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The California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group is dedicated to all clients who come to us in need of assistance with their legal claims against their employers. We know how difficult it can be to even work up the courage and determination to take action against an employer, let alone go through with the lawsuit altogether. We want to make the process as painless as possible for you and we will do all we can to keep you stress-free throughout the claim. Our firm cares about your financial security and mental health.

Who We Help

Our law group takes on cases from all victims of workplace mistreatment. We have handled lawsuits brought to us by individuals who were victimized because of their races and who were wrongfully terminated because of their religions. We have handled cases of pregnant women who were denied maternity leave and citizens who were punished for going to the voting booths on Election Day. Age discrimination, disability discrimination, and sex discrimination are all common in the workplace, and we continually strive to eradicate these troubles and bring our clients fair settlements.

We believe that all victims of workplace discrimination should be fairly compensated.

About Our Practice

Our firm has been involved in employment law for years, and our attorneys have decades of combined experience. We have studied employment discrimination for some time, and anytime a new case pops up or a new ruling is made, we make sure to familiarize ourselves with it and use it to the best of our advantage. As a firm, we believe in constant growth and acquisition of knowledge. Laws can often change and precedents can be set, and we believe it would be a disservice to our clients if we do not remain on top of any and all new legal proceedings.

One of the key traits we bring to the table is empathy for our clients. We know how troublesome it can be to undergo mistreatment at work, especially if it is mindless or cruel discrimination. Other attorneys may simply try to get your case and handle it quickly, but we treat our clients like family and seek to improve conditions for everyone.

Fees and Payment

Often, those who have been illegally fired or who have faced discrimination and harassment at work do not have the fees needed to proceed with a lawsuit. It can be pricey at times to take legal action, and if you are not employed, you may be struggling financially. Many victims are hesitant to proceed because they know the potential costs of a claim.

We aim to avoid this by providing all of our clients with a zero fee guarantee. This guarantee promises that no client will have to pay us for our legal representation. We will cover the costs of the case, including hiring expert witnesses, filing proceedings, and more. You will not have to dip into your savings and your financial standing will never be altered during the legal process.

If we win your case, our firm will get paid by receiving a portion of the settlement or verdict we win for you. Therefore, your employer will essentially cover your legal fees for you so you do not have to use any of your own funds. On the other hand, if we lose, we do will not get paid at all – not by you or by your employer. We will eat the losses we suffered from the case and will not require you to owe us any money at all. You will be able to walk away from our firm debt-free.

It is crucial to us that you are not exposed to any risk of financial loss when you come to us for legal help.

For more details on our zero fee guarantee and how we can help you with your workplace discrimination lawsuit, feel free to contact our law firm, the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group. You can discuss your case with one of our expert discrimination lawyers today.

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