Large businesses and corporations employ thousands of people. Chains are managed by different people across the landscape, and one location may be more discriminatory than another. Unfortunately, it can be hard to take appropriate action against those who practice discrimination in the workplace, especially if it is carried out by a boss unto his workers. You should be well aware of your rights and prepared to do what it takes if you face discrimination or the prospect of wrongful termination at your job. Walmart is a location that has long since terminated individuals based on personal preferences and biases, and if Walmart wrongfully and illegally fired you, you could file a Walmart wrongful termination lawsuit. Our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group, will be happy to provide you with a capable lawyer with experience in Walmart wrongful termination cases.

What are employment laws?

Los Angeles Walmart Wrongful Termination Lawyer In California, employment is at-will. This means that employers can choose to fire individuals for any reason at any point in time, as long as the reason is not illegal or discriminatory. Likewise, workers can leave their positions at any time if they so choose to without having to provide notice. Illegal termination can be done in various ways, such as discriminating or by firing someone for actions they’ve taken. There are protected classes of individuals and regulations dictating employers’ actions. Some of the protected classes in California include:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Color
  • Nation of origin
  • Disability
  • Age (40 years or older)
  • Citizenship status
  • Genetic information
  • Gender identity
  • Gender expression
  • Marital status
  • Physical disability
  • Mental disability
  • Political affiliation and beliefs
  • Medical conditions
  • Sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy
  • Victims of domestic violence and abuse
  • Veterans

These classes are generally more expanded in California. Some of the laws that declare these protections and rules for termination include:

  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bans discrimination and termination based on race, religion, sex, and more
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1967 which prevents discrimination against those over the age of 40
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act with protect those who are differently abled or handicapped
  • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act which protects expecting mothers and those seeking leave
  • The California Family Rights Act which outlines laws pertaining to appropriate times for medical leave, medical conditions, caretaking, and more, and how your employer must deal with the leave (such as mandating 3 months of protected maternity leave)

It can be difficult to pinpoint the reason that you were fired, especially if you do not have a lot of familiarity with the law. Fortunately, our Walmart wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles can assist you.

What are examples of wrongful termination at Walmart?

At Walmart, you can be discriminated against in many ways. You can eventually simply be fired for being a certain class or for not falling in line with your boss’s idea of a worker. He may be prejudiced in various ways and take out his biases on you. Some of the most common forms of discrimination and wrongful termination include the following:

  • Religious discrimination, or being fired because you practice some other religion, which would require a set of Walmart discrimination attorneys to mitigate. Religious discrimination often involves being denied prayer time, the ability to wear certain garments, and more.
  • Racial discrimination, which can result in poor work hours, docked pay, and more simply for being a different race or ethnicity. Our Walmart racial discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles can show that your employer was acting out because of your race and not your job performance.
  • Age discrimination, which is common in areas of Walmart that pertain to technology or focus on sales to young individuals, as many employers think the older generation is out of touch. A Walmart age discrimination lawyer can help you file a wrongful termination lawsuit against Walmart.
  • Disability discrimination, which is the result of being denied reasonable accommodations or not being given certain tasks if you cannot perform other ones. You can sue Walmart for disability discrimination if you were fired for being disabled.
  • Pregnancy discrimination, which can also be a form of disability discrimination. Some employers may ask that you resign before you take maternity leave so they do not have to hold a position for you. If Walmart asked you to quit because you were pregnant, or simply fired you while you were on maternity leave, you could sue Walmart for pregnancy discrimination and illegal termination.
  • Retaliation, which may occur when you take action or try to seek justice for how you were treated and Walmart fights back against you. It could happen if you were denied wages or if you were sexually assaulted. If an employee at Walmart harasses you and retaliates against you, you should seek a Walmart harassment lawyer to handle your claim. It is also recommended to seek a Walmart sexual assault lawyer or Walmart sexual harassment lawyer.
  • Breach of public policy, or terminating you for participating in your civil duties, like voting in an election or going to serve on a jury because you were summoned
  • Breach of contract, or when your employer fires you despite a signed agreement stating different terms for any possible termination

No matter what, if you were wrongfully terminated by Walmart, you should fight back and sue Walmart for wrongful termination. A California wrongful termination attorney for Walmart employees can assist you with your claim moving forward.

What should I do if I were wrongfully terminated?

What are examples of wrongful termination at Walmart? If you were wrongfully terminated, it is important that you gather evidence proving that you were discriminated against. Ideally, you will have evidence from when you were employed, like a journal of the mistreatment, security footage, recordings, photos, and more. However, in lieu of that, you can acquire testimonies and statements from coworkers and statements from other people who were also wrongfully fired. Your ex-coworkers may be hesitant to provide you with any information, though, because they may fear that they will lose their jobs if they do so.

You can make a copy of the handbook, your contract, any leave you took, messages with your boss and HR, and more. All of this evidence should be gathered together and placed in a packet. Once you have gathered everything, you can submit it to a lawyer who has experience in Walmart wrongful termination cases.

We will go through everything, hire expert witnesses who can bolster your claim, and submit it to the proper entity for consideration. Either the EEOC (for Federal claims) or the DFEH (for State claims) will reply, depending on who we went through, and we will have a limited amount of time to take further action.

If you have never pursued a lawsuit before, it is wise that you leave it up to a lawyer who can help sue Walmart for wrongful termination. We have years of experience in the field and we know the best methods for success.

What is the value of my wrongful termination claim against Walmart?

Claims against Walmart have different values. Walmart wrongful termination cases can have an average value of over $1,000,000 if there are certain circumstances met, such as heavy discrimination or even violent action. Walmart wrongful termination lawsuits can be worth a fair amount of money if you let our attorneys negotiate a deal for you. However, if you try to handle the claim by yourself, you may not have as much success.

We will work to bring you the following:

  • Lost income from the past and future, including benefits, commissions, tips, and more
  • Reinstatement into your previous position
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Punitive damages to punish your employer for his actions

Our firm will also strive to bring policy changes in your workplace. We feel that all locations of Walmart should be fair to their workers and should be free from Bias. If there is prejudice occurring, we will seek to end it.

Walmart Wrongful Termination Attorney in California

The California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group has decades of combined experience handling wrongful termination cases. We know the most successful strategies for these types of claims and we will work around the clock to fight your employer. Walmart should not discriminate against its employees and mistreat them, and we are willing to go to court to defend your rights. Our lawyers are aggressive and known for pursuing your deserved restitution to the very end of the case.

If you want to schedule a free legal consultation, contact our law offices today. We will talk with you about the case, tell you how much we feel it is worth, and answer all of your questions that you have. All consultations are private – no confidential details about your case or personal information will be shared elsewhere.

We will also give you our zero fee guarantee if you hire us for your claim. This is a promise that you won’t ever spend any of your own money on the case. We will cover the costs, and if we win, the fees we get will be paid for by Walmart as part of the settlement amount. If we lose, we get paid nothing at all. You don’t have to worry about any finances.

Don’t hesitate to call the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group if you want ot sue Walmart for wrongful termination.