Attorney to Sue Employer for Hostile Work EnvironmentEvery employee is entitled to a safe and accepting workplace. There have been many laws implemented to make sure that peace is kept at job environments, both internally and externally. There have also been laws passed that prevent discrimination from taking place at a job – this means that, as a prospective employee, you cannot be discriminated against during the hiring process, and upon receiving the job, you cannot be discriminated against while working. Workplace harassment is punishable by law, and you can earn a sizeable settlement if your case is properly handled by the right attorney. Our Law firm in Bakersfield has a team of expert lawyers that can help you win your hostile workplace environment lawsuit. Our clients call us with questions about these types of lawsuits and what steps they can take, as well as if they can file a lawsuit against the company (the answer to which is yes, you can sue your employer). Examples of these questions include:

  • Where can I find a hostile workplace environment attorney in Bakersfield?
  • Who are the best Bakersfield hostile workplace lawyers?
  • Can I sue my employer for creating a hostile work environment?
  • How can I file a workplace bullying lawsuit?

What is Workplace Harassment?

Workplace harassment has been defined as a violation of a person by attacking his or her character, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, disability, genes, and more. It is important to note that harassment is unwelcome conduct; banter between friends may not qualify as workplace harassment, although another coworker may be offended (and thus able to file a hostile job environment lawsuit, despite not being the target of the harassment). The result is a workplace environment that a reasonable worker would find intimidating, hostile, or offensive. Some common examples of workplace harassment include:

  • Ridicule
  • Insults
  • Offensive pictures, photos, paintings, drawings, or objects
  • Name-calling
  • Physical assaults or threats
  • Intimidation or frightening
  • Offensive jokes or remarks
  • Derogatory terms or slurs
  • Intentional interference with work performance

There are degrees to these levels of harassment, however. Petty acts and isolated incidents would not be enough to be constituted workplace harassment, and minor annoyances and disturbances would not be treated that severely. A Bakersfield lawyer can give you more information on differentiating between the two.

Commonly, our law firm sees instances of an abusive work environment or an intimidating work environment (and intimidation in this sense is done on purpose, not arising from a worker’s fear or inexperience). Do not hesitate to consult with an attorney in Bakersfield if you feel you are a victim of harassment at the workplace.

Legal Information

Many acts of hostility at work violate some act or another. California law regarding hostile workplace environments is mostly in according with federal discrimination prevention acts passed in the past. These acts include Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination against employees on the basis of their sex, color, race, religion, and national origin; the Age Discrimination Act of 1967, which protects applicants and employees from discrimination if they are over 40 years old; and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which disallows discrimination against those who have special needs or physical disabilities.

Violation of these acts can result in dire consequences for the involved parties. Not only can the perpetrators be severely punished, but the business can as well if they were aware of the hostility at work and did nothing to stop it.

Steps to Take to File a Lawsuit

At any onset of workplace harassment, you should make sure to document it as best you can. You may be able to take videos of the harassment as it occurs or record the remarks and statements. You should ask other coworkers for their testimonies, whether verbal or written, to back up your statements. It can be very difficult to acquire allies in these situations as many people will be fearful for their own job securities; still, you must do everything you can to gather ample evidence, or the case will simply be a matter of one person’s word against another’s, and there is no way to prove either side right or wrong.

After having adequate evidence of the hostility, you should reach out to your boss or manager for assistance. Ideally, your boss will deal with the situation or pass it on to the company’s Human Resources department; however, there are many times when no action takes place, and the harassment goes on unchecked. It is best to leave a paper trail in the form of text messages and emails to prove that you tried to ask for help and that help was either ignored or denied.

If all else fails, contact a Bakersfield attorney with experience in hostile work environment cases. You should not be forced to face the troubles alone and on your own, and an expert lawyer can give you the assistance you need to sue your boss.

Clients often ask us if suing the employer is an option. The short answer is yes, we can sue your employer. Our attorneys will help you gather all of your evidence present the case to the necessary parties; if all else fails, we are willing to go to court to bring you a settlement.

Compensation for a Hostile Workplace Environment Lawsuit in California

Our law firm is primarily concerned with the rights of employees in Bakersfield and throughout California. We strive to bring you the fairest settlement possible in the event of a lawsuit. A workplace harassment lawsuit can net you various types of compensation, including:

  • Lost wages, which can be earned from both the past and the future. You may be able to earn pay due to severance, redundancy, and more.
  • Legal fees, or fees that law firms charge for representation.
  • Pain and suffering, or noneconomic damages resulting from the stress of the discrimination or harassment. These damages can include psychological pain, mental scarring, emotional trauma, PTSD, fear, anxiety, depression, and more.
  • Punitive damages, which are unique in workplace hostility lawsuits. If there is a violation regarding racial or disabled tenets, you may be able to earn punitive damages, but not if there is discrimination based on age. An attorney with expertise in workplace hostile work environment cases can help you learn what cases are eligible for punitive damages. Punitive damages themselves are merely additional monetary payments that are meant to punish the offender and dissuade him from committing the act again. Courts are often reluctant to award them, as they may see them as excessive, and only an expert lawyer will be able to win them for your case.

For more information on what you can earn, contact a workplace bullying attorney in Bakersfield.

California Employment Attorneys Group: Here to Protect You

Our law firm in Bakersfield is here to protect the rights of workers in Bakersfield and across the state of California. We do not believe that any individual should be the victim of workplace harassment or be forced to work in an atmosphere that is hostile or unwelcome. Many individuals may not even feel as though they are contributing to a negative workplace, and some employers feel the same way. Our primary goal is to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for being subjected to a hostile workplace, but we also strive to change the dynamic and will work to help your job change for the better. Our attorneys are aggressive and will tirelessly endeavor to bring you a settlement from your company’s insurance agency. You deserve the fairest compensation under the law.

Call us today to schedule a free legal consultation with an expert attorney. You are encouraged to ask any questions you want about your case, and we will be happy to answer them. We will give you necessary information about the type of lawsuit that will be filed and will let you know how the legal process plays out. We will also tell you how strong we think your case is; other law firms and attorneys may lie to you about the value of your case in an attempt to sign you on to earn as much money as they can for themselves. Our lawyers are empathetic and truthful, and if your case requires more evidence or cannot be won, we will tell you.

Additionally, you are offered a zero fee guarantee when you take us on for our legal services. This means that you pay no out of pocket expenses throughout the entire litigation process. Our law firm covers all costs of the case for you, and we are paid only if we win your case – and the money comes from the settlement we earn for you. This is done to make sure that your savings are never touched. We believe that anyone who requests legal assistance should receive it, regardless of economic ability. If we lose your case, you owe us nothing at all, and we eat all the costs.

Reach out to the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group to speak with an experienced attorney to sue your employer for a hostile work environment.

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