Nordstrom Rack is a popular retail store at which many people work. Given how large the employee base is, it is no surprise that the head offices cannot fully control how the workers behave. Some employees are guilty of sexual harassment towards others, and some managers are as well. If you were sexually harassed or sexually assaulted at your job, you can sue Nordstrom Rack for sexual harassment. You may not know how to find a Nordstrom Rack workplace sexual harassment attorney, though, and you may feel as though your situation cannot be resolved. Fortunately, our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group, has years of experience handling such claims and we know the best methods for success. You should not proceed with your claim until you are represented by an expert lawyer who has experience in Nordstrom Rack sexual harassment cases.

What is sexual harassment?

Los Angeles Nordstrom Rack Sexual Harassment LawyerSexual harassment is the act of abusing or making someone uncomfortable when there are sexual overtones present. The harassment can be very subtle or very overt. It has been outlawed thanks to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prevents discrimination in the workplace on sex, amongst other traits, as well as the Fair Employment and Housing Act in California, which prevents discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender expression and identity, marriage status, and more.

Sexual harassment takes on two forms. The first form is quid pro quo harassment, which translates to something for something. This means that there is an exchange happening. It can only occur between someone in a position of power and someone who can be affected by negative consequences. If a manager or supervisor at Nordstrom Rack sexually harassed you, you could file a quid pro quo harassment claim. This is especially true if you were threatened with the following:

  • Demotion
  • Illegal termination
  • Docked pay
  • Refusal of vacation time and sick time
  • Denial of benefits
  • Altered salary
  • Poor performance reviews
  • Blacklisting

If someone at your job was proposing employment or promotions in exchange for sexual favors, you should take legal action. It can be hard, though, because of the threats. If that individual from Nordstrom Rack wrongfully and illegally fired you after you reported sexual harassment, you were a victim of retaliation. You shouldn’t stand by as a supervisor at Nordstrom Rack harasses you and retaliates against you – a Nordstrom Rack wrongful termination lawyer can help.

The other form of sexual harassment involves coworkers who are not in positions of power. This is the more common form because there are fewer people overall who have authority positions. This is called hostile workplace environment sexual harassment. If a supervisor or coworker at Nordstrom Rack creates a hostile work environment, you should fight back.

Sexual harassment can consist of the following:

  • A coworker sent you inappropriate pictures of himself or of others, whether in little to no clothing, while performing sexual acts, making suggestive poses, and more
  • Someone tried to have sexual relations with you by soliciting dates, one night stands, affairs, and more
  • Sexually explicit objects were on display in the coworker’s cubicle or he gave you these objects as a way to entice you into acting
  • A coworker engaged in inappropriate touching, such as placing hands on your thighs or rubbing your neck when he passed by your desk
  • A worker engaged in sexual molestation, which can be fondling or a similar act, but it usually concerns minors (although it can happen to anyone)
  • Most commonly, a coworker groped you, held your arm and touched you in private areas, massaged your butt, rubbed against you, and more

In the worst cases, a coworker can engage in rape or may have sexually assaulted you. It is common for rapists to lay in wait until the victim is alone, walking to her car, or does not suspect anything is wrong. It is crucial that you hire a Nordstrom Rack sexual assault lawyer to handle your case and that you bring up additional criminal filings.

A lawyer with experience in Nordstrom Rack sexual harassment cases will be able to walk you through the legal process and ensure that you are given the proper treatment. We believe that everyone should be treated equally and fairly in the workplace, and sexual harassment should be swiftly tackled and dealt with. Call our Nordstrom Rack discrimination attorneys for assistance.

How do I file a Nordstrom Rack wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit?

To sue Nordstrom Rack for sexual harassment, you will need ample evidence. We recommend following these guidelines:

  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with the company’s sexual harassment policy, such as who received training and what kind of punishment can be doled out
  • Take photos, record conversations, acquire security footage, and do everything you can to have evidence f the harassment happening in the flow of it instead of afterward
  • File a complaint with your boss and with HR, and be sure to put these complaints in writing so you have copies
  • Ensure that the journal you keep of the incident has necessary details like the time, date, and names of those involved
  • Write down testimonies and statements from coworkers who witnessed the harassment or who were also harassed so that you have more than just your own perspective on the incident
  • File a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing or with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Do not hesitate to report any sexual assault or rape to the police
  • Pursue medical treatment for any injuries
  • Contact a California sexual harassment attorney for Nordstrom Rack employees who can help you organize your evidence, acquire expert witnesses, and help you win your lawsuit

What is the value of a Nordstrom Rack sexual harassment lawsuit?

Nordstrom Rack sexual harassment cases can have an average value of hundreds of thousands of dollars in some instances. For example, Nordstrom Rack sexual harassment lawsuits can be worth more than $250,000 if you were continually and repeatedly assaulted, or if one specific instance resulted in physical harm. The value of your case will be determined by the insurance agent handling it; if he deems your losses and injuries adequate, he will grant you full compensation. However, this is seldom the case, and a workplace sexual harassment lawyer will often have to negotiate a fair deal for you. We will work to bring you:

  • Any potential medical bills and fees
  • Reimbursement for lost wages and income
  • Payment for pain and suffering damages
  • Reinstatement into your previous job position if you were wrongfully fired
  • Punitive damages if you were specifically injured or if your company behaved with gross negligence, but these damages are difficult to win and can generally only be secured by a talented Nordstrom Rack sexual harassment lawyer

You should not let Nordstrom Rack get away with mistreating you. Contact a lawyer who can help sue Nordstrom Rack for sexual harassment today and you will be on your way to receiving fair compensation for your losses, and we will work to ensure that there are policy changes in the workplace as well.

Additionally, you should be aware that a singular lawsuit is not the only option. You may be able to join or start a Nordstrom Rack sexual harassment class action lawsuit, which would involve numerous plaintiffs who were similarly affected. A class action lawsuit against Nordstrom Rack for sexual harassment can result in a very large payout from the company, but the total compensation will be distributed evenly among the plaintiffs. This may result in less restitution overall per person.

If you were sexually harassed by Nordstrom Rack or someone working at Nordstrom Rack, don’t hesitate to file a claim seeking reparations.

What is the statute of limitations for a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Nordstrom Rack?

The statute of limitations is the time in which you can file a claim for compensation after being wronged or suffering injuries. California’s statute of limitations for sexual harassment claims is 1 year from the date of the occurrence. Failure to sue within this time frame means that you won’t be able to collect any future compensation and you will have your claim thrown out.

The statute of limitations exists so that both parties can gather evidence; neither will have a distinct advantage. If you don’t sue in time, you will be prevented from collecting compensation in the future.

Too often, victims of sexual harassment do not know that they have to file a claim within a certain deadline. They think they have an unlimited amount of time, but they realize too late that they do not. You should speak with a Nordstrom Rack harassment lawyer to ensure that you won’t be at risk of missing an important deadline.

Nordstrom Rack Sexual Harassment Attorney in California

If you are searching for Nordstrom Rack sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles, look no further than the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group. Our team is highly experienced in the field of sexual harassment law, and we will stop at nothing to win you the damages you deserve. Our aggressive lawyers can negotiate a fair settlement and won’t stop until we are satisfied with the result.

Get in touch with our offices today to schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your claim and learn more about our zero fee guarantee. You won’t have to pay us a dime of your own money when you work with us.

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