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Riot Games is a video game developer that has hundreds of employees. However, there have been complaints over the years due to the workers who actively participate in discrimination, mistreatment, and sexual harassment. Most commonly, female workers are targeted due to being the minority in the field, and often find themselves bullied or deemed as less than capable, while simultaneously being the center of attention and criticism, often sexual in nature. If you were sexually harassed by Riot Games or someone working at Riot Games, you should contact a lawyer who has experience in Riot Games sexual harassment cases and sue Riot Games for sexual harassment. Our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group, is a law firm representing victims of sexual harassment against Riot Games. We can provide you with an expert lawyer who can help sue Riot Games for sexual harassment.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is defined as visual, verbal, or physical conduct that is sexual in nature, such as sexual advances and remarks, that create an intimidating work area. The conduct does not need to come from a place of sexual desire or lustfulness. It can be related to childbirth, gender identity and expression, actual or perceived sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, related medical conditions, and more.

There are many different ways that you can be sexually harassed while at work. Some of them may appear innocuous or innocent but are actually fronts for more lewd behavior. Examples include:

  • You were given sexually explicit objects as gifts or told that you should use them with the perpetrator; these objects were on clear display in someone’s office; or they were openly brought out and used as jokes or props
  • A coworker engaged in inappropriate touching, such as massaging your neck without your consent, rubbing your back, holding on too long after a hug, and more
  • You were a victim of sexual molestation or fondling
  • A coworker groped you, grabbed your butt or other private areas, purposely brushed his their hands or arm against your breasts, and more
  • Someone from work sent you inappropriate pictures or videos, sent you pornographic material, or requested that you send them nude photos and videos
  • A coworker continually tried to get you to go out on a date, tried to have sexual relations with you, requested that you participate in an affair, asked that you have a one night stand, and more
  • You were a victim of rape or you were sexually assaulted while at work, often involving physical violence

It is important to note that there are two types of sexual harassment in the workplace. The vast majority of sexual harassment occurs in a hostile workplace environment, and it can be carried out by anyone. In the event a supervisor or coworker at Riot Games creates a hostile work environment, you could have a solid foundation for a Riot Games sexual harassment lawsuit. Coworkers may actively engage in such behavior and make it difficult for you to work. There is also the chance that you were not a direct victim in the harassment, but only a witness to it. You can still sue in these cases due to the heavy emotional toll or discomfort it can place on you, especially if you were previously harassed or assaulted.

The second form of sexual harassment is quid pro quo harassment, which is Latin for “this for that.” It means that a manager or supervisor at Riot Games sexually harassed you by proposing employment or promotions in exchange for sexual favors or by punishing you for not giving in to such requests. This harassment requires that a supervisor be harassing a subordinate and that the supervisor has the ability to alter or impact the job status of the victim by demotion, docking salary or wages, reducing overtime hours, taking away benefits and vacation time, reassigning jobs or locations, and more.

In the worst cases, it is possible to be fired for reporting sexual harassment. If a worker at Riot Games harasses you and retaliates against you, you should file a Riot Games wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit. Retaliation is illegal according to both Federal and State laws, so if Riot Games wrongfully and illegally fired you after you reported sexual harassment, contact a Riot Games wrongful termination lawyer at once.

How to File a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Riot Games

Filing a sexual harassment claim against Riot Games requires that you have enough evidence and proof of the mistreatment. It can be difficult to acquire this evidence if you were illegally fired. If you are not careful, your evidence will be lost or unable to be used.

First of all, if you were assaulted in any way, it is important that you go to the doctor for treatment. You should also call the police to launch an investigation. After you have gotten treatment at the hospital, you can hold on to the medical receipts and notes, as well as any prescriptions for medication and such.

You should have a journal that has all the harassment written down in it. It should include the location of the harassment, when it happened, what occurred, who was involved, and more. When you can correctly identify all the facts, it will be harder for the opposition to twist them or slip out from them.

You should file a complaint with your Human Resources department or with your boss. You can keep copies of any communication, as well.

Do everything you can to acquire physical evidence, whether photos of the harassment, audio recordings of mistreatment, video recordings of the discrimination, and more. It is harder to prove sexual harassment if you are engaged in a battle of he-said-she-said.

Similarly, you should get coworkers to provide you with statements and testimonies. They can back up your claims and ensure that you are supported with your lawsuit. However, many coworkers are reluctant to do this because they may feel that they will be targeted next by the company if they work against them.

You will have to file your complaint with the California-run Department of Fair Employment and Housing or the Federally-run Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The agency you choose will investigate the claim and issue you a right-to-sue letter if you provided enough grounds. It is important to note that you only have 1 year to sue if you go through the State agency and 6 months to sue if you go through the Federal agency. To ensure that you abide by this statute of limitations, contact a Riot Games harassment lawyer.

It is wise to get help from a Riot Games workplace sexual harassment attorney. We will be able to hire expert witnesses, organize your evidence, negotiate a fair deal, and win you the maximum settlement available for your case. If you have no previous legal experience, you may not be able to succeed with your case. A Riot Games sexual harassment lawyer can work relentlessly while you focus on finding another job or improving elsewhere.

Value of a Riot Games Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Riot Games sexual harassment cases can have an average value of more than $100,000 in some scenarios. Riot Games sexual harassment lawsuits can be worth a lot of money if you were physically assaulted or if the harassment was continuous. Further, if you choose to join a Riot Games sexual harassment class action lawsuit, you may be able to have more evidence solidify your victory. Numerous plaintiffs will join the claim, but the drawback of a class action lawsuit against Riot Games for sexual harassment is in the compensation – you may not receive as much money as you otherwise would due to the fact that the total settlement is divided amongst the plaintiffs.

Our Riot Games sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles will strive to win you the following:

  • Missed or lost wages, income, promotions, bonuses, commissions, and more
  • Pain and suffering damages to account for mental anxiety and trauma
  • Job reinstatement if you were wrongfully fired from your position
  • Punitive damages if you were a victim of intentional harm or gross negligence

Our Riot Games discrimination attorneys will not rest until we are satisfied with the results of your case. Contact a lawyer with experience in Riot Games sexual harassment cases to ensure that you are given every penny you deserve from a claim against Riot Games.

Los Angeles Riot Games Sexual Harassment Lawyer

If you are searching for a California sexual harassment attorney for Riot Games employees¸ the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group can help. We know the best methods for success and have won hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients over the years. We are known for being aggressive and for going to court if necessary to win your lawsuit.

To set up a free legal consultation with a workplace sexual harassment lawyer¸ call our law offices today. We will walk you through the law process and help you understand what the value of your claim is. If wish to hire us to represent you, we will also give you our zero fee guarantee. This means that you pay us no money win or lose – we get paid if we win by the company’s settlement, and we get nothing if we lose.

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