You may have faced some form of discrimination while working at the Huntley Hotel. This is not uncommon – many hotel chains and businesses are prejudiced in some way and do not act in the interests of their workers. They often target people and cause them to lose their jobs over illogical reasons. Wrongful termination is one of the most prevalent consequences of discrimination in the workplace. If The Huntley Hotel wrongfully and illegally fired you, you can contact our The Huntley Hotel discrimination attorneys to help you take legal action. The California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group will sue The Huntley Hotel for wrongful termination. Don’t hesitate to speak with a lawyer who can help sue The Huntley Hotel for wrongful termination.

What kind of discrimination can I experience at the Huntley Hotel?

Los Angeles The Huntley Hotel Wrongful Termination Lawyer
You could be faced with many forms of discrimination at the Huntley Hotel. Workers could be deliberately targeted and forced to work overtime without pay, get docked hours, be cut loose early, come in when they took leave, and be denied promotions. These forms of mistreatment are all illegal in their own right, but when they are motivated by discrimination, they become an even bigger issue. They can eventually culminate in a wrongful termination. You should file a The Huntley Hotel wrongful termination lawsuit if you were discriminated against in any of the following ways:

  • Racial discrimination: Some employers will not like that you are a different race or ethnicity. They may only try to employ certain races at the hotel, and a different individual could threaten the status quo for them. Our The Huntley Hotel racial discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles will be able to handle your claim and ensure that you are fairly compensated for the mistreatment.
  • Religious discrimination: Some bosses may require that you do not take any time to pray o that you do not wear religious garments. These reasonable accommodations could get denied and if you try to appeal, you could be wrongfully terminated. You could file a wrongful termination lawsuit against The Huntley Hotel if you were discriminated against based on your religion.
  • Disability discrimination: Those who are differently abled, handicapped, or otherwise mentally or physically disabled should not be terminated without any attempts to work with reasonable accommodations. You could easily be denied such things like seats or time off, and the hotel could elect to simply fire you instead of going through the process of accommodating you. An attorney can help you sue The Huntley Hotel for disability discrimination.
  • Age discrimination: A hotel may want certain individuals in specific positions, such as young people working the customer service desk, in order to keep up appearances. You may also be in positions that require ample technical knowledge, and your boss may feel that you are not skilled enough. A The Huntley Hotel age discrimination lawyer could work with you to win your claim.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination: You could face discrimination simply for being pregnant or for taking maternity leave. Your boss may not want to keep you on the team if you take your rightful three months of leave, but he may also ask you to resign instead. You could sue The Huntley Hotel for pregnancy discrimination and illegal termination if The Huntley Hotel asked you to quit because you were pregnant, or if you were simply let go.
  • Sexual harassment and retaliation: It is common for the upper echelon of your department to reject your claims and not give you any resolutions if you were sexually assaulted at work. They do not want negative press and they feel that terminating you is the best way to stop the problem from spreading. A The Huntley Hotel sexual harassment lawyer, The Huntley Hotel sexual assault lawyer, or The Huntley Hotel harassment lawyer can help you if The Huntley Hotel harasses you and retaliates against you.

In addition to discrimination, you could be illegally fired in other ways. You may be fired for taking your rightful medical leave, time off to vote in an election, or time off to serve on jury duty. If you do take these civil duties, your job cannot terminate you. You also cannot be terminated if the Huntley Hotel breaches a contract.

If you are unsure if you were wrongfully terminated by The Huntley Hotel, speak with a lawyer who has experience in The Huntley Hotel wrongful termination cases. We will help you determine if your termination was legal or not. If it were against the law, we will work to win your claim for you.

What laws prevent wrongful termination?

There are a number of laws that prevent discrimination, wrongful termination, and mistreatment in the workplace. These laws include the following:

In California, there is also the California Family Rights Act, which outlines regulations concerning maternity leave, medical leave, caretaking leave, and more. California in particular has many more protected classes of individuals and causes that you cannot fire someone for. It is an at-will employment state, which means workers can be fired at any point for any reason, but only if the reason is not illegal. If you are fired for any of the following reasons, you could likely sue:

  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Mental disability
  • Physical disability
  • Race
  • Color
  • Age (40 years old and older)
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Gender identity
  • Medical condition
  • Political affiliations beliefs, and activities
  • Veteran status
  • Victims of domestic violence, stalking, or assault
  • Gender expression
  • Genetic information
  • Marital status
  • Sexual orientation
  • Ancestry

You should not hesitate to seek out a lawyer with experience in The Huntley Hotel wrongful termination cases if you were fired from your job for an illegal reason.

How can I sue the Huntley Hotel for wrongful termination?

If you were illegally fired from the Huntley Hotel, you should take appropriate legal action and sue the company. You will need evidence to sue, though, some of which you may find difficult to acquire. For example, testimonies from your coworkers can be hard to get because your coworkers may fear for their own positions if they help you. They may be targeted by the company if they provide you with any statements. You should practice confidentiality when acquiring this evidence so that your company will not be able to suppress it or prevent it from getting out. It can include:

  • A journal of details describing the discrimination
  • Testimonies from coworkers
  • Statements from ex-workers who were also wrongfully fired
  • Recordings, audio files, and videos of the discrimination
  • A copy of the contract you signed at the start of your employment
  • Proof of jury duty, medical leave, or voting
  • A copy of the handbook
  • Messages, emails, texts, and more to your boss or to HR about the discrimination or any potential solutions to the issue

This evidence should be sent to a California wrongful termination attorney for The Huntley Hotel employees. We will be able to organize it and submit it to the proper entity. If you are filing a Federal claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), you will have to submit the lawsuit within 180 days; if you are filing a State claim with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), you will have 300 days to submit the lawsuit.

However, regardless of the intended agency, if you are filing a claim against a government entity, you will only have 45 days to sue.

It is extremely important that you work with one of our The Huntley Hotel wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles. We will be able to get your claim to the right agency on time, and we will negotiate a fair deal and fight for your rights as an employee.

How much can I win from suing the Huntley Hotel for wrongful termination?

The Huntley Hotel wrongful termination lawsuits can be worth a lot of money if you have a skilled lawyer on your side who can negotiate a good deal. The Huntley Hotel wrongful termination cases can have an average value of $1,000,000 or more in some scenarios. If you were purposely mistreated or if you were made to lose out on lots of potential wages, your claim could result in a large sum. We will help you win the following types of restitution:

  • Lost income from the past and future if you could not find additional work
  • Lost benefits, commissions, promotions, bonuses, and more
  • Pain and suffering damages for psychological trauma and emotional distress
  • Reinstatement into your previous job position or career
  • Punitive damages to punish those who were deliberately discriminatory, but these damages are very hard to win and are often viewed as severe or excessive

If you are uncertain about the worth of your case, do not hesitate to contact our firm.

The Huntley Hotel Wrongful Termination Attorney in California

Our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group, can provide you with a skilled and experienced attorney to help you with your wrongful termination claim against the Huntley Hotel. We know the best strategies for success and we will not stop pursuing your rightful damages until we are satisfied with the result. We are able to go to court and our aggressive lawyers will fight for your rights in front of a jury and judge if necessary.

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