Wrongful termination can happen for numerous reasons, but all of them are considered illegal and wrong. It is against the law for employers to fire their workers if the reasons are due to discrimination and unfair treatment. In California, employment is at-will, meaning employers can fire their workers at any time for any reason, and workers can similarly leave employment whenever they wish. Some companies may still choose to discriminate and fire people based on various protected classes or in retaliation for their actions. Large companies have the issue of having many small offices and branches, and it becomes extremely difficult if not outright impossible for all of the superiors to be managed. Many are left alone to their own devices, and some are more discriminatory than others. One such company is AT&T Inc. Our AT&T Inc. wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles can help you with a lawsuit if you were illegally fired. Contact the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group today for more assistance.

Laws Preventing Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

AT&T wrongful termination lawyerOn both Federal and State levels, there are laws that prevent discrimination and outline classes that are protected. It is illegal to terminate individuals based on certain qualities. The laws are as follows:

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964: This states that employers may not discriminate against anyone on the basis of his race, color, ethnicity, or nation of origin.
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967: Workers over the age of 40 are protected from discrimination, such as being fired for not being young enough to work in sales or for not having the image of youth for the company.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990: Those who have some kind of physical or mental disability cannot be outright fired for the traits. They must be given reasonable accommodations at work if requested, provided the accommodations are not a large financial burden on the company and do not impact workflow and coworkers’ abilities to work.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act: This amendment protects women who are nursing and pregnant. Often, employers will fire women if they are recently married, newly pregnant, or intend to go on maternity leave. The businesses simply do not want to take the risk of having no employee for that length of time.
  • California Family Rights Act: This further outlines maternity leave and medical leave, as well as caretaking of sick individuals. It also classifies pregnancy as a disability.

These laws can be pointed to if you feel that your employer is attempting to fire you for a nonspecific reason despite you having good performance reviews and being a satisfactory worker. If you have butted heads with him before and you noticed that there was some underlying prejudice, you should take note of it. You can contact a California wrongful termination attorney for AT&T Inc. employees if you face the prospect of getting fired illegally.

Causes for Wrongful Termination

At a business like AT&T Inc., discrimination can occur in many forms. You may be denied shifts, relocated to different offices, only sent on unfair job assignments, and much more. In the worst case, you can be fired and left with no insurance or benefits, and have no way to pay your monthly bills or afford other necessities.

If AT&T Inc. wrongfully and illegally fired you, you should identify the reason as best you can. Here are some of the most common causes of wrongful termination:

  • Racial discrimination: Some employers may be racially prejudiced and have an adversity for those who are a different color or from another area. Our AT&T Inc. racial discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles can ensure that you are fairly paid if your boss decided to fire you because of your race.
  • Disability discrimination: If you are disabled and can complete your job duties, you have the right to the job. However, some employers may see you as a liability or may feel that you bring down morale. They may even feel that you are a bad image for the company. You can sue AT&T Inc. for disability discrimination in these instances.
  • Pregnancy discrimination: Because pregnancy is listed as a disability, you can sue AT&T Inc. for pregnancy discrimination and illegal termination if you are fired. Some companies may request that you resign so they do not have to take other actions, which is equally as wrong. If AT&T Inc. asked you to quit because you were pregnant, our AT&T Inc. discrimination attorneys will be sure to win your claim.
  • Age discrimination: You may very likely be able to do your job equally as well as those who are half your age, but employers sometimes prefer to employ those who will eventually leave before they start asking for raises and more benefits. Older workers have a tendency to seek longer opportunities that can cost a company more. An AT&T Inc. age discrimination lawyer is the best choice for you if you wish to sue the company for firing you for being over the age of 40.
  • Sexual harassment: Unfortunately, sexual harassment is not a rare occurrence in the workplace. Many times, people will complain to HR about it, but will not receive any assurances and no actions will be taken. You can hire an AT&T Inc. sexual harassment lawyer for your case, but you should be aware that the company will likely try to retaliate against you. If a worker at AT&T Inc. harasses you and retaliates against you, you can sue. You should not stand for being sexually assaulted, and an AT&T Inc. harassment lawyer or AT&T Inc. sexual assault lawyer will prove that you were wrongfully targeted and let go.

In addition, you can be wrongfully fired for voting, taking medical leave, taking time off to serve on jury duty, and even in breach of a contract. If these occurrences happen, be sure to keep all over your evidence so you can take appropriate legal action. Your goal should be to sue AT&T Inc. for wrongful termination and receive ample compensation.

Submitting Evidence to a Los Angeles AT&T Inc. Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Your AT&T Inc. wrongful termination lawsuit evidence should consist of as much proof of possible of the termination and discrimination. This may include:

  • A journal or list consisting of the discrimination, the dates it happened, how it occurred, who was present, and more
  • Clock in and out times to show that you were at work
  • Statements from coworkers
  • Statements from those who were also wrongfully fired, if available
  • Videos of the discrimination or harassment
  • Recordings of conversations to show the level of discrimination or plans to illegally fire you
  • Copy of the contract that was broken
  • Messages exchanged between you and HR, your boss, or other superiors
  • Proof of jury duty, bereavement, medical treatment, and more

You should essentially gather evidence only after trying to clear up the issue with your boss or with Human Resources. It is wise to contact a lawyer with experience in AT&T Inc. wrongful termination cases who can organize all of your evidence and write an appropriate letter to the necessary branch.

Bear in mind that you should acquire this evidence and speak with a lawyer who has experience in AT&T Inc. wrongful termination cases as fast as possible. He will submit the evidence to either the EEOC or the DFEH, but there is a statute of limitations that you must adhere to. If you miss this deadline, you won’t be able to sue. For EEOC claims, the deadline is 180 days; for DFEH claims, the deadline is 300 days. Claims filed against government entities must be submitted within 45 days.

These dates may be confusing and problematic. Do not run the risk of missing the deadline for your lawsuit – call a lawyer who can help sue AT&T Inc. for wrongful termination today.

What an AT&T Inc. Wrongful Termination Attorney in California Can Bring You

The potential compensation for your case can be enough to cover various damages. You should not be satisfied with a small number or settlement. An AT&T Inc. wrongful termination cases can have an average value of over $100,000 depending on the circumstances. In instances of sexual assault and no actions from the company, for example, AT&T Inc. wrongful termination lawsuits can be worth over $1,000,000, especially if they are class action claims.

You may be able to win the following:

  • Lost income from the past and future, such as benefits and wages
  • Pain and suffering due to stressful discrimination and mistreatment
  • Reinstatement into your old job position if you should choose to have it
  • Punitive Damages, which are handed out in instances where your coworker or employer intentionally acted with the intent to harm you in some way; these damages are purely financial and are meant to punish the individual and dissuade him from committing the actions again in the future, but many courts view these damages as excessive, and only an accomplished lawyer will be able to win them for you.

Talk with one of our skilled attorneys if you were wrongfully terminated by AT&T Inc.

Our Firm’s Promise

The California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group promises to work around the clock to bring you the compensation you deserve if you were mistreated and wrongfully terminated at work. You should not be expected to walk away with no earnings, and we will do all we can to win you the maximum damages available. We will go to court if necessary and our aggressive lawyers will defend your rights.

For a free legal consultation, call our law offices today. We will walk you through the legal process and tell you how much we feel your case is worth. If you want to hire us, we will give you our zero fee guarantee to ensure that you pay no fees from start to finish – we will get paid if we win, and if we lose, we take nothing at all. Your finances won’t be altered throughout the claim.

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