What Do I Do with Text Messages from My Employer That Are Considered Harassing lawyer attorney sue
Some people have been in the unenviable position where a boss or a coworker has sent a harassing text message to the worker’s phone. This is always an uncomfortable situation. It is actually a case of sexual harassment, and these actions are illegal. If you are on the receiving end of a boss, manager, supervisor of business owner texting you harassing messages, you need to give us a call right away. You don’t need to suffer in silence, you can call us and talk about your claim in total confidence and confidentiality. We are here to review this type of claim with you today. But that won’t happen unless you give us a call today to discuss the case.

No One Needs to “Take” Harassing Messages from an Employer

Harassment in the workplace is illegal. It can come in many forms, such as:

  • Verbal
  • Written
  • Online
  • Text
  • Sexting
  • Email
  • Physical gestures
  • Wearing clothes with offensive words printed on them
  • Sexually suggestive hand motions
  • Drawing violent images
  • Displaying posters in the breakroom
  • Forwarding suggestive or menacing emails
  • Invading the person’s personal space
  • Making suggestive facial gestures
  • Playing loud music with offensive lyrics
  • Using lewd hand motions to show curse words
  • Touching someone’s clothing or body

If you read this list and find that you have been the victim of any type of harassment, you need to reach out to us to discuss it. Just call one of our distinguished and experienced lawyers in our law office. We will talk to you and review your instances of harassment at your job. There are many different types of harassment, and you may have been the victim of harassment. When something makes you uncomfortable in the workplace, and you just “don’t feel right,” it is a good sign that you might be being harassed.

You can talk to us about it today. Just join our team of attorneys who win against big insurance companies on a regular basis, in these types of cases. This is not the first time that we have handled cases such as this one regarding being harassed at the workplace. You need to make a connection with a lawyer in our office, with solid experience in reviewing this type of case for a big win and settlement in your favor. Call us today for relief in this situation.

Who Is Responsible for the Prevention of Harassment of Remote Workers at a Business?

Workers to into their jobs every day, and expect to be left alone to the extent that they can start and complete their jobs. The employer is responsible for the prevention of harassment of remote workers at a business or company. The problem with this statement is that oftentimes, the employer is the person doing the harassing of an employee at the business, agency or company! Sometimes an employer takes advantage of that role of power, and perpetrates harassment over the Internet in a work environment to one or more of the employees.

No owner a company gets to hire a boss, supervisor or manager, and then allow that individual to act as if the sky is the limit as to inappropriate behavior towards subordinates, coworkers or employees at the organization or business. It should be understood that if an employer hires employees, they are working as a representative for the employer. The employer is then responsible for the actions of the employees. That is why the employer is responsible for the actions and harassment over the use of a manager texting a worker in a work environment the company, business or organization. People are hired to fill in the position of a manager, boss or supervisor, and the employer is responsible for their behavior. It is an absurd thought that employers have no responsibility for the employees.

When the managers and other employees are on the “company clock,” meaning on company time and working hours of the company, then the employer is responsible for the actions of the employees. This means, that the employer is supposed to keep the employees who are harassing other employees in check. If the employer is remiss in this duty, then the employer should pay for those actions, and have to defend those actions in a lawsuit on the merits. No one gets to perpetrate sexual harassment over the Internet in a work environment, and just skate away as if nothing should happen to the perpetrator.

The victims of harassment over using text messages to a worker in a work environment are often traumatized by being harassment victims. It only goes to show that the employer needs to make better hiring decisions, if the employees are harassing other people in the remote online workplace environment. Any form of harassment in an office, in an online and remote working environment and anywhere that it happens is still illegal, period! No one has to “take it,” and if people are in the habit of have a lawsuit against them to prevent the continuing of this behavior.

Can an Employee Be Terminated for Harassing a Coworker?

Yes, an employee can be terminated by the employer for harassing a coworker. But by then the damage is already done. If the employer has allowed a person working at the business to perpetuate harassment over the Internet in a work environment, then the victims need to be reimbursed for their emotional and trauma at having to endure personal attacks, sexually based harassment and the embarrassment of having to deal with someone traumatizing them in a remote and off-site office environment.

attorney with expertise in winning this type of case. We will go over your concerns, and make your case a priority at our firm.

You need to be working with our attorneys who specialize in being detailed and confident, reviewing these types of cases to get a winning settlement for you against the big insurance companies. We are here and available if you are ready to talk to a lawyer with specialty in harassment cases when a manager uses a text message to harass you over your mobile, cell or smartphone. You should be talking with out team of lawyers who can help with winning your case against big insurance companies. Just know that you can call an experienced attorney in Los Angeles, who is ready to win your case for you now regarding harassment you experienced from your employer.

Can I Sue for Receiving Harassing Text Messages from My Employer?

Yes, we can sue when you receive harassing text messages from your employer. You need to make a call this morning to our Los Angeles case lawyers, who are happy to discuss your case with you. We can file a lawsuit for you, and allow you to increase your chances of winning against the big insurance companies intent on reducing your settlements. Be on the best side of the coin, with our case attorneys in Los Angeles, who can sue to get you the recovery compensation that you deserve in this type of case.

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