Discrimination at your workplace can result in weeks of mistreatment, lost money, and other problems. It may even culminate in a wrongful termination. You should not be treated in such a manner, especially when such actions are outlawed. Your business should have better control over superiors and managers who can make your life difficult, and your complaints should be properly addressed. Wells Fargo is one such company where discrimination is present and it is not uncommon for individuals to be fired. You should seek the assistance of our skilled Wells Fargo discrimination attorneys to help with a claim if Wells Fargo wrongfully and illegally fired you. The California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group can ensure that you receive the maximum settlement available for your Wells Fargo wrongful termination lawsuit.

What outlaws discrimination and wrongful termination?

Wells Fargo Wrongful Termination Attorney in CaliforniaOn a Federal level, individuals are protected from mistreatment, discrimination, termination, and more based on particular traits and classes. There are laws the separate these individuals and provide guidelines that employers must follow. The laws include the following:

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964: Bars discrimination based on race, religion, sex, nation of origin, and more
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967: Prevents individuals over the age of 40 years old from being discriminated against
  • Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990: Prevents disabled persons and other handicapped individuals from suffering discrimination in the workplace and getting fired without being granted reasonable accommodations.

These Federal laws apply to all 50 states. There are some laws in California that are specific and more inclusive. The California Family Rights Act, for instance, outlines the details concerning maternity leave, caretaking, leave for serious health conditions, and more. You are allowed to take a few months of leave and can place your health as a priority without having to worry about your job being compromised. You cannot be fired during your leave, but many employers and Wells Fargo managers will do it anyway to account for staffing issues.
In addition, California has protections available for these classes:

  • Color
  • Race
  • Nation of origin
  • Domestic violence victims
  • Military veterans
  • Medical conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Sex
  • Childbirth
  • Political beliefs
  • Physical and mental disabilities
  • Age (40 years old and older)
  • Gender expression
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Marital status
  • Genetic information

You can be wrongfully terminated for any of the above reasons. If your boss at Wells Fargo discovers that you are of a certain sexual orientation and he decides that you do not represent the company or his values, he can terminate you. It is important that you understand what you can be legally fired for and what you cannot be. For more help, speak with a lawyer with experience in Wells Fargo wrongful termination cases.

How can I be wrongfully terminated?

It is possible to be wrongfully terminated in a number of different ways. You could be fired if you take your rightful leave to go serve on jury duty if you were summoned, or you could take a half day to go to the voting booths to vote in an election. Your employer must allow you to take these periods of leave. He can also choose to fire you despite there being a contracted agreement to the terms of your employment. If he does, he will face heavy repercussions, and you can sue Wells Fargo for wrongful termination.

Other forms of wrongful termination include:

  • Retaliation: Retaliation usually occurs after you have spoken to HR or your boss about some occurrences at work. If you were sexually assaulted and you brought the issue up, you may have been told to do nothing or that they could not punish anyone. By going to the authorities, you could suddenly be in bad standing and may be a target for termination. If someone from Wells Fargo harasses you and retaliates against you, you should take legal action with the help of a Wells Fargo sexual assault lawyer or a Wells Fargo sexual harassment lawyer.
  • Disability discrimination: Disabilities may be physical or mental. You could be confined to a wheelchair, need accommodations and must sit down or take extra breaks during work, or only be able to work in certain environments. If these accommodations are not a financial burden on your company, they must be granted. Some bosses elect to bypass them and will simply terminate you. You can sue Wells Fargo for disability discrimination in those instances.
  • Pregnancy discrimination: Mothers who are pregnant are considered to have disabilities because they require accommodations and cannot complete some activities. Your boss may try to get you to resign instead of going on maternity leave. You can sue Wells Fargo for pregnancy discrimination and illegal termination if Wells Fargo asked you to quit because you were pregnant or if you were suddenly let go.
  • Religious discrimination: Religious discrimination takes the form of being denied your right to practice your religion, whether by wearing garb or praying, and being terminated for doing so. Our Wells Fargo wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles will ensure that you are appropriately compensated in such an instance.
  • Age discrimination: You may be targeted because of your age. Wells Fargo may not eel like you are a good representative for the company or that you cannot handle new software and programs. This is presumptuous and wrong, and if you are fired, you can hire a Wells Fargo age discrimination lawyer to handle a lawsuit.
  • Racial discrimination: Ethnic discrimination is not uncommon in locations like wells Fargo. They may have bosses who believe that only certain races should work there to preserve a certain atmosphere. This is extremely wrong and immoral, and our Wells Fargo racial discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles will be able to help you with a claim if you were fired and try to enact policy changes in the workplace.

For more assistance, reach out to a lawyer who has experience in Wells Fargo wrongful termination cases.

What should I do if I were wrongfully terminated from Wells Fargo?

What should I do if I were wrongfully terminated from Wells Fargo?If you were wrongfully terminated by Wells Fargo, it is important that you get as much proof as possible of your situation. You can record statements from your coworkers detailing what happened in the time leading up to the firing, but it can be hard to get additional evidence. You should seek the following pieces of proof:

  • Video evidence
  • Recordings
  • Photos
  • Statements from fired workers
  • Time sheets
  • Contracts
  • Employee handbook

You can detail the discrimination you suffered while working and use it to show a pattern of behavior that culminated in your termination. This will allow you to have a higher chance of success with your wrongful termination lawsuit against Wells Fargo.

Once you have gathered all of your evidence, you can present it to a lawyer who can help sue Wells Fargo for wrongful termination. We will organize your evidence and go through the DFEH to ensure that your case is investigated. We will be certain to file your claim within the 300 day deadline and we will not miss any important dates.
If you are in need of a Wells Fargo harassment lawyer, call us today.

How much can I win in a lawsuit against Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo wrongful termination cases can have an average value of over six figures. Wells Fargo wrongful termination lawsuits can be worth a lot if they are based off discrimination of soe kind or if you were assaulted and you were actually injured. This will allow you to collect other forms of compensation. We have won cases worth over $1,000,000 for our clients.

We will strive to bring you coverage for the following:

  • Lost income from the past and future for time you were not at work
  • Pain and suffering damages for the emotional trauma you sustained from the ordeal
  • Reinstatement of your old job if you want it
  • Punitive damages if your employer condoned the discrimination, intended to harm you, or acted with gross negligence

Let our California wrongful termination attorney for Wells Fargo employees handle your case for you.

Los Angeles Wells Fargo Wrongful Termination Lawyer

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