Netflix Sexual Harassment Attorney in California Netflix and chill- maybe appropriate in some places, not so much in the workplace. Sexual harassment- never appropriate anywhere, especially the workplace.

Let’s set the record straight. Never has it been acceptable to sexually harass someone. Never has it been okay to make someone feel uncomfortable or hostile at work. California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group believes the best way to combat this inappropriate and illegal behavior is through a class action lawsuit against Netflix for sexual harassment. By successfully charging those who have committed sexual harassment, we are making the statement that sexual harassment should not be tolerated and that it should never happen again. Do you want to be part of this pledge? Do you want to become part of something that is bigger than yourself? Now is your chance. Take something so wrong that has happened to you and turn it into a movement. Turn it into progress. Take that pain and sufferings and turn it into a voice for not only yourself but for all the past survivors of workplace sexual harassment. Show your harassers you are strong and you deserve to be heard.

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Netflix

Netflix is the world’s seventh-largest internet company based on revenue. Meaning, they have money and lots of it. There are 148 million users worldwide. But who works behind the scenes to make sure these users get what they want from Netflix? The workers of Netflix. There are 5,500 Netflix employees who are the hidden superheroes of our modern-day addiction to television and media streaming. They are also human beings, employees, mother, fathers, daughters, sons, sister, and brothers that have legal rights at their job.

Netflix sexual harassment cases can have an average value of tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes even dipping into the millions. Our Netflix sexual harassment lawyers want to represent you in your Netflix sexual harassment lawsuit because we believe Netflix employees deserve the best representation there is to offer so that you can receive maximum benefits.

What is Workplace Sexual Harassment?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits job discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. Title VII applies to all companies that employ 15 or more workers. Netflix employees’ rights are protected under this law. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a government entity that enforces Federal law, including Title VII. The EEOC outlines sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination that is declared illegal in Title VII. Sexual Harassment as defined by the EEOC is any unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical sexual conduct that explicitly or implicitly affects a person’s job, their ability to do their job, or creates a hostile work environment. Sexual harassment is not limited by gender or employee rank. You have just as much a valid case if a coworker or non-employee sexually harassed you as if a manager or supervisor at Netflix sexually harassed you. Sexual harassment may also not be as outwardly explicit as what we commonly perceive it to be.

Use of sexually explicit objects and other non verbal or physical actions considered sexual harassment just as much as rape, inappropriate touching and sexual molestation. It should also be noted that the victim of sexual harassment does not always have to be the one who the sexual conduct is directed at. If an employee is negatively affected by the actions, then they too can be a victim of sexual harassment.

The law provides a basic criterion for sexual harassment if you are unsure about a certain action. The conduct must be unwelcomed and either severe or pervasive. It an action is severe enough, it does not have to be pervasive in because its seriousness warrants sexual harassment. For smaller events, it must be pervasive by continuing to happen over time for it to count as sexual harassment. There are also two types of sexual harassment that are recognized by the law. The first is quid pro quo, which means the acceptance or submission of a sexual harassment determines an aspect of an employee’s job. The second is a hostile environment, which is created when someone’s sexual conduct causes the work environment for an employee to be threatening, abusive, or offensive.

Los Angeles Netflix Sexual Harassment Lawyer

The statute of limitations to file a Netflix sexual harassment class action lawsuit is one year. So if a supervisor or coworker at Netflix creates a hostile work environment for you, someone at work has groped you, sent you inappropriate pictures, tried to have sexual relations with you, is proposing employment or promotions in exchange for sexual favors, or you’re experiencing any other sexual misconducts that are negatively impacting your work, then you should not wait to sue Netflix for sexual harassment. California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group has Netflix sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles that are ready to take on your case.

Although it is illegal to retaliate, some people may be afraid to seek out a workplace sexual harassment lawyer in fear of losing their job. Our Netflix wrongful termination lawyers want to assure that retaliation is prohibited under the Title VII. If the unfortunate scenario were to happen, where Netflix harasses you and retaliates against you, our Netflix workplace sexual harassment attorneys want you to feel protected and know that we can follow through with a Netflix wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit. Or, if it has already happened and Netflix wrongfully and illegally fired you after you reported sexual harassment, our Netflix discrimination attorneys will guide you through the next steps to take to address the company’s retaliation.

Free Consultation and Zero-Fee Guarantee

If you’re looking for a high quality lawyer with experience in Netflix sexual harassment cases then come in for a free consultation today. California sexual harassment attorneys for Netflix employees from our firm will gladly listen to your case free of charge. If you’re already working with a law firm representing victims of sexual harassment against Netflix, and have a current Netflix harassment lawyer, then we can also offer a complimentary second-opinion so that you are able to make an informed decision on how you want to proceed with your case. You are worthy of the best lawyer who can help sue Netflix for sexual harassment.

Netflix sexual harassment lawsuits can be worth plenty of monetary value as well as emotional value. You should not let the fact that you were sexually harassed by Netflix or someone working at Netflix hold you down or define you. Instead reclaim your identity by becoming a fighter and survivor by connecting with a California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group lawyer who has experience in Netflix sexual harassment cases today.