Unsafe Working Conditions in Modesto

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If you notice a hazardous working condition in your workplace, what do you do? If it is something simple like a spill or a misplaced mat, you might do something to amend the hazard—you might grab a mop to clean the spill or reposition the misplaced mat. But what should you do when the hazard is so severe that it cannot be quickly addressed? What if the stacks of pallets are dangerously high and unstable or the stairs are not leveled and falling apart? The logical thing to do is quickly inform your employer so that he or she can take the necessary steps to remove the hazard and prevent it from happening again. When informed about the existence of a hazard, many employers quickly do everything possible to address it and create a safe environment. However, some employers are inconsiderate to the safety of employees. These employers ignore hazards and refuse to address them. Unsafe work environments are a violation of employee rights; no employee should be forced to work in substandard workplace conditions. s

All employers must provide a safe environment in which their employees can work. If your employer is not following health and safety standards, you might be considering taking legal action. You must contact Employee Justice Legal Team as soon as possible to speak with an unsafe work environment attorney that can answer all of your questions and evaluate your situation.

Below, you will find general information about the legal options for unsafe working conditions in Modesto workplaces. Although the sections below are informative, they should not be used to substitute for the information that a skilled attorney can provide during a consultation. Only an experienced hazardous work environment attorney will be able to evaluate your situation and give you details specific to your case. You must contact Employee Justice Legal Team as soon as possible to learn more about your legal options.

Unsafe Workplace Conditions—Federal and State Laws

Both federal and state laws protect employees from unsafe work environments. Nearly all employers are subject to these federal and state regulations. At the federal level, the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 1970. The OSH Act of 1970 attempts to reduce hazards in the workplace and promote safety and health for both employees and their employers. The OSH Act of 1970 outlines that employers must keep workplaces free from recognized hazards that might cause injury or death and must follow the standards created by the OSH Act. The OSH Act of 1970 also states that employees must always follow the standards created by the act. Although most of the responsibility to maintain hazard-free workplaces falls onto the employer, employees must also do everything possible to stay safe. The state of California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), or commonly known as Cal/OSHA, enforces much of the OSH Act at a state level. Cal/OSHA aims to improve and protect the health and safety of all employees in California. Cal/OSHA does that by setting standards, providing outreach, education, and assistance, and issuing permits, licenses, certifications, registrations, and approvals. A violation of the guidelines established by OSHA or Cal/OSHA can leave an employer facing legal action. For more information on OSHA and Cal/OSHA, contact a Modesto attorney experienced in unsafe workplace lawsuits. The attorney will evaluate your situation and explain how you can legally approach a violation of workplace safety standards.

Taking Legal Action

When it comes to taking legal action against a hazardous workplace, employees have a few options. If faced with unsafe working conditions, employees can refuse to perform the work and take legal action. Employees can wither file a complaint with Cal/OSHA or file an independent lawsuit against their employer.

To file a complaint with Cal/OSHA, the employee must contact the local Cal/OSHA district office. The employee will need to provide the office with the name and address of the employer, the location of the hazard, the context of the hazard, and a general description of the hazard. For example, the employee would file a complaint about hazardous stairs in the workplace with the following statement: The employer is AVCD Manufacturing, located at 12 Manufacture Road. The hazard is located on the back right corner of the first floor. When employees go up, and down the stairs, there is a falling hazard. The stairs are old and missing a few pieces of wood; they are unstable and do not have the proper railing. Based on the information provided in the complaint, Cal/OSHA will launch an investigation. Cal/OSHA’s investigation process consists of inspecting the workplace, conducting interviews, reviewing records, and taking photographs. If the investigation results in health and safety violations, the employer will be cited and will be ordered to address the hazard. If you do not wish to file a complaint with Cal/OSHA, you can hire an attorney with experience in unsafe workplace lawsuits and file against your employer. You will need to prove that the employer’s negligence has contributed to the unsafe working environment. For more information on taking legal action against your employer for safety violations, contact Employee Justice Legal Team as soon as possible.

Employee Justice Legal Team

Employee Justice Legal Team is law firms dedicated to helping employees in Modesto stand up for themselves and exercise their rights in the workplace. Employees should be able to work in safe environments where they do not have to worry about avoiding hazards and risking injuries and their lives. Of course, all employees should take reasonable care to ensure their wellbeing, but they should not spend the entire work day trying to avoid serious injury. All employers must follow standards to ensure the health and safety of all employees. If these standards are not followed, employees might be subjected to hazardous working conditions that can cause accidents and injuries. If you have noticed hazardous workplace conditions in Modesto, you must take action. If you have already informed your employer, but he or she has not addressed the issue, you must file a formal complaint with Cal/OSHA or file an independent lawsuit as soon as possible. As an employee, you have the right to report violations and file lawsuits against your employer. You must contact Employee Justice Legal Team for the legal assistance necessary to take action against your employer. Unsafe working conditions can cause irreparable damage to employees; file an unsafe working conditions lawsuit as soon as possible with a Modesto attorney at Employee Justice Legal Team.

Employee Justice Legal Team aims to facilitate the legal process as much as possible. Through Employee Justice Legal Team, you will have quick access to an unsafe workplace attorney in Modesto. We offer all employees concerned about unsafe working conditions access to free consultations and free second opinions with a Modesto attorney who can take unsafe workplace environment cases. During your free consultation, an attorney who has experience with hazards in the workplace will answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. We guarantee that you will leave your free consultation with enough information to make you feel confident in starting a lawsuit against your employer. If you already have an attorney with another law firm, you might still be interested in receiving a free second opinion from a lawyer experienced in unsafe work conditions lawsuits. Do you need a free second opinion from the lawyers at Employee Justice Legal Team? You must reflect on your experience with your current attorney to find the answer to that question. Did your attorney rush through your consultation? Did your attorney leave you with more questions than when you started the legal process? Unfortunately, many attorneys rush through consultations and entire cases to increase their numbers. When attorneys rush, they are likely to overlook or neglect important pieces of information. No reasonable individual would risk the outcome of his or her lawsuit based on an attorney’s incompetence. To ensure a successful lawsuit, you must contact Employee Justice Legal Team and speak to an attorney with experience in unsafe working conditions. An unsafe workplace environment lawyer in Modesto will be able to help you file a lawsuit against your employer.

Employee Justice Legal Team offers clients a Zero-Fee guarantee that ensures that clients never have to pay any upfront fees for our legal services. Additionally, since our Modesto law firm is strictly based on contingency, clients will not have to pay anything until our unsafe work environment attorneys win their lawsuit against the employer. You must contact Employee Justice Legal Team as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation or a free second opinion at your earliest convenience.