How Long Can I Collect Unemployment
The majority of people depend on the income that they earn through their work to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, many things could happen that could lead to employees losing their jobs and losing their source of income. When employees lose their jobs, they have the option of filing an unemployment insurance claim and receiving benefits.

In California, the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program provides employees that have lost their jobs with important benefits. Individuals who meet all eligibility requirements set by the UI program can receive unemployment benefits. Some of the eligibility requirements that individuals must meet to be able to receive unemployment benefits include the following:

  • Be actively looking for a job
  • Be approved for training to increase work opportunities (California Training Benefits)
  • Be available to work
  • Be unemployed either partially or totally
  • Be unemployed through no personal fault
  • Be willing to accept a job immediately
  • Earned enough wages in the applicable base period
  • Have the physical ability to work

California has an unemployment rate of 4.2% as of June 2018. Although the unemployment rate is low when compared to other U.S. states, many people are unemployed-many people depend on unemployment insurance and the benefits that UI provides.

Did you lose your job? Did you file an unemployment insurance claim? Are you receiving unemployment benefits? If so, you might have many questions regarding your unemployment insurance-specifically in terms of the length of time that you could collect unemployment benefits.

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The Need for Unemployment Benefits

Many people find themselves needing to resort to unemployment insurance to make ends meet after losing their jobs. People lose their jobs for a variety of reasons, which include the following: layoffs, terminations, and quitting. People who quit their jobs are not eligible to receive unemployment benefits. People who are terminated could be eligible to receive unemployment benefits under some circumstances. In general, people who are laid off for reasons such as downsizing or cutbacks, for example, are always eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

Unemployment insurance provides those who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own with a source of income. Although the weekly income that they receive might not match the income that they could receive if they were still working, individuals can temporarily support themselves and their families with the unemployment benefits that they receive.

In fact, unemployment benefits are not designed to be a long-term solution for individuals’ unemployment. The weekly unemployment income received by those in the program is designed to help those without a job to have at least some sort of income, allowing them to transition between jobs. The UI program requires that applicants actively seek employment and accept employment when it becomes available.

How Long Could You Collect Unemployment Insurance in California?

Whether you are thinking about applying for unemployment, you have already applied, or you have already started receiving benefits, you must remember one thing – unemployment insurance is not a long-term solution. As previously mentioned, the unemployment benefits provided by the UI program are designed to serve as short-term assistance while applicants go on the search for new jobs.

The specific length of time that unemployed parties could collect unemployment benefits depends on the state in which they reside. Throughout the country, the total length of time for which individuals could collect unemployment insurance ranges from 12 weeks to 30 weeks. The majority of states provide unemployment insurance for a maximum of 26 weeks. In California, unemployed individuals who qualify for unemployment benefits could collect said benefits for the maximum time of 26 weeks.

When applying for unemployment insurance, the goal is not to reach the 26-week mark and become ineligible to receive any more benefits; the goal is to find a new job and begin earning income. The UI program provides you with some tools to help you find a new job and start earning income. Because applicants are supposed to be actively looking for employment opportunities, the program consistently follows-up with whether or not applicants are seeking employment; therefore, it is possible for applicants to suddenly become ineligible for benefits. Although you could be eligible to receive benefits for up to 26-weeks, it is possible for applicants to stop receiving benefits at any time.

Is It Possible to Extend Benefits?

As mentioned, unemployment benefits are designed to provide applicants with a source of income while they are actively looking for employment. Unemployed individuals could receive unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks. In some cases, individuals do not reach the 26-week mark because they are able to find jobs and earn their own income. Are 26 weeks enough for you to find a job?

While someone might be able to find a new job in a few weeks, it could take others many months to find another job. Without a doubt, it could take individuals more than 26 weeks to find a job and start working. Many people are unable to find jobs because of their lack of skills or experience, for example. When their unemployment benefits are close to coming to an end, they begin worrying about their future and how they will able to provide for their families. Have you been unable to find a new job? Have you been consistently searching for a new job to no avail? If so, you might be able to extend the time that you could receive benefits.

To qualify for an extension of your benefits (a training extension), you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a current UI claim. The claim must be valid. If your claim expires, you cannot apply for an extension.
  • Continue to meet all eligibility requirements to receive UI benefits (listed above).
  • Begin training before the current UI claim reaches expiration.
  • Inquire about California Training Benefits (CBT) before the UI claim expires.
  • Be approved for one of the categories acceptable for CBT.

The CBT is designed to provide you with the tools that you need to have more job opportunities. The specific length of time that your benefits are extended could vary; however, you should be aware that there is the option to extend your benefits, although extensions are subject to approval.

Seeking Legal Assistance

In a perfect world, seeking unemployment benefits would be hassle-free. In general, it is common for those seeking unemployment benefits to find obstacles during the process of applying for unemployment benefits. In many cases, the problems encountered during the process of applying for these benefits are enough for unemployed individuals to stop pursuing said benefits.
Instead of giving up on your unemployment benefits, you should seek legal assistance at your earliest convenience. For more information about unemployment insurance or for assistance filing a UI claim, you should contact our law firm as soon as possible.

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