination

  • Title VII
  • Section 1961
  • Executive Order 11246

National Origin Discrimination

  • Title VII
  • Section 1961
  • Executive Order 11246

“Help, I Spoke Spanish at Work for 5 Minutes and Got Fired!”

If you were fired from your job from speaking Spanish at work, you have been discriminated against, and need to call us now. We do understand that this can be a confusing time for you right now, and you may never get a reason for why you were let go from your job for just speaking Spanish in the workplace.

You do need to call us now to talk to a lawyer who understands what you are feeling about this case. We agree that it is an injustice, and you are angry inside too. You want to win and we are here to get that done for you, but you need to give us a call first. Then, we can discuss your case with an attorney who will give you the full attention that you deserve to win this case, and cover all the angles necessary to get you the recovery compensation you need here for this action.

Free Second Opinion

Let us assist you to get a recovery compensation package for being unjustly fired from a job, for speaking Spanish at work. We know that you need to be reimbursed for your pain and suffering in this type of case. That is why with this important decision, you need to make a point to call us now for a free second opinion in this case if you have experienced this type of situation.

Can I Sue for Being Fired After Speaking Spanish at Work?

Yes, we can sue and when your boss fires you for speaking Spanish at work. As we have said, you are expected to speak English in most situations at work. Unless you are hired specifically to speak a different language other than English, you will be expected to talk in English at your workplace. But this does not negate the fact that you are versed in another language, and are allowed to speak it out loud to other people who share this same understanding of your other language, such as Spanish – in the workplace.

When you give us a call right now, our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit to get you the money that you need for your personal injuries when a boss fires you for speaking Spanish at work. Call us now, to talk to our case attorneys in Los Angeles, who can sue to get you the recovery compensation that you deserve in this type of claim.

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