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Raytheon is a defense contractor that is headquartered in Massachusetts but has numerous offices around the country, including California. One of the issues with the company, though, is the cases of sexual harassment that have come out against it. Workers have been known to behave inappropriately and discriminate against other workers, usually based on sex or gender. Here at the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group, our Raytheon sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles can ensure that you are fully compensated and accurately represented in a lawsuit against the company. If you have been a victim of discrimination, don’t hesitate to reach out to speak with a lawyer with experience in Raytheon sexual harassment cases.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is broadly defined as sexual actions, physical conduct, verbal conduct, and similar occurrences that are based on sex, gender, marital status, and more. It is not required to be as a result of sexual desire. This means that anyone can be the victim of sexual harassment and anyone can be targeted.

Sexual harassment takes on two forms, generally. The first can be committed by anyone at work. It is known as hostile workplace environment harassment. If a supervisor or coworker at Raytheon creates a hostile work environment, it is recommended that you sue Raytheon for sexual harassment. Often, victims are the ones who take legal action, but sexual harassment claims are not limited to those who were directly affected or targeted. If you witnessed sexual harassment occur, such as while you were on a shift with someone who was being hit on by another coworker or a manager, you could still file a claim.

The other form of sexual harassment is quid pro quo harassment. This means that there is an exchange of some sort happening; it translates to “this for that.” The exchange must happen between a worker and another worker with a higher authority level, though, such as a manager. If a manager or supervisor at Raytheon sexually harassed you, you should be very careful about how to proceed. He could have been proposing employment or promotions in exchange for sexual favors, but if you do not go to the right person, he could simply choose to fire you for filing a complaint.

Sexual harassment may happen in the following ways:

  • You were a victim of inappropriate touching while at your desk, such as when someone came up behind you and started to massage your neck or back without your consent or request
  • You were a victim sexual molestation, which often happens to minors who are employed
  • A coworker rubbed your butt or privates, groped you, grabbed you aggressively, or felt you in any other intrusive manner
  • A coworker sent you inappropriate pictures, requested nudes and nude videos from you, or sent you explicit images of himself or others engaged in sexual positions
  • A worker solicited you for an affair, asked you to have a one night stand, or tried to have sexual relations with you in other ways
  • A coworker had sexually explicit objects on display somewhere in his office or made a gift of such objects to you
  • You were sexually assaulted while at work, forced to kiss or give oral sex to a coworker, or were a victim of rape

Some of these forms of harassment may happen away from prying eyes, while others may happen in full view of everyone else. You could be secretly asked to perform sexual acts with a manager so that you will receive a pay raise, for example, and if you refuse, you could face various issues, like demotion, blacklisting, removal of benefits, and more. Harassment that occurs in the open is more brazen and may even be more difficult to prove, especially if various workers side against you.

It is highly recommended that you speak with lawyer who has experience in Raytheon sexual harassment cases to better understand the nuances and details of your claim and what you can do to move forward.

How to file a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Raytheon

Filing a Raytheon sexual harassment lawsuit requires you to have ample evidence and proof that you were discriminated against or mistreated at the company. It can be hard to get evidence in some scenarios, though. For example, if you report sexual harassment to HR by they do not believe you or do not want there to be any publicized issues, they could fire you. This is retaliation, and it is illegal, but if Raytheon wrongfully and illegally fired you after you reported sexual harassment, you likely will find it difficult t acquire your necessary evidence. Your course of action should include a Raytheon wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit with the help of a Raytheon wrongful termination lawyer.

Your very first step should be to report any sexual harassment to a higher authority figure in the company, as well as to HR, but you should keep all emails and communications exchanged with these individuals. Similarly, you should have a journal that tells when the harassment occurred, who was involved in it, what it consisted of, and more.

If you can take photos of any harassment, record videos, acquire security footage an surveillance videos, and record audio files of the harassment, your claim will benefit. It is very convincing t have actual physical proof of what you were subjected to.

In addition to photos and videos, you should have supporting statements from other people at your job. It can be hard, though, to acquire these statements, as many coworkers will be too fearful of losing their jobs to speak with you or attach their names to a potential complaint, even if they were similarly victimized.

You can choose to lodge your formal complaint with either the Department of Fair Employment and Housing in California or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a Federal agency. State claims have a statute of limitations of 1 year from the date of the harassment, while Federal claims have a statute of limitations of 6 months. If you fail to file a claim within either time period, you will be unable to get any compensation, and you will not be able to do anything with your evidence.

Lastly, we highly recommend searching for a law firm representing victims of sexual harassment against Raytheon. A lawyer who can help sue Raytheon for sexual harassment can ensure that your case is handled appropriately and that there are no hang-ups. You may not have any legal experience at all, and a Raytheon workplace sexual harassment attorney will be able to take control of the case while you focus on finding a new or different job.

What are forms of compensation from a sexual harassment claim against Raytheon?

A Raytheon sexual harassment lawyer will work around the clock to win you every penny you deserve. The worth of your claim will be determined by the insurance agent dealing with it, and he may not believe that your losses were not as severe as you stated. This is why we recommend bringing a California sexual harassment attorney for Raytheon employees into the claim.

You may also be able to join a class action lawsuit against Raytheon for sexual harassment if you were one of numerous individuals harassed at the defense company. A Raytheon sexual harassment class action lawsuit may not result in a very large amount of compensation, though, as they total end amount will be distributed amongst the total number of plaintiffs.

We will work to win you the following damages:

  • Medical bills if you were injured in an assault
  • Lost income from the time you spent away from work, including benefits, promotions, commissions, and more
  • Pain and suffering damages to cover emotional trauma, mental damages, and more
  • Job reinstatement if you were not kept around or if you were fired from your job and you wish to return, although many do not take this offer due to workers not being fired
  • Punitive damages in the event the company or coworker was grossly negligent or deliberately harmed you, but these damages are difficult to win due to their reputation as being severe and harsh, so only a skilled workplace sexual harassment lawyer will be capable of securing them

If you were sexually harassed by Raytheon or someone working at Raytheon, or if a worker at Raytheon harasses you and retaliates against you, you should reach out to a Raytheon sexual assault lawyer. Raytheon sexual harassment cases can have an average value of more than $250,000, while Raytheon sexual harassment lawsuits can be worth even more if there were physical violence.

Los Angeles Raytheon Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Our Raytheon discrimination attorneys at the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group will be more than happy to handle your claim for you. If you were harassed at work and need legal assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to our firm. Our aggressive lawyers are highly skilled and can ensure that you are properly compensated for your damages and losses.

Call us today to schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your case. We will walk you through the process and tell you more about our zero fee guarantee, which is the promise that you won’t pay any fees, win or lose, for our claim. We cover all costs ourselves and get paid from the insurance agency if we win.

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