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A wrongful termination can cause you trouble in many areas, from your professional endeavors to your personal life. It may be difficult to bounce back from such an incident. In some cases, you may not even know that your termination was unlawful – employers will often do all they can to make an illegal firing seem as though they were within their rights to let you go. It is important that you analyze the event and see if there are any hints that you were a victim instead of simply an employee who was fired. If the termination were blatantly illegal, though, you should collect as much evidence as possible to file a claim. Once you’ve decided to move forward, you can contact our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group, for more assistance. We will gladly file your claim for you and will handle your case from start to finish. Our goal is to ensure that you are protected and treated fairly by your employer.

What Is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination is the act of the illegal firing of an employee. In California, at-will employment means that employees can be terminated at any time, for any reason, provided the reason is not unlawful. By the same token, employees can leave their positions at any time. A contract or implied promise, though, can change the employment status.

Various laws protect you in case of wrongful termination. For example, the Civil Rights Act prevents you from being fired due to your race, ethnicity, color, sex, religion, and more. The Age Discrimination Acts protects individuals over the age of 40 from being terminated for not being young, and the Americans with Disabilities Act protects those who are disabled from being terminated because of their handicaps or because they need reasonable accommodations to work.

Wrongful termination can result from these acts of discrimination, or it can occur for other reasons. It can be in response to whistle blowing, which is when a worker alerts authorities or media outlets to certain practices of the company. It may be in retaliation for filing a complaint or for acting out in a certain way. You may also be terminated because you asked for a raise or promotion, or because you took the time to complete a civic duty of voting or going to jury duty.

The type of wrongful termination you suffer can influence the worth of your case. One of our expert wrongful termination attorneys at the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group can sufficiently handle your lawsuit for you and ensure that you are paid what you need.

What Kind Of Compensation Can I Get In A Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?

As a victim of wrongful termination, you can receive numerous kinds of restitution for your damages. We make sure to fight around the clock to secure you every penny you deserve. It is our goal to bring you the maximum compensation available under the law. You may receive the following:

  • Reimbursement of lost wages, which can be calculated from the past and during the time you were laid off
  • Reinstatement into your old position if you so choose to take it up (although many opt not to because the conditions may change or worsen after a lawsuit)
  • Emotional distress resulting from the ordeal, such as anxiety, fear, PTSD, and more
  • Punitive damages, which are given out in times of gross negligence or when an employer acts in a particularly destructive or offensive manner; they are difficult to win, though, and only a qualified lawyer will be able to secure them for you

If you are unsure of how to proceed with your case, contact our law firm today. We can provide you with an expert wrongful termination lawyer who will gladly handle your claim for you.

Why Should I Get An Attorney For My Wrongful Termination Claim?

It is generally advised to hire an attorney for your wrongful termination claim due to the level of experience and knowledge he will have. You may not have ever filed a claim in your life, and you might not be able to proceed anywhere if you try to handle it yourself. An attorney can take care of your claim throughout the day while you focus on other areas of life.

Further, if you do take issue with your employer and file a lawsuit, you might not know how much to sue for. You could be given a very meager offer and be told that’s all that your case is worth. We have seen individuals file claims by themselves only to walk away with less than $3,000 for their troubles.

Our lawyers will make sure that you are fairly compensated if you were illegally fired.

How Much Is My Wrongful Termination Case Worth?

Your wrongful termination case may be worth a fair amount of money, but every case is different. For example, if you were terminated from a position and you received a salary of $150,000, you would likely be compensated for a higher amount of lost wages than if you were employed for $40,000. Further, if there were other wrongs included in the lawsuit, such as additional bouts of discrimination, withheld commissions or bonuses, and prevention of getting another job.

In general, many cases are settled for around $40,000, as per various statistics. If you want to have a better chance at a higher settlement, you will need a few key things. For one, your evidence will need to be apparent and directly point to wrongful termination. If you have ample testimonies or a “smoking gun,” there is a more likely chance that you will receive a higher sum. Further, if you have a skilled lawyer on your side, he can negotiate and argue for many types of compensation.

In some lawsuits that paired wrongful termination with racial or sex discrimination, the victims walked away with over $250,000 in damages. There is no guaranteed amount of money that you can receive, but an experienced attorney will be able to give you an estimate as to the value of your case. The actual worth won’t be established until the insurance agent considers your claim and makes an offer, at which point the negotiations can begin.

Free Second Opinion

If you are already receiving assistance from a firm but you are unsure if your current lawyer is doing a good enough job of handling your case, you are more than encouraged to call us for a free second opinion. We will tell you if we feel your attorney is missing key points or if he is simply not acting in your best interests. Unfortunately, many attorneys simply take on as many cases as they can and work to quickly net low settlements so they can get paid and move on to the next claim. This is not in any client’s interest, and it only benefits the discriminatory employers and the law firms.

We believe that all clients should be fairly treated, both by their employers and by their legal representatives. If you feel your attorney isn’t giving his best effort, talk with us. We’ll tell you our professional opinion on your current case and if your claim is worth more than what is being offered. If you feel the need to switch law firms, you are more than welcome to do so.

Your Best Option for Legal Help

The California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group is one of the most highly rated law firms in the city. Our Los Angeles lawyers are highly skilled and have been practicing law for decades. We know the best methods to winning cases and we are no stranger to wrongful termination lawsuits. Our team will aggressively pursue what you deserve, and we will negotiate the fairest deal from your employer and the insurance agency. We do not stop fighting for your rights until we are satisfied with the result. If that means taking your case to court to prove you were wrongfully terminated in front of a judge and jury, we are willing to do so.

Call our law offices today if you want to set up a free legal consultation. You are invited to ask us whatever you like about the legal process, the laws surrounding wrongful termination, and what your case may be worth. We will give you all the answers and make sure you are adequately informed. Moreover, you can rest assured that your personal information and private case details will not be shared with anyone – they are completely confidential. We are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if you need to contact us at any point, you are encouraged to do so.

If you choose us to represent you, we’ll give you our zero fee guarantee. This is a promise that you won’t touch your own personal savings to pay for any legal expenses from the start of the case through its finish. We will cover the legal costs, and if we win, our fees will come out of the settlement we win for you. If we lose, we get paid nothing at all.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group if you wish to file a wrongful termination lawsuit and want to know how much it’s worth.