Orange County Attorney to File Hostile Workplace Environment Lawsuit

When you start a new job, you expect to be able to work your scheduled shift without any issues. However, some employers mistreat employees and invite other employees to do the same. If your boss and your coworkers are constantly intimidating you and creating a hostile work environment, you must stand up for yourself and take legal action as soon as possible.

If you have been victimized in your workplace by your employer, you must contact Orange County hostile workplace lawyers who can speak Spanish. Many times, Spanish speakers feel that they cannot take legal action against their employers. Why is that? Often, Spanish speakers are not aware of their rights in the workplace. Other times, Spanish speakers simply do not have access to legal services in their language. California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group wants to change that one case at a time. Our law firm aims to protect the rights of employees in Orange County and throughout California. Can you contact us to start a lawsuit against your employer? The short answer is yes, we can sue your employer.

The following information is designed to help you understand the process of filing a hostile workplace environment lawsuit in California. The information provided should not be used in the place of a consultation with an Irvine attorney who can speak Spanish with experience in hostile work environment cases. Only an attorney with experience in handling hostile work environment cases will be able to give you details that pertain specifically to your case.

What is a Hostile Work Environment?

If you have been victimized in your workplace by your employer or coworkers, you know what a hostile work environment looks like. If at any time you consider your workplace environment to be intimidating or offensive, you might be dealing with a hostile work environment. Before understanding what a hostile work environment consists of, we must discuss protected statuses. On the federal level, employees are protected from discrimination on the basis or sex, gender, race, religion, color, origin, age, and physical ability. California law includes protection for the previously mentioned statuses, as well as marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, political activities, and military status among others. Below, you will find a few characteristics of hostile work environments:

  • Comments about physical appearance
  • Discussing sexual activities
  • Hostile physical conduct
  • Purposefully sabotaging an employee’s work
  • Sexually suggestive or racially insensitive pictures on display
  • Telling jokes about race, sex, gender, or disability
  • Unwanted and unnecessary touching
  • Use of inappropriate terms and gestures

If your workplace environment correlates with any of the points listed above or violates any of your protected statuses as an employee, you are working in a hostile environment and must take immediate legal action. Before you seek legal assistance, you must be sure that what you are experiencing at work is, in fact, a hostile work environment. Why is this important? If you were the victim of a one-time incident, it would likely be difficult to prove that your employer is intentionally mistreating you. California law regarding hostile workplace environments states that incidents of hostility or abuse must be consistent and must violate protected employee statuses. To be able to file a lawsuit for a hostile work environment, you must be sure that the work environment created is severe and pervasive enough that any reasonable individual would agree that the environment is hostile. When filing a lawsuit, the answers to the following questions will be of importance in your claim:

  • How frequently did incidents that promoted an intimidating work environment occur?
  • How severe were these incidents?
  • Were the incidents physical threats, humiliation, or offensive speech?
  • Did the incidents interfere with your work performance?
  • How did the incidents affect your psychological well-being?
  • Was the person causing the incidents someone superior or with authority?

The answers to the questions above will help your Spanish speaking attorney in Orange County evaluate your claim and file a lawsuit against your employer. Contact the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group as soon as possible and speak with an experienced Spanish-speaking attorney to sue your employer for a hostile work environment.

Can I Sue My Employer for Creating a Hostile Work Environment?

Yes, you can sue your employer. If discriminatory incidents in your workplace have created a hostile work environment, you can sue your boss. In the state of California, you have the option to file a complaint against your employer with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). To file a complaint with DFEH, you must contact the department within one year of the last incident. After submitted the complaint, an investigator will contact you to gather the specific details of your situation. Based on these details, the department will decide whether or not to accept and investigate the claim. If the department proceeds with the investigation, the claimant and the respondent will be offered resolution services—a resolution ends the investigation. During the investigation, the DFEH is primarily looking for a violation of employment laws—if there is no violation, they will end the investigation. If there is a violation, the DFEH will move the case to their legal section where mediation will be attempted. If mediation attempts fail, the department might file a lawsuit against the employer in question. Although having an attorney throughout this process is not required, it is recommended for individuals who are unfamiliar with the process. If you do not wish to file a complaint with the DFEH, you can file an independent lawsuit. For this, you would need to contact a workplace bullying attorney in Orange County. Contact the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group as soon as possible to start your lawsuit against your employer. If you don’t speak English, you can contact our Spanish-speaking employment attorneys for legal assistance in Spanish.

What Compensation Am I Eligible to Receive?

If you suffered because of a hostile work environment, you can file a lawsuit and receive compensation. A hostile work environment can cause many issues—including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and insomnia, to name a few. You might be eligible to receive compensation for any costs associated with caring for the ailments caused by the hostile work environment. If the hostile work environment led to a termination, you might be eligible to receive the pay you lost. For more thorough information on possible compensation contact a lawyer that speaks Spanish as soon as possible.

California Employment Attorneys Group
California Employment Attorneys Group is a law firm dedicated to helping employees to exercise their rights in the workplace. Many employees mistakenly believe that employers can treat them in any way they please; therefore, victimized employees continue to allow ill-treatment. If you are experiencing an abusive work environment or a hostile workplace environment, you need to contact the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group immediately. A Spanish speaking hostile work environment lawyer in Orange County, California will evaluate your case and guide you throughout your legal process. Do not allow the hostile work environment to continue—contact California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group today.

California Employment Attorneys Group wants to make it as simple as possible for you to seek legal assistance. We understand that you are dealing with the stress of discrimination or harassment—and we want to help. Our Spanish law firm in Orange County offers free consultations and free second opinions. Contact our law firm and schedule an appointment to meet with a hostile workplace environment attorney in Orange County. During your free consultation, you can expect an attorney that can Speak Spanish with expertise in workplace hostile work environment cases to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. Our lawyers will treat you the way you should be treated—with care and respect—and will give you and your case all the time necessary to ensure your hostile job environment lawsuit has a positive outcome. If you already have an attorney with another law firm, you might benefit from a free second opinion from the lawyers at California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group. Consider your experience with your current attorney. Is he or she rushing through your case? Are you getting the information you need? Unfortunately, many attorneys rush through cases to increase the number of cases they sign. They do not prioritize individual cases; rather, they provide quick substandard legal services. Rushing through cases often results in attorneys overlooking or neglecting key pieces of information that could affect the success of the lawsuit. Because of this, you might not be getting the information you need. Do not risk the outcome of your case. You must contact California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group as soon as possible to get your workplace bullying lawsuit on the right track.

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