href=”/practice-areas/wrongful-termination-lawyer/”>were fired out of discrimination, it can be hard to fight back. Our Los Angeles attorneys can help you take legal action against Fedex.

What are the laws preventing discrimination in the workplace?

Los Angeles Fedex Wrongful Termination Lawyer

There are various laws at both the Federal and State levels that prevent discrimination and wrongful termination. These laws include the following:

Of course, Fedex will do all it can to get around these laws. Although employment is at-will, it will not always fire you for a legal reason. This can be addressed with the help of a lawyer who can help sue Fedex for wrongful termination.

What are reasons for wrongful termination?

Fedex can wrongfully fire you for numerous reasons. We have outlined some of the most common below.

  • Racial discrimination: Our Fedex racial discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles have seen many cases of prejudice in the workplace. You could be fired for simply being a different color or race.

  • Breach of contract: You may have signed a contract at the start of your employment that cannot be broken. If your employer does violate the terms and terminates you beforehand, you could file a wrongful termination lawsuit against Fedex.

  • Disability discrimination: Mentally or physically disabled people must have reasonable accommodations provided for them. Fedex may refuse these accommodations and declare you unable to work, even if it did not attempt to give you any. Our lawyers can help you sue Fedex for disability discrimination.

  • Violation of public policy: You can take protected leave from work to serve on jury duty, vote in an election, and more. These protections mean that you cannot be fired. If Fedex wrongfully and illegally fired you for fulfilling civil duties, you could take legal action against the company.

  • Age discrimination: Fedex may not feel that individuals over the age of 40 can fulfill their duties at the company and fire them. A Fedex age discrimination lawyer will work around the clock to win your case for you.

  • Pregnancy discrimination: Pregnancy is considered a disability under the law. You can ask for reasonable accommodations while pregnant, and you can take up to 3 months of unpaid, protected maternity leave upon the birth of your child. Fedex may not want to keep you around and will ask you to resign so it does not have to ire you. You should not do this, even if the company promises that your job will be available when you return. If Fedex asked you to quit because you were pregnant, you can sue Fedex for pregnancy discrimination and illegal termination.

  • Retaliation: Retaliation occurs when the company punishes you for taking action against it. For example, if you were sexually assaulted, you may have hired a Fedex sexual assault lawyer to deal with the perpetrator. Your boss may have preferred it to stay in-house, and he may take action against you in many ways, such as scheduling you for bad shifts or taking away your benefits. If an employee at Fedex harasses you and retaliates against you, it is wise to hire a Fedex sexual harassment lawyer or one of our Fedex discrimination attorneys for assistance.

What should I do if I were wrongfully terminated from Fedex?

Wrongful termination cases can be hard to deal with, as can the preliminary discrimination that occurs in the workplace. At the moment you begin to feel discriminated against or mistreated, you should go to your boss or to the Human Resources department to file a complaint or seek a resolution. You may very likely be ignored or blown off, though, which should be the catalyst to keeping a log of everything that happens. This log can prove crucial to your case. You can also gather other evidence for your claim, including:

  • Emails, text messages, memos, and more exchanged with your boss or HR

  • Statements from coworkers detailing the discrimination if they witnessed it happen (be aware that these testimonies may be hard ot acquire because of the threat of retaliation by your employer)

  • Testimony from individuals who were also previously fired or mistreated who can provide corroborating evidence or show a history or pattern of behavior and discrimination

  • Photos of discriminatory materials or actions, videos and surveillance footage of the discrimination, and more hard proof

  • A copy of the handbook to show what rules were violated

  • A copy of the contract you signed at the start of your employment if it were broken

  • Additional proof that may show that you were wrongfully terminated, such as medical notes during medical leave, jury duty proof, voting proof, and more

Perhaps most importantly, it is highly recommended that you call a California wrongful termination attorney for Fedex employees. You should not try to handle such a case by yourself. We will be sure to represent you and bring you every penny you deserve if you were wrongfully terminated by Fedex.

How long do I have to sue Fedex for wrongful termination?

Employment claims are more flexible and nuanced than other types of lawsuits. While most lawsuits have a statute of limitations of 2 to 3 years, wrongful termination claims must be filed in less than a year from the date of the occurrence. Claims filed underneath a Federal entity, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity commission (EEOC), must be submitted no later than 180 days after the incident. This is superseded by the presence of a State entity; in California, it is the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), which has a statute of limitations of 300 days from the incident.

Whichever agency you submit the claim to will conduct an investigation and then decide if you have a right to sue. If so, you will receive a letter and must take action no later than a year afterward.

There are some other details that should be paid attention to when it comes to the deadline for claims. If the defendant leaves the state, the statute will be suspended until he returns, as you cannot file a lawsuit if he is absent.

This is a common tactic, but it is ineffective – the defendant cannot escape punishment simply by leaving; he only prolongs it. Additionally, you should know that any claims filed against a government agency must be submitted within

45 days of the occurrence. This is an extremely fast time and you run the risk of missing out on your compensation if you do not adhere to the time limit.

Let our Fedex wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles assist you with your case so you do not miss the chance for restitution.

How much is my Fedex wrongful termination lawsuit worth?

Fedex wrongful termination cases can have an average value of six figures or more in some cases. The worth of your case will be measured by an outside source, like insurance agent or representative, who will look at the different factors of the case and weigh them together. Fedex wrongful termination lawsuits can be worth if you allow a skilled attorney to handle your case for you. Too often, individuals with no legal knowledge or experience in claims will try to handle it themselves, and they often wind up making the situation worse because they do not what to do. Other times, they will accept very low offers and will be more likely to be treated poorly by the company and not succeed.

We will fight to ensure that you are given fair compensation for the incident. Our goal is to bring you restitution for:

  • Lost wages that you were unable to collect or receive because you faced discrimination or because you were fired, including past benefits, past bonuses, future earnings, and more

  • Job reinstatement if you wish to return to your old company, but if the location is still populated with your old coworkers or problematic boss, you may opt out of this

  • Pain and suffering damages to cover anxiety, fear, emotional anguish, psychological suffering, and more from the termination or discrimination

  • Punitive damages to punish the company or boss, but these additional monetary payments are often viewed as unnecessary and harsh; as a result, courts usually deny them, and only a skilled lawyer who has experience in Fedex wrongful termination cases will be able to win them for you

Our team will work to ensure that there are policy changes in your workplace as well. If you choose to return to work, it is important that there are more anti-discrimination measures in place to protect you and any other individual in danger of suffering wrongful termination. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a lawyer with experience in Fedex wrongful termination cases for assistance, whether you need a Fedex harassment lawyer or a Fedex religious discrimination lawyer.

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