The California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group can help you win your lawsuit against Activision if you were wrongfully terminated. The various laws that are in effect will ensure that you are protected. These laws include the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the California Family Rights Act, and more. Protected classes include race, color, ethnicity, age, nation of origin, sex, religion, disability, gender, pregnancy, and much more.

What are forms of wrongful termination?

Activision Wrongful Termination Attorney in California

Wrongful termination can take on many forms, but discrimination is often the most common. Bosses on power trips may also engage in wrongful termination from time to time. Some of the reasons for wrongful termination include:

  • Age discrimination, which occurs when the company believes you cannot complete duties because you are over the age of 40 years old. An Activision age discrimination lawyer will be able to assist you with a claim.

  • Racial discrimination, which happens when you are targeted for your race, ethnicity, color, or other appearance-based or genetic-based reason. Bigotry and prejudice is not uncommon in the workplace, and Activision has fired people in the past for racially charged reasons. Our Activision racial discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles will be able to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against Activision for you.

  • Disability discrimination, which can occur if you are fired for being physically or mentally disabled and not being given reasonable accommodations. Activision may make up rules to justify the discrimination, but you can sue Activision for disability discrimination with the help of an attorney.

  • Pregnancy discrimination, which often is the result of maternity leave. The company may ask you to resign or may replace you when you go on leave. They may even go so far as to fire you if you cannot complete work duties, considering that pregnancy is a disability under the law. If Activision asked you to quit because you were pregnant, you could sue Activision for pregnancy discrimination and illegal termination.

  • Sexual harassment and retaliation, which often go hand in hand. An Activision sexual harassment lawyer or Activision sexual assault lawyer can handle part of your case for you. If you go to the authorities or to someone higher up in the company to file a complaint about being sexually assaulted, you may face retaliation as well. This may involve simple discrimination, cut hours, and reduced pay, but it can culminate in being fired. If someone from Activision harasses you and retaliates against you, contact an Activision harassment lawyer to get started on a claim.

Our Activision discrimination attorneys will be able to help you no matter what the case. Contact us if you were wrongfully terminated by Activision.

What steps should I take to file an Activision wrongful termination lawsuit?

If you wish to file a lawsuit because Activision wrongfully and illegally fired you, you will need to gather your evidence appropriately and sufficiently. It is important that you follow these steps to have the best chance of success.

First, you should write down the discrimination and describe it in detail. You may not remember every single occurrence, so it is recommended that you keep a log or journal.

You should also try to resolve the issue internally with your boss, and if that does not work, you should go to your HR department to try and come up with a solution. HR is there to protect the company, though, and may simply tell you that they will look into it and take no action. They may even fire you so nothing can be done about the discrimination.

You should try to acquire videos or surveillance footage if the discrimination happened in a place with security cameras. You can also get audio recordings of the harassment, if any occurred. It is much harder to get this evidence, though, as most wrongful terminations occur under guises of other reasons.

It will greatly benefit your case if you have testimonies and statements from coworkers and ex-coworkers. Other people may have experienced the discrimination and been fired for it, or they may have witnessed it unfold. You must be careful when asking coworkers for their statements, though, as many will be reluctant to provide their sides of the story. Their actions may be seen as betrayal by Activision, and they may face termination themselves.

It is also recommended that you get evidence specific to your termination if you were not outright discriminated against. For instance, if you went on medical leave, you should have doctor’s notes and a diagnosis outlining the issue and recommended time off. If you do not have this additional proof, your case may simply be rejected.

Once you have gathered all your proof, you should contact one of our Activision wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles. We will organize it and submit it to the proper agency. Too often, people will try to handle these claims without legal representation, and they will not be successful. Your best chance of success can be found with a lawyer who has experience in Activision wrongful termination cases.

What can I win from suing Activision for wrongful termination?

Individuals who have been targeted by their employers at Activision, discriminated against, and fired should pursue ample compensation for their losses and mistreatment. We will see to it that you are fully compensated for your damages. You could win numerous types of restitution, including the following:

  • Lost income from the past and future for time you spent away from work, unemployed, or without the ability to start a new career because of contractual issues

  • Additional bonuses, benefits, promotion pay, vacation and sick time that was accrued but never paid off, and more

  • Pain and suffering damages to cover the emotional anguish, anxiety, fear, and more stemming from the termination

  • Job reinstatement, but many people opt to not take their old jobs back because the individuals responsible for the discrimination likely still work there, and the doors would just open further for additional mistreatment and illegal activity

  • Punitive damages to punish the employer if he were grossly negligent or intentionally prejudiced in his actions, but these damages are often difficult to win because they are viewed as harsh or severe

Activision wrongful termination cases can have an average value of over $250,000 depending on the situation. If you were fired and denied living wages, or if you were consistently discriminated, you could earn a fair amount. Activision wrongful termination lawsuits can be worth a lot of money if you were hurt as well or if the discrimination overstepped other boundaries. You can earn the maximum settlement available with the help of a California wrongful termination attorney for Activision employees.

What is the statute of limitations to sue Activision for wrongful termination?

In California, the statute of limitations to sue Activision for wrongful termination is not very long. If you wish to file a claim through the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), you have 180 days to submit your proof for an investigation. This statute is in effect unless there is a state agency that can handle the case and you submit to them instead, which is the Department of Fair Employment and Housing in California (DFEH). Claims must be submitted to the DFEH within 300 days of the incident.

Once the claim has been submitted, an investigation will take place. If you receive a right to sue letter, you must take action within 1 year of the date of the letter.

However, some individuals aim to file lawsuits against government entities. In doing so, their statutes of limitations will be only 45 days from the date of the occurrence. This is an extremely short period of time; if you do not file a claim within the time period, you will be unable to collect any restitution.

It is very important that you understand how much time you have left on your case and whether or not you are eligible for any exceptions or extensions to the statute. For example, if the defendant left the state when you intend to sue, the statute would be suspended until he returns. Do not run the risk of missing out because you are unaware of the statute of limitations. Call a lawyer with experience in Activision wrongful termination cases to verify the deadline and file your claim quickly.

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