Businesses are held to certain standards when it comes to their employees. They cannot underpay their workers or discriminate against them. However, just because there are laws outlawing these actions does not mean they still do not happen, and at an alarming rate. You may face various kinds of mistreatment and discrimination at your job, and if you are fired because of it, you can take appropriate legal action. Costco is one such company that may practice discrimination behind closed doors when customers are not present. With the help of our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group, you can file a wrongful termination lawsuit against Costco and seek out the compensation you deserve.

What is wrongful termination from an employer?

Costco Wrongful Termination Attorney in California
Wrongful termination is the act of illegally firing you from your position. In California, employment is at-will. This means that your employer can choose to fire you whenever he wishes for any reason whatsoever, even if the has no reason in particular. The stipulation is that the reason must not be illegal or be due to a protected class or quality. Workers can also leave their employers at any point if they so choose.

At a location like Costco, wrongful termination would simply involve you getting fired from your position and having your benefits and such taken away. It is important t note that, most o the time, the wrongful termination does not come out of nowhere. It is often the result of weeks or months of mistreatment and unfairness, even discrimination.

A lawyer with experience in Costco wrongful termination cases can walk you through what constitutes illegal actions.

Am I protected from wrongful termination under the law?

Yes, you are protected from wrongful termination under the law. Federally, there are a number of laws that are meant to protect you from discrimination. These Acts include the following:

  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects workers from being discriminated against or fired based on their race, religion, sex, and more. It is the most often-cited law in discrimination cases.
  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 prevents individuals over the age of 40 years old from being mistreated, systematically and unfairly weeded out, or outright terminated for their age. If you cannot complete certain duties as the workplace upgrades, it is fair to relocate or reassign you, but you may not be fired.
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 protects those who have mental disabilities as well as physical disabilities. The type of disability plays a role in your job. For instance, if you have an artificial leg and it hurts to stand all day, you may be able to request a stool for your cash register. You should always seek out appropriate reasonable accommodations.

California has specific laws as well that supersede Federal laws. The most prominent is the Fair Employment and Housing Act run by the DFEH, followed by the California Family Rights Act. The CFRA details regulations and rights for medical leave, caretaking, pregnancy and maternity leave, and more. If your employer acts in opposition to these laws, he can be fined, and if you were wrongfully terminated by Costco, you can file a Costco wrongful termination lawsuit.

How can I be wrongfully terminated?

You may be wrongfully terminated in a number of ways. It is possible that you were flat out discriminated against or that your boss acted out against you after you took leave that you were rightfully owed. Here are some ways that you can be wrongfully terminated at Costco:

  • Disability: You could be fired for being disabled and requesting accommodations. Your boss may not want to spend the money on the reasonable accommodation or he may not find it beneficial to keep you around if you were left handicapped. If you are fired, you can sue Costco for disability discrimination.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy is considered a disability under the law because you cannot complete your job duties in exactly the same manner and you have an altered state of physicality. You will likely need many reasonable accommodations and will opt to take leave for recovery and to spend time with your child. Costco may try to deny you leave, force you to complete certain duties, or outright terminate you if you opt to take numerous weeks of maternity leave. If Costco asked you to quit because you were pregnant, or if you were fired, you can sue Costco for pregnancy discrimination and illegal termination.
  • Age: Costco may discriminate against older workers who are aware of what they are entitled to. It is not uncommon for companies to take action against older employees who do not simply relent in some areas. If you need a Costco age discrimination lawyer, call us for more help.
  • Race: Racial discrimination can take the form of being denied working hours, being given menial tasks, being short-changed, and more. You may simply get outright fired for being another ethnicity. Our Costco racial discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles can ensure that you are treated fairly and that the injustice does not go without repercussions.
  • Retaliation: Costco can retaliate against you for nearly any actions you take. It is most common if you were sexually assaulted or harassed and you tried to fight back against the company. If someone at Costco harasses you and retaliates against you, you should speak with a Costco sexual assault lawyer. A Costco sexual harassment lawyer can assist you with the claim against the perpetrator and against your company.

Your employer may also fire you if you took time off work to fulfill civic duties like voting or serving on a jury. He can further choose to fire you despite having a contract. Each of these scenarios can cause you to sue Costco for wrongful termination. You should not be expected to do nothing if Costco wrongfully and illegally fired you. We will help you with your claim.

What steps should I take to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against Costco?

If you were involved in a situation where your boss illegally terminated you, it is up to you to take the first steps in legal action. You may have been aware of the discrimination ahead of time; if so, you should have already gathered enough evidence t show how your boss was being discriminatory or was treating you unfairly.
How can I be wrongfully terminated? - Am I protected from wrongful termination under the law?

You can present this information HR or anther superior, but unfortunately, it is rare that these kinds of claims will be seriously addressed at first. In fact, HR may simply try to sweep the entire situation under the rug, and your boss may fire you out of retaliation.

Pieces of evidence that can be included to prove that you were wrongfully terminated include:

  • Journal with details about discrimination and occurrences of mistreatment
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Recordings
  • Coworker statements
  • Testimonies from coworkers who were fired for discriminatory reasons or who were also mistreated
  • Copy of a contract that was broken
  • Employee handbook copy
  • Proof that you needed medical leave
  • Proof of disabilities
  • Messages from your boss or HR concerning the treatment or termination

Once you have all of this, you can submit it to a California wrongful termination attorney for Costco employees. We will organize your proof and submit it to the proper agency. Federal claims will go through the EEOC, while State claims will go through the DFEH. Federal claims must be filed within 180 days of the termination, while state claims can be filed up to 300 days after. All government claims must be filed within 45 days of the treatment.

Once the claim has been submitted to the proper agency, we will await the right to sue letter. Once it is received, or in lieu of it, our Costco wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles will move forward with the case.

How much is your Costco wrongful termination lawsuit worth?

Costco wrongful termination cases can have an average value of hundreds of thousands of dollars if the circumstances are favorable. Some Costco wrongful termination lawsuits can be worth over $1,000,000, but these are usually due to bouts of heavy discrimination, outlandish lost income, and more. We will strive to recover the following for you:

  • Missed income from the past and future
  • Reinstatement into your previous job position if you choose to accept it
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Bonuses, benefits, tips, and other lost additional wages
  • Punitive damages

Don’t hesitate to let a lawyer who can help sue Costco for wrongful termination pursue the maximum settlement for your case.

Los Angeles Costco Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group can provide you with Costco discrimination attorneys who have years of experience handling such cases and winning them. We believe that all businesses should be held accountable for their actions, and we will aggressively pursue the rightful compensation for your case.

Call us today to set up a free legal consultation with a lawyer who has experience in Costco wrongful termination cases. You can ask us whatever you wish and we will tell you how much we feel your case is worth. We’ll also tell you how we plan to proceed. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask us.

We know that finances may be a concern, especially after a wrongful termination. This is part of the reason we offer all clients our zero fee guarantee. This says that we won’t take any money upfront, and we will only get paid if we win your claim. The money will come from the settlement or verdict we bring you from Costco. If we lose we don’t charge you a dime.

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