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If you have been the victim of your boss, manager, supervisor or coworkers sexting you, you may call us today to discuss your sexting case. The nature of the sexting will determine the ultimate value of your case, but you can expect your sexting case to settle between $10,000 and $50,000, depending on the nature of the sexting messages.

We know that this can be a confusing time for you, if you have received a sext message from your boss, manager, supervisor or coworkers sexting you during the workday. You went to work and never expected that day that someone would have the audacity to start sending you inappropriate sexting messages! We feel your pain, and understand how shocked you are that this has happened to you. We are on your side on this situation, all that you have to do is give us a call today when your boss, manager, supervisor or coworkers start sexting you on your smartphone or handheld device.

We are able to connect you with our team of lawyers who will help you when your boss, manager, supervisor or coworkers sexting you are making you uncomfortable on the job.

Remote Sexual Harassment Can Take on Many Different Forms

You can easily Sexual harassment does not always mean that someone has said something overtly to you, it can happen by people acting inappropriate around you. If you have heard people talking about sexually explicit jokes, actions or gestures, it may still count as sexual harassment that affects you on your job.

Other examples of sexual harassment can include:

  • Unwanted requests for sex from anyone on the job
  • Unnecessarily being familiar with you on a video call
  • Emailing of pornography or crude jokes depicting sexual acts
  • Displaying images of sex and sexual nature around during a video call with a coworker or boss
  • Communicating the sexual act through social media or text messages
  • Texting and sexting personal body parts to you unsolicited
  • Asking you to put the phone next to a body part and take a revealing photo of yourself
  • Staring at you on a video call
  • Leering at you on a video call
  • Discussing wanting to touch your body on a call
  • Unwanted and unsolicited invitations to go on dates

If you have a boss, coworker, employer, vendor or anyone associated with your job sexting you on your personal phone or handheld device, you need to give us a call. Discussing sexual acts is sexual harassment, which is illegal under the Sex Discrimination Act.

Other forms of abuse in the workplace can be the precursor to sexual harassment, when directed from one employee to another, such as with:

  • Nonverbal abuse and gestures on webinars
  • Threatening behavior
  • Passive aggressive bullying
  • Cyberbullying
  • Incivility
  • Verbal abuse
  • Written threats
  • Prevalence of mistreatment

Who Is Accountable When the Business Owners, Managers and Supervisors Send a Sexting Text to a Coworker?

You have a right to work without being sexually harassed by sexting messages sent to you by a boss, supervisor, or coworker. A business owner, manager, and supervisor may be responsible for employees and coworkers who perpetuate sexual harassment onto other workers in remote online environments. The employer is responsible for being careful to screen candidates for the positions of managers, supervisors and coworkers, and should stop any unwanted sexual harassment that is perpetuated in remote work environments by a manager sexting a worker at a business. No worker logs in to work in a remote environment through a personal phone, expecting to be sexually harassed by the manager or other workers during the shift or during the work day.

It is a violation of that person’s right to work unbothered, and it is against the law for anyone to send sexting messages to you on your smartphone. This is a case of sexual harassment in a remote working environment, and you can call us to discuss this case in more detail.

All Businesses Should Have an Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy that Includes Sexting Prohibitions

The anti-sexual harassment policies in place at an organization, business or company need to include a statement that says there will be no sexting between the boss and coworkers, coworkers and coworkers or anyone at the organization. But the policies to prevent sexual harassment over the use of personal phones in a work environment are only as good as if they are being followed to the letter. The anti-sexual harassment policy should state:

  1. Clear statement not tolerating sexual harassment of any kind at the business or company
  2. No sexual harassment of a person’s sex or gender
  3. No discrimination of any kind at the business or company
  4. No retaliation of any kind against someone complaining of sexual harassment
  5. No retaliation of any kind for someone requesting an investigation of an incident of sexual harassment at the business or agency

If you have been the victim of someone at the workplace sending sexting messages to you, just call us now. You need to talk to an attorney with expertise in talking and negotiating with the big insurance companies, for a successful result on your emotional injuries from sexting messages sent to you on your smartphone during the workday hours.

Help, Can I Sue as a Man Who Was Sexually Harassed by Sexting Messages?”

Yes, we can sue if you are a man or woman who was sexually harassed by sexting messages from a boss or coworker on the job. Your lawsuit settlement will most likely be between $10,000 and $50,000, depending on the merits of the case.

If you have been the victim of sexting messages from a boss or coworker on the job, you need to call us to discuss your case with our Los Angeles case lawyers. We are able to file a lawsuit on your behalf, and we can assist you in getting the right result for this claim for sexting messages sent from your boss or coworker to your smartphone.

Men and Women Are the Victims of Sexting Messages on the Job

A sexually explicit text to your smartphone during the business day is not the venue that is appropriate to talk about a man’s body, body parts, physique, personal appearance or otherwise discuss how a person looks. A business call or text is meant to discuss business and only business ideas. For this reason – it is not appropriate to discuss how someone looks on that call. Behaviors that can be considered sexual harassment can be carried on between:

  • Women and women
  • Women and men
  • Men and men
  • Men and women

For this reason, sexual harassment over the texting from the manager or coworker sexting you on your smartphone or handheld device is considered inappropriate in a work environment.

Zero Fee Guarantee

In this and all cases, we are able to offer to you our zero-fee guarantee. You will not have to pay us any money for us to start working on your case. That means that this is an easy call for you to make today. Just pick up your smartphone and call now.

What Are Some Examples of Sexting Messages Sent to Your Personal or Work Phone?

  • Making remarks as to the length or width of a person’s body parts
  • Making derogatory comments on a person’s gender or sexual orientation
  • Inappropriate remarks on a person’s clothing and how it fits the person’s body
  • Calling someone an inappropriate name, such as: hot lips, sweet thing, honey, cutie, baby or girlie
  • Showing or referencing explicit nude photos, sexual positions or poses
  • Sending sexually explicit emails or texts to your smartphone or handheld device
  • Viewing of sexually oriented pornographic websites and forwarding the links to sexual movies or podcasts
  • Using social media to reduce the role of women in society (“barefoot in the kitchen”)
  • Sexting inappropriate photos of private body parts via a mobile phone or digital device

If you have had someone sexting you on your smartphone or personal handheld device, you may be able to bring an action for recovery compensation for your personal pain and suffering. You may have been traumatized to see your manager’s private areas of the body, and you may need to talk to this with someone. We are attorneys who specialize in knowing the next steps, to developing a winning strategy for your lawsuit for the manager or coworker sexting you on your smartphone or handheld device. You need to call our office, to be connected with a lawyer with a solid specialty in managing and getting the perfect result for a personal injury lawsuit in this case.

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