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If you are considering gender-affirming surgery, you need to keep reading. We are able to help you if your employer or boss has forbidden you to take time off from your job, based on the type of surgery that you are planning to have performed. This is discrimination and it is illegal in all workplaces and job environments. No one is allowed to deny you the opportunity to take the necessary time off from your job that you need, just because of the nature of your surgery.

We are sensitive to your needs at this time, as you plan and schedule your surgical procedures. People are waiting to talk to lawyers who can help with this issue, and we are making ourselves available to you right now. Just give us a call. We are highly experienced in this type of case, and you can talk to an attorney in Los Angeles who is sensitive to your needs in this kind of claim. If you have been actively discriminated against by your employer, then that will be the basis of a lawsuit on the merits of your case. we understand that you do need the time off to heal, for your peace of mind, and to allow your body to rest after major invasive surgical procedures.

Facial Feminization’s Surgery

You may need a facial feminization surgical procedure as part of your gender-affirming surgery. The facial feminization surgery is a series of surgical procedures that will be performed to enhance and soften the facial features of a man going for a surgery to become a woman. The masculine features of a man are generally hard and square, and this surgery works to soften and round the features as a man begins the process to transition to a woman, thorough gender reassignment surgery. There are several surgeries that include this feminization feature, which can include:

  1. Recontouring the forehead
  2. Reconstructing the forehead
  3. Recontouring the lower jaw and chin
  4. Genioplasty and mandibular angle reduction
  5. Procedures to highlight and soften the cheekbones
  6. Thyroid cartilage recontouring procedures
  7. Rhinoplasty
  8. Hairline advancement and hair transplantation
  9. Brow-lifting
  10. Lip-lifting procedures
  11. Feminizing the nose
  12. Harmonizing the facial structures
  13. Looking to create aesthetic gender results

Breast Removal Surgery

When female-to-male patients undergo a breast removal surgery, the breast tissue is removed as a reduction mammaplasty in females, or a mastectomy to treat gynecomastia in males. This surgery needs time to heal afterwards, because it can have complications. Rarely but it does happen, that there are hemorrhages from the mastectomies, which may result in an acute surgical revision procedure to also be performed. Sometimes too there is the need for a secondary correction related to the mastectomy, to revise scars or the contouring of the chest wall. If there is an areolar incision, more often there will be a secondary surgical correction.

Testicle Removal Surgery – Orchiectomy

The surgical procedure called an orchiectomy is a surgery where one or more of a man’s testicles are surgically removed. Either there will be a surgery of a bilateral orchiectomy (both testicles removed) or a simple orchiectomy (one testicle removed). During this part of the gender reassignment surgery, the male scrotum is also removed, and the scrotal tissue is often used to create a vaginal lining called a vaginoplasty. The vagina is created and constructed using skin grafts, or the skin can come from the patient’s upper thigh area. Added to this procedure is the partial penectomy, where a portion of the penis is removed as well. If an individual needs to have this surgical procedure performed as an alternative to receiving feminizing hormones, it will help to reduce reactions and adverse side effects from those hormones.

Gynecologic Surgery – Hysterectomy/Oophorectomy

The surgical procedure of a hysterectomy is the removal of a woman’s uterus and cervix, through an abdominal surgical technique. An oophorectomy will also remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes, but there are variations of this surgery that are available in gender reassignment surgeries. Women who have their ovaries removed for reassignment surgeries, will probably experience menopause side effects, which can include hot flashes, night sweats and possible weight gain.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We are happy to tell to you that we always offer to you a zero-fee guarantee. That means that your case, claim and lawsuit are started in our office immediately. You are not expected to make a down payment to us. For that reason, you don’t have to make to us any type of payment for it in advance. You don’t pay any money up front for your case with us, and we will sit down with you now for the next steps.

Lawyer Who Knows What to Do When Time Off for Gender-Affirming Surgery Is Refused

When you call our office, we are able to offer to you attorneys who specialize in managing claims and cases related to gender-affirming surgeries and job or employment companies not giving the proper time off associated with these surgical procedures. Our firm can give you a lawyer with specialty in gender-affirming surgical processes, and talk to you about the next steps if you are being denied time off based on the nature of your surgical procedures scheduled.

Does My Employer or HR Department Have to Give Me Time Off?

Depending on many factors, your employer cannot deny you the opportunity to take time off for your gender-affirming surgical procedure. A boss or HR cannot discriminate against you, based on the type of surgical procedure that you are planning to have performed. But there are several factors that will come into play, when determining this decision to let you off or not, which may include whether:

  1. How much time will you need off?
  2. Did you give your employer warning to fill your position while you are gone with a temporary worker if necessary?
  3. Were you proactive in your communication to your employer to express your direct needs for time off?
  4. Did your boss or employer have disparaging remarks to say to you regarding the nature of your surgical procedure(s)?
  5. Have you been denied time off in the past? Was there a reason given for this?
  6. Did you notify your employer a month to two months advance warning that you needed the time off?
  7. Did you apply for the proper Family and Medical Leave Act paperwork with the employer?
  8. Did you apply for SDI/State disability online?

Free Second Opinion

You are eligible for a free second opinion when you give our office a call. If you have damages, losses and personal injury claims, your damages are recoverable and we will work with you on the next steps to starting your lawsuit.

Can I Sue If My Employer Refuses to Give Me Time Off of Work – for a Gender-Reassignment Surgery

Yes, you can bring a lawsuit if your employer refuses to give you time off from work for your gender-reassignment surgery. It makes sense to talk to a lawyer before you start to make claims against your employer, and try to do this all on your own. It is better that you call our law office now, to get the best practices and next steps to determining the merits of your case. When you give us a call, we will connect you with your attorney. This legal team member will be ready to go over your case with you when you give us a call.

Your lawsuit on the merits is ready to begin the process to recovery for your claim. We have a lawyer with experience in these types of cases, and will work with you to get the money you deserve. We have on our legal team an attorney with expertise in this claim, and we know what to do to help you to have the peace of mind that you deserve in this type of case.

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At any time during your journey for your gender reassignment, you can give us a call if your employer is treating you in a discriminatory fashion. In today’s world, most people understand that gender reassignment surgical procedures are not taken lightly, and can be highly invasive with surgeries that require time off to properly heal. If your employer is giving you a difficult time and treating you differently because of the nature of your surgeries, you need to give us a call right away.

You may be eligible for recovering damages and recovery compensation for your lack of time off to properly heal from your gender reassignment surgeries. We are here for you, and your damages will be otherwise recoverable in this case. But you have to give us a call today to get the ball rolling on this type of claim, if you want to make sure that your rights are completely protected under the law. Just call now, we are here for you when you need us the most.