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Cyber Sexual Harassment Is Never Acceptable on the Job

If you have been working at your place of employment, and have noticed that your manager has started cyber sexually harassing you, you need to give us a call. Cyber sexual harassment is when a manager or other employee is sending you sexually based material, content, videos or other inappropriate messages to you. This is a form of sexual harassment, and is illegal in the workplace.

When a manager takes advantage of his or her position of authority to start cyber sexually harassing you, you need to act fast. You will want to talk to a lawyer in our law office, who is prepared to win right now on getting you the recovery compensation you need from this emotionally difficult situation. You may be confused right now, thinking you did something wrong to “deserve” this intolerable behavior from your manager. Understand that someone else’s bad behavior is not your responsibility! Inappropriate behavior in the workplace cannot be tolerated, and it is also against the law.

Cyber Sexual Harassment Is an Unlawful Action from a Manager to an Employee

No one goes to work or works from home for a business remotely, expecting to be cyber sexually harassed to an inch of his or her life by someone online. The cyber sexual harassment that can happen online can be from one coworker to another coworker. It may start off as one manager sending to an employee an off-color or inappropriate joke. Once this type of behavior starts it can escalate quite quickly, and turn into full blown cyber sexual harassment quite suddenly. If you have been cyber sexually harassed by a manager, you need to give us a call.

You Need an Attorney with Experience in Cyber Sexual Harassment Cases

If you have been in the position of being emotionally injured from a manager cyber sexually harassing you, you do not need to “take this” and suffer in silence. In that case, you need to consider calling us, to be able to go with an attorney who is ready to fight for you tooth and nail, to get the money in recovery compensation you deserve in this case.

When you give us a call on this type of claim, we can begin a lawsuit right away on this case. You don’t need to talk to an attorney who has never handled this type of case before. We are able to connect you with a lawyer in our law office, with experience in what to do right to get you the money that you deserve today.

Sexual Harassment and Employment Discrimination Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

In some cases, sexual harassment over the Internet may be a part of an employment discrimination violation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Cyber Sexual Harassment Is Upsetting to the Person Being Harassed in an Online Remote Worker Venue Environment

When a person experiences the situation or incident of cyber sexual harassment over the Internet in a work environment, that individual is going to be upset by the cyber sexual harassment. A person who has to be the target of sexual harassment over the Internet in the workplace while working remotely, will feel violated, and feel that this action by a supervisor, coworker, vendor or other person associated with the workplace is sabotaging the person’s work and engaging in a hostile workplace environment.

The incidence of cyber sexual harassment over the Internet can include a variety of different actions, of the person doing the sexual harassment to the person being sexually harassed. These incidents can include:

  • Using ridicule or mockery to the victim in a sexually suggestive way
  • Using indecent gestures
  • Name calling the victim with sexually explicit names
  • Using crude or crass language with sexual terms around the victim working remotely
  • Someone commenting on the victim’s physical attributes
  • Displaying or sending by email different pictures of a suggestive nature
  • Sending emails or texts with inappropriate terms or epithets

If you have been the victim of cyber sexual harassment over the Internet at your remote work environment, you need to give us a call today. We are able to talk to you about your cyber sexual harassment claim, and advise you as to the next steps for a lawsuit.

Free Second Opinion

We are able to offer to you a free second opinion on your case. Remember that we are always here for you to officially represent you when you have a case and claim for cyber sexual harassment from your manager at your place of employment. We want you to be reimbursed for the full settlement package for recovery compensation, to get you the money that you need to recover from your emotional injuries after experiencing this type of cyber sexual harassment.

Who Is Responsible for Ensuring Your Manager Does Not Cyber Sexually Harass You?

If an employer hires employees, they are working for the employer. The employer is then responsible for the actions of the employees. That is why the employer is responsible for the actions and sexual harassment over the Internet in a work environment of the other employees at the company, business or organization. An employer is not able to hire people willy nilly, never care about the character of the people hired, and just allow the employees to act any way that they want to in regard to the fellow employees. It is an absurd thought that employers have no responsibility for the employees.

Can I Sue for a Case of Cyber Sexual Harassment from My Manager?

Yes, we can sue. There is no reason for you to suffer in silence and take on this very difficult situation alone, from a manager cyber sexually harassing you. You can get the help you need right now, when you pick up your smartphone and call our Los Angeles case lawyers.

We are able to explain the next steps to you. That means, we can file a lawsuit for you, and we are determined to get you the recovery compensation money that you need, to recover fully in this case. This can be a confusing time for you, you must not think that you have to “let this go,” or “take it” as part of your contract for employment. This behavior is egregious, and it is never part of being employed at a company.

We are here to remind you, that you do not need to experience or suffer through hard times, and being sexually harassed by your manager, just for working and trying to do your job at your place of employment. It is easy to get the ball rolling on this case. Just call our case attorneys in Los Angeles, and we can sue to get you the money you require to be fully compensated in this case.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer to you a zero-fee guarantee every day. You don’t have to pay us for us to start working on resolving your claim for cyber sexual harassment from your manager. Just call us for the next steps on what to do to initiate a lawsuit on this type of claim.

Call for a Free Consultation

Our lines are open now for you to call us for a free consultation. We can help you to get the recovery compensation that you deserve, when your boss, supervisor or manager is cyber sexually harassing you while you are in or outside of your workplace environment. We are ready to work for you, to help you strengthen your mental health, and recover from your personal experience of a manager taking advantage of his or her position of power to cyber sexually harass you in or outside of the workplace environment.