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The Marriott Hotel has numerous locations across the country, but it has a history of wrongfully terminating its employees based on certain reasons that are illegal and discriminatory. You could be fired from the hotel after a series of unfair situations and bouts of mistreatment. If you were targeted while working at a Marriott Hotel, you should seek out the assistance of a lawyer with experience in Marriott Hotel wrongful termination cases. Our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group, can ensure that you are accurately represented and that your case is successful.

What are laws against discrimination?

There are a fair amount of laws that aim to prevent discrimination. Unfortunately, many employers simply ignore these laws and still discriminate against their workers and wrongfully terminate them. They are not that worried about any consequences, most often because they know they are likely to get away with their actions. If you notice any of the following laws or regulations being broken, you could sue Marriott Hotel for wrongful termination.

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prevents discrimination and termination based on race, sex, color, nation of origin, religion, and more
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, which protects older individuals who are 40 years old or older
  • Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which helps those who have mental or physical disabilities from being mistreated, denied accommodations, or fired
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which is an addendum and outlines wrongful treatment of those who are pregnant, nursing, or going on maternity leave
  • The California Family Rights Act, which provides regulations for anyone going on maternity leave, taking leave for medical conditions or caretaking, and more

These protections are available at a Federal level, but some states have different amounts of protected classes. California is one of the states with the most protections, so you can pursue legal action if you are wrongfully fired for any of the following reasons:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Age (40 years old and older)
  • Genetic information
  • Marital status
  • Sexual orientation
  • Ancestry
  • Medical condition
  • Political affiliations beliefs, and activities
  • Veteran status
  • Victims of domestic violence, stalking, or assault
  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Mental disability
  • Physical disability
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Gender identity
  • Gender expression

If you were targeted in such a way and you wish to file a Marriott Hotel wrongful termination lawsuitcontact our firm today. A Marriott Hotel harassment lawyer or California wrongful termination attorney for Marriott Hotel employees will be able to handle your claim.

How can I be discriminated against at work?

Employees may be discriminated at work in a number of ways. You could be targeted, mistreated, harassed, denied leave, given unfavorable hours or responsibilities, and more. In the worst cases, you could be fired for exhibiting a different quality. Fortunately, there are options available to victims of such treatment. If Marriott Hotel wrongfully and illegally fired you, our Marriott Hotel discrimination attorneys will be able to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against Marriott Hotel.

  • Age discrimination, which can occur at a hotel simply by being denied work because of your age or being told that you are too old for the job. A Marriott Hotel age discrimination lawyer can help you take legal action against the company.
  • Religious discrimination, or being targeted for the religion you follow,. This can include being fired for taking prayer time or wearing garments that are not a part of the dress code. You can be given reasonable accommodations, but many employers will just fire you instead to make it simpler.
  • Disability discrimination, or being fired because you have a physical or mental disability and cannot work without reasonable accommodations. These accommodations must be given to you unless they are a large financial burden on the company or prevent other workers from completing their duties. The hotel may not want to give you a seat or have you do other duties, and would opt instead to merely fire you. You should contact an attorney to sue Marriott Hotel for disability discrimination.
  • Pregnancy discrimination, which is also partially disability discrimination. You need reasonable accommodations while carrying a child as well, and if you are fired instead of given them, you could sue Marriott Hotel for pregnancy discrimination and illegal termination. Further, if Marriott Hotel asked you to quit because you were pregnant, you could also take legal action. The hotel may not want pregnant individuals working there because of a purported image problem, but this is highly discriminatory and biased.
  • Racial discrimination, which is extremely common. The hotel may not want to employ individuals who are minorities or share different races and ethnicities. The manager can fire you because of your race, but he may never come out and say it, and you will have to rely on acquiring ample evidence to prove his intentions. Our Marriott Hotel racial discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles can ensure that your claim is successful.
  • Sexual harassment: You could have been sexually assaulted at work and tried to issue a complaint to HR. If that did not work, you may have gone higher to another corporate entity, to the police, or to the newspapers. When these types of events happen, the hotel may practice retaliation and try to fire you for what you did. If someone from Marriott Hotel harasses you and retaliates against you, you should contact a lawyer who has experience in Marriott Hotel wrongful termination cases.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our firm to speak with a Marriott Hotel sexual assault lawyer or Marriott Hotel sexual harassment lawyer today. We have various Marriott Hotel wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles who can assist you with your claim.

What should I do if I were wrongfully terminated from a Marriott Hotel?

Many victims of discrimination do not take the necessary actions they must while they are still at the company. If you are at a Marriott Hotel and your coworkers and boss are discriminating against you, you should try to resolve the issue there by going to HR to file a complaint. You should also make sure that you keep all evidence of the discrimination. You can write down each event in a journal or notebook and you can make copies of messages and correspondence with HR and your boss.
If you were wrongfully terminated by Marriott Hotel, your evidence can consist of the following:

  • Emails from parties
  • Statements from coworkers who saw the termination or who were aware that the company was acting illegally
  • Testimonies from previously fired coworkers who were also discriminated against
  • Videos of the discrimination, harassment, or termination
  • Recordings of your boss claiming that you were going to be fired for certain reasons
  • Performance reviews
  • Proof of medical conditions, trips to the courthouse for jury duty, election slips, contracts, time sheets, and more

You should gather this evidence and find a lawyer who can help sue Marriott Hotel for wrongful termination. We will submit your claim to the proper organization, whether the EEOC or DFEH, and investigate further. The organization will then issue a right-to-sue letter, and we can move forward.

The statute of limitations should be a priority in these cases. You only have 300 days to sue if you are going through the DFEH, California’s governing body (180 days if EEOC, and 45 days if a government entity) is your target. If you do not file your claim within the appropriate amount of time, you will not be able to receive any compensation and your lawsuit will be considered void.

What can I receive from a wrongful termination lawsuit against Marriott Hotel?

Marriott Hotel wrongful termination lawsuits can be worth a lot of money because of discrimination and other damages. Marriott Hotel wrongful termination cases can have an average value of over $250,000 if there is sexual harassment present as well. However, each case is unique and will be evaluated on its own merit. We will seek to negotiate the maximum settlement available for your case. You could earn the following:

  • Lost income from your job
  • Reinstatement of your old job position
  • Pain and suffering damages for emotional trauma
  • Punitive damages for gross negligence or intentional discrimination
  • Legal fees

With the help of our attorneys, you can get everything you deserve. Call our law offices for more help.

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