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Technicolor provides various services for media and production companies. They have been around for some decades, and as you would expect, there s a certain level of sexual harassment that goes unchecked. It is a problem that should be addressed as soon as it is encountered, and if you were sexually harassed by Technicolor or someone working at Technicolor, you should find a lawyer who can help sue Technicolor for sexual harassment. An expert workplace sexual harassment lawyer at the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group can help you sue Technicolor for sexual harassment. We will stop at nothing to win you every penny you deserve. Don’t hesitate to call one of our Technicolor sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles if you are in need of assistance.

Identifying Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment may be identified as pervasive treatment and discrimination that is ceaseless and makes you unwelcome. It does not need to have consent or be sought out. It must also be objectively offensive. Sexual harassment has been outlawed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and, in California, the Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Sexual harassment can consist of the following:

  • A coworker engaged in inappropriate touching when you were around, such as by continually requesting hugs and refusing to let go, massaging your neck and back without your request or consent, pulling you onto their lap, and more
  • You were a victim sexual molestation, which could include being fondled or being forced to touch someone else in a sexual manner (bear in mind that anyone can be a victim of sexual molestation, not just minors)
  • A coworker groped you, grabbed your rear end, caressed your butt and other private or sexual areas, and more
  • You were given sexually explicit objects as gifts or there were sexually explicit objects in plain view in someone’s office
  • Someone from work sent you inappropriate pictures of themselves in sexual positions or performing sexual acts, sent you pornographic videos and photos, or requested that you send nude photos and recordings
  • A coworker tried to have sexual relations with you by asking you out on many dates, asking you to participate in an affair, requested a one night stand, tried to invite you over for drinks and sex, and more
  • You were sexually assaulted at work or you were a victim of rape, which most often happens after hours in parking lots or in less-often-visited areas of the company

This harassment ranges from uncomfortable to criminal. You should speak with a Technicolor sexual harassment lawyer to determine how to move forward. You can also figure out what kind of harassment you were a victim of, whether quid pro quo harassment or hostile workplace environment harassment.

Quid pro quo is Latin for “this for that” and it is reserved for harassment that happens because of a power imbalance. If a manager or supervisor at Technicolor sexually harassed you by proposing employment or promotions in exchange for sexual favors or threatening you with punishment if you did not partake in the favors, it is quid pro quo harassment. This requires that the harassment take place between a supervisor of some kind and a subordinate, and that the supervisor be able to punish the subordinate for not participating. Punishments can include:

  • Poor performance review that could potentially impact your ability to get a raise or advance in the company
  • Demotion from your current position
  • Docked wages, reduced salary, or cut hours
  • Job reassignment to another location or another position in the company
  • You were blacklisted and unable to transfer or find another job in the field
  • You were forced to take overtime with no additional compensation
  • You were a victim of wrongful termination or retaliation

If a worker at Technicolor harasses you and retaliates against you, you should speak with a Technicolor wrongful termination lawyer to file a Technicolor wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit. It is not uncommon for sexual harassment claims to culminate in punishment or firing. In the event Technicolor wrongfully and illegally fired you after you reported sexual harassment, you should not hesitate to take legal action.

The second type of harassment, hostile workplace environment harassment, is different from quid pro quo harassment in that there is not necessarily an exchange occurring and there is no power imbalance required. If a supervisor or coworker at Technicolor creates a hostile work environment, you could file a Technicolor sexual harassment lawsuit.

You can cite a hostile workplace if you sue for sexual harassment and you were not a victim. Sometimes, you may simply witness the harassment second hand and suffer a panic attack or PTSD episode because of it. You could also simply file the complaint because you recognize that the perpetrator should be punished.

Either way, you should speak with a Technicolor workplace sexual harassment attorney before you take any legal action. We will be able to guarantee that your case will go through all the proper channels and result in a success.

Filing a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Technicolor

Contact a lawyer with experience in Technicolor sexual harassment cases to learn how to get as much evidence as you can for your case. Your claim will not be a success unless you have sufficient proof of the harassment. We recommend following these steps:

Firstly, if you were assaulted in some way, go to the doctor and get medical treatment. You should hold on to medical receipts, doctor’s notes, and anything else from the hospital.

You should be familiar with the sexual harassment policy of the company. If there are necessary training periods or if there are certain punishments that must be handed out, you should refer to them in your claim.

Keep a journal of the harassment and what it consisted of, including the names of the parties involved, the dates the harassment happened, where at the company it unfolded, what occurred, and more.

You can file a complaint with your boss or Human Resources representative and hold on to the exchange or email. It is possible that they will not do anything about the complaint, though, and will simply sweep it under the rug or ignore it.

You should get physical proof of the harassment, too. This can include audio recordings of conversations, photos of sexually explicit objects, copies of text messages and emails, video recordings and surveillance footage of the behavior, and more.

If possible, get statements from eyewitnesses and coworkers. They may have also been harassed and can provide their sides of the situation. However, many coworkers refrain from giving evidence because they may be retaliated against and fired or targeted.

Go to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or Department of Fair Employment and Housing to launch an investigation and receive a right to sue letter.

Finally, speak with our Technicolor discrimination attorneys for help. We will be able to provide you with expert witnesses and ensure that your evidence is appropriately organized. We will negotiate with the company and see to it that you are fairly compensated. If you do not get assistance from a Technicolor sexual assault lawyer, you may not get very far with your case. We want you to search for a better job or not worry about anything while we handle the claim.

Technicolor Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Value

Technicolor sexual harassment cases can have an average value of more than $250,000 if you were assaulted or harassed. Technicolor sexual harassment lawsuits can be worth a lot of money if there was gross negligence at play or if you were deliberately hurt, which can result in punitive damages. Further, you could join a class action lawsuit against Technicolor for sexual harassment, which involves numerous plaintiffs and mounds of evidence. However, a Technicolor sexual harassment class action lawsuit often leads to less total compensation per plaintiff.

We’ll make sure you’re given the following:

  • Job reinstatement
  • Future and past reimbursement of lost income
  • Benefits, promotions, bonuses, commissions, tips, and more that you could not earn
  • Pain and suffering damages for psychological and emotional traumas
  • Punitive damages

A lawyer who has experience in Technicolor sexual harassment cases will be able to win you the maximum settlement available under the law.

Los Angeles Technicolor Sexual Harassment Lawyer

If you need a law firm representing victims of sexual harassment against Technicolor¸ come to the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group for assistance. We are known for our history of success and for never giving up on claims. To date, we’ve secured hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, and our wealth of reviews speak for themselves.

Contact a Technicolor harassment lawyer to set up a free legal consultation. All consultations are totally private and none of your private details will be shared elsewhere. You can ask us anything you wish and we’ll help you understand the legal process, as well as the value of your case.

We will also give you our zero fee guarantee. If we win, our fees come from the settlement we bring you. If we lose, you pay nothing at all.

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