Tesla wrongful termination attorney In California, employment is “at-will,” meaning the company or business can fire you at any time. You are generally only protected by the promises and contracts your employer made to you or had you sign, and by being part of a specific group. These protected groups cannot be targeted as a means for termination. When layoffs and mass firings occur, they are usually done to save costs and increase profits; when the layoffs occur at the expense of employees with positive performance records and contractual guarantees, though, the action becomes a breach and can be used as grounds for a lawsuit. Such was the case at Tesla – over 3,000 employees were laid off, although those individuals were salaried employees and not those in factories. There have been circulations of filing wrongful termination lawsuits, or even entering into a class action lawsuit. If you were employed by Tesla and were subjected to the Tesla layoffs, contact an attorney who has experience with Tesla wrongful firing cases at the California Employee Rights Legal Group. Our Los Angeles legal group can help file your wrongful termination claim against Tesla and bring you the compensation you deserve.

Tesla Information

Tesla Motors was created in 2003 and eventually saw leadership by Elon Musk, one of the founders of PayPal. The goal of the company was to create electric cars, with a long-term goal being to provide affordable electric cars to the public. In recent years, it has begun producing more vehicles, but there has been a drop off in profits – as a matter of fact, the company has not seen any annual profits for years. This contributed to the need for many layoffs.

Being a modestly sized company – Tesla only employees about 37,000 individuals – it can be difficult to brush aside any discrimination and keep it under wraps. The fewer employees there are, the more attention there is to go around. Managers and supervisors thus have to be careful, but some still elect to terminate workers for wrong reasons.

If you were the victim of an illegal firing at Tesla, contact our law offices today. An experienced Los Angeles lawyer for wrongful termination claims with Tesla can help you with your case.

Reasons for Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination can happen for any number of reasons. The downside of at-will employment comes with its termination policies; the fact that a worker can be released or terminated for no reason at all is a problem that many employees struggle with. They may not know the reasons they have been terminated and will inquire why. If they an inclination that they were fired for illegal reasons, they could file a Tesla discrimination lawsuit. Some of the reasons for wrongful termination include:

  • Sexual Harassment: Refusing to give in to any sexual advances could land you in a situation in which you face termination. Further, workers who have been sexually harassed or were victims of abuse could elect to take legal action against the company. In order to stop this from happening, the company could preemptively fire the individual to stop any probing or allegations. Of course, this could also worsen the situation, and we recommend immediately finding a Tesla wrongful termination lawyer in California.
  • Racial Discrimination: You cannot be fired for being a certain race, color, or ethnicity. If it is revealed that your employer only hires those of a certain racial background or if you were targeted because of your ethnicity, you could take legal action.
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination or LGBT Discrimination: Your sexual orientation or gender expression cannot be used as grounds for a termination. If you feel as though you were fired because of your sexual orientation, you should pursue legal action, as the choice is in violation of Title VII.
  • Retaliation: Your employer may wish to get back at you for something you’ve done, such as approached Human Resources about a problem, spoken to the media, or filed a claim against the company. Under the guise of poor performance or some other accusation, you could be terminated. However, it would be clear to you that you were being terminated because of the actions you took.

Of course, it can be extremely difficult to file a claim if you do not have adequate evidence. For this reason, it is crucial that you speak with one of the best wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles at the California Employee Legal Rights Group.

Evidence of Wrongful Termination

You need to be sure that you have the most sufficient evidence for your claim or you will not be able to collect any compensation or win your lawsuit. For one, you will need to have your contract or agreement to show that you were supposed to work for a set number of weeks or months, if applicable. If you were not hired with any signatures, you could provide messages or emails with promises of employment and future benefits.

It is important that you also approach Human Resources to discuss your options about discrimination ahead of time. If you were already terminated, you could still go to the department to discuss the problem and see if there can be any repercussions.

Further, eyewitnesses and third parties could provide witness testimony and statements that show that you were wrongfully terminated. They may have heard remarks that support your claim or they may have been witness to the actions that you are alleging. Either way, supporting statements are crucial.

You will need to file a complaint with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), but your best chance at filing a lawsuit against Tesla is to consult with one of our Tesla illegal discrimination attorneys.

Compensation from the Incident

A Tesla wrongful termination lawsuit can yield numerous types of compensation for victims. With the help of our attorneys, you could receive reimbursement of all your lost wages that you missed because of a lack of work. You may even receive coverage the future wages and earnings you would miss because of legal proceedings. Moreover, there is a chance that you can be reinstated into your old position, which may or may not be preferred, depending on the circumstances behind your termination in the first place. Some have jumped at the opportunity while others have left for different jobs at other businesses.

You can also receive pain and suffering damages, which are non-economic damages handed out when there is a heavy psychological or mental stress placed on you. The turmoil of the situation and the lawsuit could drain you and cause you to suffer fear, anxiety, emotional scarring, psychological trauma, and more.

Punitive damages are additional forms of monetary compensation meant to punish the defendant and convince him not to commit the same actions again. They are usually viewed as excessive or unnecessary by some juries and are not handed out too often. Only skilled attorneys with experience in suing Tesla for wrongful termination will be able to win these damages for you.

There is also the chance that you can join a Tesla wrongful termination class action lawsuit. A group of people who chooses to sue Tesla company for mass firings can be represented as a single entity by one of our attorneys, allowing all the members in the group to submit evidence and eventually be compensated. However, the settlement will be distributed amongst the members of the lawsuit, and not everyone may agree with the practice. A single Tesla employee lawsuit is more common.

Statute of Limitations to File a Claim

You should be aware that you do not have an unlimited amount of time to file a lawsuit against Tesla if you were wrongfully terminated. The statute of limitations is in place to guarantee that claims are handled quickly and efficiently; the longer they sit around, the more likely it is that evidence will get lost or corrupted and that witnesses will misremember details or move away entirely.

Wrongful termination cases have different statutes depending on the cause of action. If your contract were breached, for example, you have 2 years to file a claim; however, if you were discriminated against, you only have 1 year. If you choose to pursue a discrimination claim through a Federal body instead of a State body, you will only have 300 days.

It is important that you speak with a qualified lawyer to determine the correct amount of time you have to file a claim. You do not want to let your claim sit for too long, and our lawyers will be glad to assemble your evidence and take action against Tesla.

Our Role

Our Los Angeles law firm, the California Employee Rights Legal Group, will gladly provide you with a wrongful termination attorney to sue Tesla if you were fired because of discrimination or other reasons. You should not be mistreated by your employer, and we promise to do all we can to get ot the bottom of your situation and bring you the compensation you need.

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If you need to file an illegal firing lawsuit against Tesla, call one of our expert lawyers at the California Employee Rights Legal Group.