AT&T Inc. is a communications company that provides services for home phones, mobile phones, internet, and more. The company has numerous locations, offices, and stores across the country. Despite its popularity and widespread usage, though, the company has been sued for sexual harassment by various former employees. The workers there have complained about the actions of other individuals for some time, and many forms of restitution have been paid out. You may have been similarly victimized. If so, a California sexual harassment attorney for AT&T Inc. employees can help you with legal action. The California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group is a law firm representing victims of sexual harassment against AT&T Inc. We will ensure that your AT&T Inc. sexual harassment lawsuit is handled smoothly and efficiently, and that you get every penny you deserve in the claim.

What laws prevent sexual harassment at work?

Los Angeles AT&T Inc. Sexual Harassment LawyerSexual harassment and similar actions have been outlawed on both Federal and State levels. The laws are meant to be inclusive and include all individuals, whether they are men, women, transgender, and more. One such law is the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prevents wrongful termination and harassment or discrimination based on sex. California further expands on these kinds of laws with the Fair Employment and Housing Act, which provides more protected classes. Therefore, you can be protected on the grounds of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marriage, and much more.

What are types of sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment can take on many forms. If you are wondering what could constitute it, you can speak with a workplace sexual harassment lawyer. In California, there are types of sexual harassment. These types are as follows:

Quid Pro Quo harassment, which translates to “this for that” or “something for something.” It means there is an exchange occurring between two parties. Quid pro quo sexual harassment can only happen between an employee and some other individual at the company who holds a higher position of authority of the worker or who can change his or her responsibilities or work status. Therefore, managers, supervisors, shift managers, and similar workers can participate in quid pro quo harassment.

The manager will request that the worker participate in some kind of sexual act in order to get something beneficial for themselves, such as a promotion or a raise. There are many tales of high-ranking CEOs proposing employment or promotions in exchange for sexual favors, for instance. Inversely, the manager will threaten the worker with negative action if he or she refuses to comply, such as with termination, revocation of benefits, poor performance reviews, demotion, docked wages, reassignment, blacklisting, cut hours, and more. If a manager or supervisor at AT&T Inc. sexually harassed you, you should sue AT&T Inc. for sexual harassment.

The second type of workplace sexual harassment occurs in a hostile work environment. It can be initiated by any worker and is not limited to the quid pro quo requirements; that is, there is no need for adverse actions or specific requests. The harasser will engage in unwelcome conduct that is based on sex or sexuality, and the workplace will become intimidating, offensive, or hostile.

What is notable is that you do not need to be the target to file a hostile work environment claim. You may be an observer of the actions who becomes very uncomfortable, or you may fear that you are the next target. If the harassment is severe and pervasive, it will be investigated. If a supervisor or coworker at AT&T Inc. creates a hostile work environment, contact an AT&T Inc. workplace sexual harassment attorney for more assistance.

To determine the exact kind of harassment, reach out to an AT&T Inc. sexual assault lawyer or a lawyer with experience in AT&T Inc. sexual harassment cases.

What are examples of sexual harassment in the workplace?

There are many ways that you could be subjected to sexual harassment. For example, sexual assault is a more severe form of sexual harassment, often involving physical contact or force. We have included some examples below for you to consider. If you were sexually harassed by AT&T Inc. or someone working at AT&T Inc. in any of these ways, reach out to an AT&T Inc. sexual harassment lawyer at once.

  • A coworker participated in inappropriate touching, such as excessive hugs, rubbing your neck, patting your butt, and more
  • A worker displayed sexually explicit objects in his cubicle or office, or he showed you such objects without any prompts
  • You were the victim of sexual molestation, which may be repeated touching, kissing, groping, and other acts over a single instance or a period of time; it is most often used in cases where minors are involved
  • A fellow worker groped you during contact, while in the bathroom, or in the parking lot so that he could plead plausible deniability
  • Someone at AT&T Inc. sent you inappropriate pictures of his or her genitals, while engaged in sexually suggestive poses, while having sexual intercourse, and more
  • An AT&T Inc. worker tried to have sexual relations with you, asked you to come over to their home for sex, recommended that you go find a hotel room, and more
  • Management at AT&T Inc. actively participated in retaliation against you, which happens when you bring up a sexual harassment case but you are instead the one being punished or targeted; it is often done to ensure that the claim does not go public or to discredit you
  • A coworker raped you at an event, after hours, or while on a business trip; rape is an extremely serious offense and traumatic event, and it is imperative that you take necessary legal action against the perpetrator in addition to a claim against AT&T Inc.

If AT&T Inc. wrongfully and illegally fired you after you reported sexual harassment, speak with our AT&T Inc. discrimination attorneys today. We can provide you with the legal help you need and recommend numerous trauma centers, therapy centers, and more so that you can deal with the aftermath of the assault or harassment. We will also ensure that your AT&T Inc. wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit will be a success.

How To File a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against AT&T Inc.

In order to sue AT&T Inc. for sexual harassment, you will need ample evidence of the transgressions. This evidence should be gathered immediately, especially if you notice a pattern of behavior starting to unfold. If you were wrongfully terminated from your job due to the harassment it can be harder to acquire it, which is why we recommend starting as soon as the assault or harassment occurs. The steps you should take include the following:

  • Put in the time to familiarize yourself with the AT&T’s sexual harassment policy
  • Put all complaints in writing and make copies of them
  • Keep meticulous records of each incident with dates, time frames, people involved, and more
  • Inform your boss and HR representative of the harassment or assault
  • File a complaint with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing or the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Report any instance of sexual assault to the police
  • Pursue medical attention to care for any physical trauma that occurred during the assault
  • Acquire written testimonies and statements from witnesses, coworkers, and more
  • Preserve any photos of the occurrences, videos, security footage, audio recordings, emails, offensive objects or memos, and more

Your last step should be to reach out to a lawyer who has experience in AT&T Inc. sexual harassment cases. You may even be able to join an AT&T Inc. sexual harassment class action lawsuit. A class action lawsuit against AT&T Inc. for sexual harassment can be filed if numerous individuals were harassed or assaulted by someone or multiple workers at the company. Class action claims benefit from having more evidence to draw from, but the compensation is more spread out, resulting in less overall restitution per party.

Either way, it is important that you speak with a lawyer who can help sue AT&T Inc. for sexual harassment. We will gladly file your claim for you and ensure that you get the proper representation you need.

What is the value of a sexual harassment lawsuit against AT&T Inc.?

AT&T Inc. sexual harassment cases can have an average value of more than $100,000 depending on the circumstances of incident. Some AT&T Inc. sexual harassment lawsuits can be worth well over $1,000,000, especially in class action claims. The severity of the harassment or assault will greatly dictate the value of the claim. We will strive to win you the following damages:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages from the past and future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

If a worker at AT&T Inc. harasses you and retaliates against you, do not hesitate to fight back and get what you deserve. Let an AT&T Inc. wrongful termination lawyer assist you.

AT&T Inc. Sexual Harassment Attorney in California

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