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Unlawful sexual harassment can happen at any time. Sexual harassment between a coworker and a remote manager online is unwelcome conduct, and it is not part of what a person needs in the workplace, even when working remotely. An incident of sexual harassment between coworkers and a manager, is when there is an action of misconduct by the manager, which is directed at the other coworker. It can lead to disciplinary action from the employer, and it can also lead to a sexual harassment lawsuit, from the coworker who was the target of this type of incident and emotional damage.

Talk to a lawyer who understands that you may be confused as to why this situation has happened to you right now. You may be wishing that you had some “closure,” or that someone explained to you why you were targeted to the receiving end of sexual harassment from your manager. Just understand that you may never get the closure you deserve. But you can call our law firm, and you will get the win that you deserve, in the form of a full settlement for your emotional injuries from sexual harassment from a manager.

Employees Need to Keep Track of All the Details of an Incident of Sexual Harassment

If you are logging into a webinar meeting online, you are not expecting that your manager is going to sexually harass you during these approved for working business hours. An employee who is being sexually harassed over the Internet when working from home at an organization, should make an effort to record the details related to the online harassment. This means that you need to write down the day, time, words said, gestures made, witnesses to the sexual harassment and any other important information that you can think of in relation to this sexual harassment from your manager.

Tell the Manager’s Supervisor, Human Resources or Division/Department Head About the Incident of Sexual Harassment You Experienced

It is also important to tell a managing supervisor of the sexual harassment incident, that occurred over the Internet from your manager. In this type of case, you should also request that an investigation be initiated by the human resources officer or department of the organization or business, to review and investigate the actions of your manager towards you during working hours.

Some human resources would possibly suggest that the person being sexually harassed should approach or reach out to the aggressor who is perpetrating the sexual harassment over the Internet against the individual. This is not advisable, as if it is a supervisor doing the sexual harassment over the Internet, then there may be an incident of retaliation from the individual in the wrong in these cases.

Sexual Harassment and Employment Discrimination Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

In some cases, sexual harassment over the Internet may be a part of an employment discrimination violation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If this is the case, you need to contact our office immediately, to discuss your claim and settlement options in this situation.

Sexual Harassment Is a Form of Aggression in an Online Remote Workplace Environment

When a person is sexual harassment over the Internet in a work environment, that individual is going to be upset by the sexual harassment. A person who has to be the target of sexual harassment over the Internet in the workplace while working remotely, will feel violated, and feel that this action by a supervisor, coworker, vendor or other person associated with the workplace is sabotaging the person’s work and engaging in a hostile workplace environment.

The incidence of sexual harassment over the Internet can include a variety of different actions, of the person doing the sexual harassment to the person being sexually harassed. These incidents can include:

  • Using ridicule or mockery to the victim in a sexually suggestive way
  • Using indecent gestures
  • Name calling the victim with sexually explicit names
  • Using crude or crass language with sexual terms around the victim working remotely
  • Someone commenting on the victim’s physical attributes
  • Displaying or sending by email different pictures of a suggestive nature
  • Sending emails or texts with inappropriate terms or epithets

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment by your manager at your remote work environment, you need to give us a call today. We are able to talk to you about your sexual harassment claim, and advise you as to the next steps for a lawsuit.

We will start a lawsuit where you can succeed to get the money you deserve when you are a victim of sexual harassment by your manager at your remote work environment. You need to talk to a lawyer with experience in this type of claim, and increase your chance of success

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There Are Many Types of Sexual Harassment in the Online Remote Work Environment

Sexual harassment does not always mean that someone has said something overtly to you, it can happen by people acting inappropriate around you. If you have heard people talking about sexually explicit jokes, actions or gestures, it may still count as sexual harassment that affects you on your job.

Other examples of sexual harassment can include:

  • Staring at you on a webinar call
  • Leering at you on a webinar call
  • Discussing wanting to touch your body on a webinar call
  • Unwanted and unsolicited invitations to go on dates
  • Unwanted requests for sex from anyone on the job
  • Unnecessarily being familiar with you on a video call
  • Emailing of pornography or crude jokes depicting sexual acts

Discussing sexual acts is sexual harassment, which is illegal under the Sex Discrimination Act. It is unlawful for anyone at your place of employment to perform sexual harassment over the Internet in a work environment directed to you.

Other forms of abuse in the workplace can be the precursor to sexual harassment, when directed from one employee to another, such as with:

  • Nonverbal abuse and gestures on webinars
  • Threatening behavior
  • Passive aggressive bullying
  • Cyberbullying
  • Incivility
  • Verbal abuse
  • Written threats
  • Prevalence of mistreatment

Can I Sue for Remote Work Sexual Harassment from My Manager at My Job?

Yes, we can sue when your manager sexually harasses you while you are doing remote work for the company. We are here to advise you on your next steps, and we able to give the case our full attention to help you recover what you are due. You need to call our Los Angeles case lawyers today, for the relief you need in a sexual harassment suit against your employer for your manager’s actions.

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Quid Pro Quo Harassment in the Remote Working Environment

Quid pro quo harassment happens when there is a tangible employment action made against the sexual harassment victim’s submission to or a rejection form any unwanted sexual harassing conduct by another employee at the remote working environment. For example, this type of harassment is committed by a supervisor, owner or boss who can make a detrimental formal employment decision that will affect the sexual harassment victim’s ability to stay working on that job.

Tangible employment action examples can include:

  • Failing to promote the victim
  • Transferring the victim
  • Giving the victim an undesirable reassignment
  • Forcing the victim to perform demeaning work assignments
  • Lowering the sexual harassment victim’s pay
  • Demoting the victim
  • Dismissing the victim

Sexual Harassment in the Remote Work Environment Creates a Hostile Work Atmosphere

If someone is sexually harassing an employee in the remote work environment, this can create a hostile work atmosphere. If you are working where you are the victim of sexual harassment over the Internet at your remote work environment, you may develop health related problems over this issue. Microaggressions and other types of inappropriate sexual comments in the remote workspace should not be ignored.

The environment where people work remotely being dialed in to the remote workspace of an organization, needs to be a safe space for all employees at all times. People will not feel safe working in a remote working environment, if any workers are allowed to get away with sexually harassing workers in any way, within that workspace of remote working. This may also be a case of a type of bullying, manipulation or other problems, that need to be addressed – but if they are not addressed by the company, then it is appropriate to consider initiating a lawsuit on the merits of this case.

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