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Can I Sue – Do I Have a Case for a Termination After a Slip and Fall Accident at Work?

Yes, you have a case for being terminated after a slip and fall accident while at work. If you fall at work during working hours, you have an automatic worker’s compensation claim. The worker’s compensation coverage begins your first day of work, there is no lead time or waiting time for it to kick in. You are completely covered for an injury from your first day on the job. That is the beauty of working in our country, you are covered for losses while doing your job at your employer’s place of business.

It is actually illegal for an employer to terminate you for falling on the job. You need to look at the reasons for the fall. The employer, supervisor, manager and owner of the business are the people who are responsible for you at the job. They are also responsible for you being able to work in a completely safe area of the business. Whether you are working on a shop floor, in a warehouse, in an office or in a food industry, wherever you are working it is supposed to be and meant to be a completely safe area for you to work. No one is expected to work in an unsafe area, and perform their job effectively. That doesn’t add up, it doesn’t make sense, and it isn’t how the law works.

Help, I Need a Lawyer Who Can Assist Me!”

If you have slipped and fallen at work and been terminated from your job from getting injured, you need to talk to a lawyer who knows how to expand legal concepts to help you get the recovery compensation that you deserve in this case. We are here to start negotiations for the benefit of recovering compensation for your losses and lost wages for your claim. You need to talk to a lawyer with experience in cases showing these types of developments and claims. We are that legal team, and your case is in good hands with us.

Slipping and Falling at Work Can Produce Serious Injuries

When a person naturally walks on a clean and dry surface, the way we walk is that our legs support our body weight and it is split in mid-stride as we move forward. Just like the photo finishes you see of a thoroughbred horse at the finish line, where all hooves are in the air, we walk the same way. At some point, our feet do lift off of the ground, and for that few seconds, we are susceptible and vulnerable to the surface of the ground. In short – we can fall!

If you are walking and slip and fall on a slippery surface, you lose your grip on being able to walk naturally, and your feet will flip out from under you. When that happens, you can fall down, and hard! If you fall down to the ground, you can twist, stumble, fall forwards or backwards and can injure yourself in many different areas, including:

  • Back
  • Spine
  • Arm
  • Leg
  • Hip
  • Wrist
  • Head injury (from falling backwards)
  • Concussion
  • Contusion
  • Laceration
  • Twisted ankle
  • Clean break on a bone

If you have fallen on a stairwell, you need to understand that the manager, supervisor and owner of the business have just as much responsibility to keep the stairs and stairwells clean and free from debris as well. You need to have adequate lighting, clean flooring, and clean areas to get around at the place of business, to prevent accidental falls for any employee at the workplace.

Hazardous Workplaces Will Breed Injuries of the Workers

If your workplace has hazardous flooring or carpets, there is a high likelihood that eventually you will fall. If the floors are not well maintained, and they are slippery or full of obstacles or debris, then you need to understand that the employer is still responsible for these areas. All areas in a business are meant to be safe. If there are issues such as:

  • Throw rugs that are bent up
  • Cracked cement entering the building
  • Potholes in the sidewalk
  • Extension cords running dangerously along the floor
  • Wet flooring from mopping or mud from outside

Employers need to have a cleaning or janitorial department to clean up spills and messes on the floor. The maintenance department needs to continually check the floor for:

  • Wet areas of the floor
  • Spills not cleaned up
  • Edges that are uneven on outside pavement
  • Raised sections of a sidewalk
  • Water on the floor
  • Tree roots buckling the sidewalk outside
  • Walkways and aisles free from obstacles and debris

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When you give us a call, we can talk to you about our zero-fee guarantee. We are able to review your claim with you and go over all the details of your case. We will explain the law in a way that you will understand. We only get paid when you win. That’s easy to remember, right? We are able to talk to you, and your attorney will go over the rules of law for you, and help you to understand the finer distinctions on your case. It’s easy, just pick up your smartphone and give us a call today.

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We will give you a free second opinion when you ask for it. We are happy to oblige you, and will review your case for you. If you desire to understand your case and prevent becoming overwhelmed by all of the rules of law that apply to your case, then you can call us for a free second opinion. When you get your second opinion, you will be working with an attorney with expertise in cases with sufficient information to bring an action for negotiations in your claim.

We offer to you attorneys who specialize in these types of developments and claims, and know what to do for the best recovery compensation package for you. You need to talk to a lawyer with a specialty in working with big insurance companies and other people who want to settle your case out for the lowest possible denominator.

Can I Get Reimbursed for Termination After a Slip and Fall Accident at Work?

Yes, you can get reimbursed for termination after a slip and fall accident at work. Call us today, to talk to our Los Angeles case lawyers who can start negotiations for your claim, being terminated after a slip and fall accident while at work. We have attorneys on our team, who are able to seek the most appropriate judgment due to you on this case. When you call us today, our case attorneys in Los Angeles can negotiate the best settlement for you in this case. We are highly qualified to handle cases regarding being terminated after a slip and fall accident while at work. Call us now, to speak to our legal team about your claim.

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