Lancaster Lawyer to Sue Employer for Pregnancy Discrimination

Employees have the right to fair hire and treatment in the workplace. Discrimination is illegal and immoral, and employers who still practice discrimination in both subtle and overt ways all too often get away with their actions. Women have been discriminated against in the workplace for some time, and pregnancy is one of the most commonly cited reasons for different treatment at a job. Many pregnant women have suffered for carrying children. Even though laws have been put in place to prevent discrimination for happening, it still occurs on a daily basis, and we believe anyone affected by pregnancy discrimination in the workplace should pursue financial compensation under the state of the law. Our discrimination lawyers at the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group are here to help you acquire a settlement if you have been mistreated at work for being pregnant. Clients often call us with questions about what to do in situations that feature harassment or discrimination at work; examples of some of these questions include:

  • Where can I find a pregnancy discrimination lawyer in Palmdale?
  • Who are the best Lancaster pregnancy discrimination attorneys?
  • I need a Palmdale law firm with experience in pregnancy discrimination cases. Who should I call?

Workplace Discrimination Information

Workplace discrimination has been outlawed for some time. One of the major Acts that was passed that disallowed employers from treating employees differently was the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This Act prevented businesses from refusing to hire potential workers based on those workers’ races, skin colors, nationalities, countries of origin, religious beliefs, gender, and more. Other Acts include the Age Discrimination Act of 1967 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

With respect to pregnancy, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act was passed to forbid discrimination against a pregnant woman when it comes to any part of employment, whether that be firing, hiring, pay, job duties, and more. It falls under sex discrimination.

In order to show that you were discriminated against because of your pregnancy, you must be able to prove that the negative act or decision was due to you carrying a child. In some cases, managers or supervisors outright state that you are being taken off duties because of your pregnancy; in others, there may be more suspicion. For instance, if you were laid off around the time when you were supposed to deliver a baby, it could be claimed that the act was coincidental, but if no other individuals were fired around that same time, you may be able to prove your case.

Qualifying Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

There are numerous ways that a woman can be discriminated against in the workplace if she is pregnant. It is important to recognize these signs and acts. If a decision makes you uneasy or you feel that you were wrongfully treated, you may be able to file an employment pregnancy discrimination lawsuit and sue your employer. Some examples of common discriminatory acts in the workplace against pregnant women include:

  • Firing for pregnancy, an announced pregnancy, or during maternity leave
  • Refusing to hire based on visible pregnancy
  • Refusing to hire based on likelihood to become pregnant (in the case of newlyweds, for instance)
  • Asking a female applicant whether she intends to become pregnant
  • Demoting or being relegated to a lesser job position
  • Changing job assignments without a valid reason
  • Passed over for promotions
  • Reduced hours or docked pay
  • Job is no longer available after pregnancy
  • Unfairly increased workload
  • Goaded into quitting due to demands or increased job responsibilities that cannot be done while pregnant
  • Denied 12 weeks or 4 months of leave according to relevant Acts
  • Altering or changing policies in health insurance

In California, the California Family Rights Act was passed to allow mothers who recently had children to take unpaid leave for up to 12 weeks after delivery. These first three months are considered some of the most crucial for development, and many parents need to stay home to ensure that their babies are healthy and safe. Many jobs disallow women from bringing their babies to work, and thus, they need to spend time at home.

Further, the California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law allows women to take up to 4 months of unpaid leave if they contracted any illnesses, conditions, or disabilities due to the stress of their pregnancies. Some of the common problems that arise post-partum include back pain, strained muscles, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, overall soreness, lactation issues, and more.

Additionally, pregnancy may require you to be unable to complete certain job duties. You can ask for a reasonable accommodation in performing these duties, whether that means receiving lighter work or having that work transferred to someone else for a temporary period. For example, pregnant women often have back pain and reduced mobility; therefore, a reasonable accommodation includes requesting that any heavy lifting be reduced or performed by a fellow worker. There may be requests to perform certain job duties from home as well; for instance, if your job requires you to type up reports at an office, you may be able to type the documents from home, reducing the stress of travel and allowing you to stay in a comfortable environment. Sometimes, pregnant women need to lie down to prevent back pain from being too overwhelming, and jobs seldom offer these types of spaces.

If you feel you have been discriminated against in any of these manners, call the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group to speak with an attorney who is experienced in workplace pregnancy discrimination cases to sue your boss.

Filing a Lawsuit against Your Employer

If you have been discriminated against in the workplace because of your pregnancy, our law office in Lancaster with experience in pregnancy discrimination lawsuits can help you receive compensation for your damages. One of the biggest problems pregnant women must deal with in the face of discrimination is the loss of earning potential. Pregnancy and childrearing is not cheap, and often, both parents must work full time to provide for the family. A pregnant woman who must take unpaid leave is adding to the already hefty financial burden, and if her job security is in jeopardy for unfair reasons, we believe she should be fairly compensated.

With a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit, you can earn various types of compensation. They include:

  • Medical Expenses: If your employer discriminated against you and caused injuries to you or your child, you may be able to sue for coverage of medical expenses. If you were required to perform heavy duties or if you were forced to be around dangerous or toxic materials despite your request not to be, you can have the ensuing bills taken care of.
  • Lost Wages: We can help you recover lost wages from being fired due to pregnancy. You may be able to earn both past and future wages in your claim.
  • Pain and Suffering: Noneconomic damages do not have a monetary value attached to them, so they may be difficult to estimate. However, they are some of the most debilitating damages you can sustain in any case, as mental troubles are often longer lasting and harder to treat and recover from than financial problems. You can be reimbursed if you suffered mental scarring, psychological pain, PTSD, fear, anxiety, and more.

How We Help

Our experienced attorneys at the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group are here to make sure pregnant women or mothers receive fair and due compensation for any discrimination they suffered at the workplace. We believe you should be able to keep your job if you elect to start a family, and an employer that would willingly sacrifice you to retain profits and increase efficiency should be held accountable for its actions.

Call us today to schedule a free legal consultation with a lawyer in Lancaster for workplace pregnancy discrimination issues. All consultations are completely confidential, and we encourage you to ask any questions you want about your case and the laws surrounding it. We will give you all the information you need to know to pursue legal action.

What’s more is we offer all clients a zero fee guarantee on their claims. This means that you receive no bills for our services throughout the litigation process. Our payment comes from the settlement we earn for you if we win your case. If we lose, you owe nothing. This ensures that you pay not out of pocket expenses at all and your savings remain untouched so that you can put that money into what matters to you and your burgeoning family.

Contact the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group today to speak with a Palmdale attorney for employee pregnancy discrimination.