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People who work at a Motel 6 have had complaints of being wrongfully terminated. If this has happened to you, you need to call our law office right away. Wrongful termination is a term that will apply to being terminated, fired or sacked from your job, but not for a “good” reason.

Before an employer terminates someone from a job, there usually needs to be a reason or “cause” for the termination of firing of that employee. The supervisor, manager or boss must ask, was the person:

  • Insubordinate
  • Takes time off work without calling out
  • Taking too much time off
  • Taking time off for a pregnancy
  • Taking time off for military service
  • Stealing from the employer
  • Not performing the job in a timely manner

If you have been terminated from a Motel 6 job by your employer, there will be many questions that need to be answered regarding your work-related performance at the job. If you feel that you are wrongly terminated from your job at a Motel 6, then you need to give our law office a call today. You can call now to talk to a lawyer who can put together a winning case, to help you get back your lost wages regarding your wrongful termination from a Motel 6.

Medical Leave to Take Care of a Sick Family Member

If you took off time on your medical leave from the Motel 6 to take care of your sick family member, you need to give our law office a call. You may have a case because of your legitimate reason to be away from the job, and we can review your claim to find out the specifics and rules of law that apply to you in this situation. If you want to give us a call today, you will talk to an attorney who understands the next steps, to initiating a lawsuit for you now.

Every Case for Wrongful Termination Needs to Be Investigated

Any time that there is a case of wrongful termination, there needs to be an investigation as to the facts of the wrongful termination. There are two sides to the issue, what the employer believes and what the employee actually has done. We will discuss your case with you to determine what happened, what should have happened, and how to proceed going forward to initiate a lawsuit in your behalf to manage your case to a successful conclusion.

Free Second Opinion

We are here to give you a free second opinion, and everyone is eligible for that. You need to be connected with a lawyer with experience in this type of claim, to help you get the money you deserve in this case. even if you have started out talking to someone else about your case, you can give us a call to discuss the handling of the case, and if you are satisfied with it or not. you have the right to work with whomever you choose, as it is your case and your case alone. We are here for you to help you develop your case, and we will give you a free second opinion to boot.

Staff Handbook Rules Regarding Taking Time Off Work

If you work at the Motel 6 and were wrongfully terminated, you will want to review your staff handbook to know if you did not follow a certain rule of the company or not. Whether there is a staff handbook or not, you will want to give us a call, to help you determine the nature of the termination and whether it was justified based on the stated rules. Your employer terminating your employment may have come as a shock to you. Just call our office now to discuss your claim today.

We have an attorney in our law office, with expertise in this type of wrongful termination case. We will know what to do next, to initiate a lawsuit on the merits of your case. Our law firm has lawyers who can help with the process of winning this case, to get you the back pay that you need in this type of situation. Just call the experienced attorneys in Los Angeles who will balance all theories in wrongful termination strategies, to get you the right result for a winning case.

Can I Sue for Wrongful Termination If I Work at a Motel 6?

Yes, we can sue, just give us a call to start the process to get you the recovery compensation that you need to cover your lost wages in this type of case. There are many reasons why a person is wrongfully terminated at a Motel 6. We cannot list them all, that is why we need to talk to you about them when you give us a call today.

When you give our Los Angeles case lawyers a call, we can file a lawsuit and review the case with you carefully to determine the winning result to get you the money you need. Just contact our case attorneys in Los Angeles, who can sue and allocate the best resources to win the case for you regarding your wrongful termination at a Motel 6.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer a zero-fee guarantee to allow you to work with our attorneys who specialize in this type of case. Your call to us today will allow you to go over your claim with an attorney, who will understand the most important factors of the claim, and know how to proceed to your lawsuit. You need to talk to a lawyer with a specialty in this type of issue.

Call for a Free Consultation

Call today for a free consultation. We will help you determine if the termination was correct or poorly executed to equal a wrongful termination. An employer is not permitted to terminate the employee for no reason, and just that idea is going to not fly in most industries. We are confident that we can help you, and we are ready to give you peace of mind right now on the case of being wrongfully terminated from a Motel 6. But the process can only happen if you pick up your mobile phone and give us a call today.