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Paramount Pictures is a location that provides production, filmmaking, distribution, and more in the film industry. There are numerous kinds of positions available, from marketing to accounting, and you could be targeted no matter what department you reside in. If you were discriminated against in any way, you should contact our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group. We will do everything in our power to secure you fair compensation for the treatment you received at the company.

What laws prevent wrongful termination?

There are Federal and State laws that outlaw wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and more in the workplace. These laws include the following:

For more information on these specific laws, contact a lawyer who has experience in Paramount Pictures wrongful termination cases.

What are forms of wrongful termination at Paramount Pictures?

Paramount Pictures could wrongfully fire you for a number of reasons. You may not know exactly why you were wrongfully terminated by Paramount Pictures, but you could make general assumptions if the circumstances allow it. For example, if you notice that you were the only person of color who was tasked with certain tasks and were paid noticeably less than the rest of the team, you may have cause to believe that you are being discriminated against.
You could be wrongfully terminated for the following reasons:

  • Racial discrimination, which can happen if you are targeted for your color, ethnicity, nation of origin, or other reason. This is rather common and is often masked because of the heavy backlash that can occur. Our Paramount Pictures racial discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles will handle your claim for you.
  • Age discrimination, which often occurs against individuals over 40 years old who are not the right look for the company or who have certain demands and requirements, such as benefits and an increased salary, that younger individuals may not have. It is not uncommon to see these workers get systematically removed. A Paramount Pictures age discrimination lawyer will help you sue for lost income.
  • Pregnancy discrimination, which is a form of disability and requires individuals to be given accommodations, and which allows women to go on protected maternity leave. It is not uncommon for an employer to fire a woman who has taken such leave, though; some even request that she resign or quit ahead of time. If Paramount Pictures asked you to quit because you were pregnant, you should sue Paramount Pictures for pregnancy discrimination and illegal termination.
  • Disability discrimination, which entails mistreatment and refusal to grant reasonable accommodations to individuals who are disabled. You can sue Paramount Pictures for disability discrimination if you were not given accommodations and you were subsequently fired.
  • Retaliation, or the act of your employer fighting back against you because you took action against the company. You may have been sexually assaulted, harassed, or targeted, and if you brought the issue up or went to the authorities, you could face retaliation. If someone at Paramount Pictures harasses you and retaliates against you, a Paramount Pictures harassment lawyer, Paramount Pictures sexual assault lawyer, or Paramount Pictures sexual harassment lawyer can assist you.

Our team of Paramount Pictures discrimination attorneys is here for you, no matter what you need. We can identify the cause of wrongful termination and we can ensure that the company is punished appropriately and that you are appropriately compensated for the loss of income.

Paramount Pictures Wrongful Termination Attorney in California sue lawsuit compensation lawyer attorney

How can I sue Paramount Pictures for wrongful termination?

If you wish to take action because Paramount Pictures wrongfully and illegally fired you, you will need a fair amount of evidence for your claim. This evidence can be gathered before you are even let go from your job, which should be the case if you were a victim of discrimination and mistreatment, or it can be gathered afterward. Be aware that gathering proof after you were fired is much more difficult, as you may not legally be allowed back on the premises and the managers at Paramount Pictures may have already removed any incriminating evidence.

This procedure can help you file a successful wrongful termination claim against Paramount Pictures:

  • Write down the discrimination in a journal when it happens so you have a record of it
  • Speak with someone in HR or with your boss if you were mistreated so that you have went to a superior and you can point to emails and messages proving it
  • Take photos of the discriminatory behavior, record audio of mistreatment, or collect videos of the actions, if possible
  • Interview coworkers who were nearby for the firing or who may have overheard the reasons for it, as well as other ex-coworkers who were fired for similar reasons (be aware, though, that some coworkers may be reluctant to speak with you and provide you with their testimonies, as doing so could place them on the chopping block and work and cost them their jobs)
  • Procure your employee handbook so you can point out inconsistencies of any kind
  • Make a copy of any employment contract you signed that outlined the terms of your job, firing, compensation, and more
  • If you went to jury duty, went to vote, or had to take medical leave, you should provide proof of such travels, which may include a summons, a slip, a treatment note or receipt, and much more

Once you have gathered this evidence, talk with a lawyer who can help sue Paramount Pictures for wrongful termination. You may not have any legal experience at all, and if you have never had to handle a claim, you may simply fall apart or not know how to proceed. Our Paramount Pictures wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles will ensure that you are fairly represented and we will work around the clock to win your case for you.

What is the value of a Paramount Pictures wrongful termination lawsuit?

Paramount Pictures wrongful termination cases can have an average value of more than $250,000 if you were discriminated against, and Paramount Pictures wrongful termination lawsuits can be worth over $1,000,000 if there is a history of abuse or if numerous individuals are affected. Class action claims, for example, often result in large settlements because of the numerous plaintiffs who hold the company responsible for discrimination and such.

Your wrongful termination claim can result in many forms of compensation. We will work hard to win you maximum coverage for everything, including the following:

  • Wages that you could not earn because you were let go from the company
  • Benefits, bonuses, commissions, promotional pay, and additional income that was lost out on because of discrimination, prejudice, or illegal termination
  • Job reinstatement if you want to return to your previous position, but many avoid this if there have been no policy changes at the company or if no managers have been fired because of their actions
  • Pain and suffering damages for emotional trauma, anxiety, fear, and other psychological issues that stemmed from repeated discrimination, abuse, and more at the job
  • Punitive damages, which are additional forms of monetary compensation that are meant to punish the defendant and dissuade him from behaving that way again in the future; however, these damages are hard to win and are often viewed as excessive or harsh, so only a skilled lawyer with experience in Paramount Pictures wrongful termination cases will be able to secure them for you

If you want to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your wrongful termination lawsuit against Paramount Pictures, you do not have to look any further than our firm.

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For a free legal consultation to discuss your claim and its potential worth, contact our law firm today. All consultations are confidential, and none of your private details will be shared anywhere. We will also help you save money thanks to our zero fee guarantee. You will pay nothing if we win; the money will come out of settlement we bring you. If we lose, we take no payment.

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